Arthur Chen Makes Comeback in “Offering Salted Fish to Master”

With his elite status as film director Chen Kaige’s (陳凱歌) son, Arthur Chen’s (陳飛宇)handsome looks made his acting career soar quickly. However, Arthur’s bed photos with an ex-lover surfaced in February 2023. Although Arthur explained they were intimate before the female influencer got married, the scandal eliminated his opportunities for an entire year.  The 23-year-old actor is finally making a comeback in upcoming historical fantasy Offering Salted Fish to Master (獻魚), starring opposite Wang Yinglu (王影璐).

Since the drama was initially rumored to star Dylan Wang (王鶴棣) and Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) in leading roles, many were skeptical about the change in cast and wondered whether Arthur’s past scandal would bring down viewership.

Leaked stills and photos during filming have turned some unenthusiastic fans around. Wearing an all-black costume with flowing long hair against a snowy white backdrop, Arthur appeared devilishly handsome and fitting for his role as a demon in the drama.

The casting of Wang Yinglu also generated doubt, with many unsure whether she had the charm and acting skills to pull off the complex role. Leaked photos showed Wang Yinglu in a peach-colored dress and simple gold crown hair adornment. She emitted femininity and looked ethereal amid the soft, romantic snow. Arthur’s hand was seen covering Wang Yinglu’s hand over a bamboo umbrella. The beautiful cinematography and scenery promise an aching romance that is sure to excite fans.

Offering Salted Fish to Master tells the story of Liao Tingyan (Wang Yinglu), who becomes the youngest and most beautiful disciple within the immortal world. Her approach to life is simple – to put in the least effort in order to get by. Stumbling upon Sima Jiao (Arthur Chen), she piques the heartless demon’s interest due to her attitude and they develop a heart-wrenching romance.

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Arthur Chen’s Intimate Photos are Leaked

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