Arthur Chen Asks Father for Forgiveness

Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇), who was named in Forbes China’s “Under 30 Asia 2019,” is known for his roles in Lighter and Princess <打火機與公主裙> and the upcoming boys’ love drama Immortality <皓衣行>. With Arthur facing increasingly raucous rumors since his bed photos surfaced, his father film director Chen Kaige (陳凱歌) is allegedly furious.

During his teen years, Arthur had a strict upbringing and attended boarding school in Massachusetts in the United States and later studied at the Beijing Film Academy. Set on an entertainment career, Arthur made his debut in his father’s 2010 movie Sacrifice <趙氏孤兒>. After the photo scandal surfaced, Arthur allegedly knelt outside his father’s office door for an entire day asking for forgiveness.

The rising 22-year-old’s career may be prematurely stunted due to being embroiled in the scandal. Photos of Arthur in bed with his fan, a married influencer named Yi Lin (是亦琳呀) four years his senior, were leaked online. Dating in 2021, the pair claimed both were single at the time the photos were taken.

The statement failed to appease to public, who continued to bash the young actor for Arthur’s immoral acts. Online rumors linking Arthur to being the “male third party,” “having a permanent suite in a hotel,” “running a concubine search” and “abortion” quickly trended.

In response, Arthur’s management company issued a second statement and explicitly named 10 netizens for spreading false information. The agency demanded for public apologies and compensation for Arthur’s losses, reserving the rights to pursue legal action against them for defamation. The agency statement further urged the public to stop with online bullying. “To our Internet friends, please do not make light of your remarks and continue to spread gossip and lies online. Do not see how far you can go to push the boundaries of the law. Do not publish any comments or remarks that exceeds a public figure’s necessary tolerance and limits.”

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Arthur Chen’s Intimate Photos are Leaked

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  1. This upsets me. It’s obviously not his fault. I’m not even his fan, but this isn’t his fault. Why does he need to beg for forgiveness.

    1. Agree. I haven’t watched any of his drama nor am I a fan but he’s an adult and his privacy was invaded by foolishly trusting the woman he was in a relationship with at that point of time. This is kinda like revenge porn and he deserves support from his family when the rest of the world is judging him.
      Moving forward he may have trust issues and probably confiscate phones before planning on intimacy and that may be the reality most celebs resort to.

  2. He is not even similar to KW…now that KW is the true scumbag. Arthur is just caught up in this old image his ex date took photo of whilst he was sleeping. Isn’t that also a invasion of privacy.
    I dont know why he needs to kneel at his dad’s office, is that even true?

    KaiGe has his own scandalise photos spreading around too. How real is it, I dont know.

    I read Authur may be put on soft ban…I certainly hope not… I am not his fan but I feel he is a victim.

    1. I totally agree with you. I am not an Arthur Chen fan either, but I feel for the young man. Him kneeling down in front of his dad’s office is so unfair and so wrong on so many levels. He fell for the wrong kind of woman. I believe she and the husband were working in cahoots, to try and extort money out of AC. He is an innocent victim in all this. As for his dad, he is such a hypocrite. He is in no position to scold or judge his son.

  3. most of these “influencers” are self-absorbed gold diggers. calling them “influencers” is like – an indication of the intellect level of the masses lmao. and girl, you got married in 2022. why do you still have intimate photos of your ex? also. these photos show the face of the guy completely, and the fact that he was topless, but the girl herself was hidden. LOL so you want to publish these photos but you don’t want your own face to be shown? i don’t really care whether she’s the one who sold the pictures or her husband did. sometimes people who got married deserve each other. i don’t even know this kid, but seriously he’s stupid for getting involved with a girl like that. if he manages to salvage his career after this, i hope he learns how to protect himself and be more cautious (hey at least it’s not as damning as the edison scandal 15 years ago)

    1. @miyabi
      I agree with what you said up to the Edison Chen scandal. I am not a fan or friend of Edison, but you all harp on him while the real culprit got away with his deeds. The computer repair man should’ve rot in jail. What he did was criminal and illegal. These women were legally aged, consenting lovers of Edison who were aware of a video, or photos being taken. The repairman is the one who ruined and shamed these women, not Edison. Not that Edison was a pillar of virtue, but he was not the one to blame for ruining the lives and careers of those women.

      1. ???? what are you going on about???? i said the edison scandal was damning – are you saying it wasn’t? i actually do agree the computer guy recovering deleted files from edison’s computer needs to face prosecution. but my comment – please reread it – was making a comparison between both cases (arthur and edison’s). the pictures were both leaked maliciously, hence i was saying that the edison scandal was far more destructive than arthur’s. seriously you shouldn’t be strawmanning and accuse me of something i did not even say or imply.

  4. I have a feeling his dad might be mad, but I doubt he actually kneeled for forgiveness especially in front of others. These reports always over exaggerate things but yet many believe it all.

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