Paparazzi Who Leaked Arthur Chen’s Bed Photos Was Arrested

The paparazzi behind the leak of Arthur Chen Feiyu’s (陳飛宇) bed photos was detained by the police. As his father Chen Kaige (陳凱歌) is an influential filmmaker, the 22-year-old actor has survived the scandal despite China’s tough cancel culture. His agency pressed charges against the paparazzi for “exposing people’s privacy through online networks.”

In February, photos of a topless Arthur sleeping in bed with influencer Yi Lin (是亦琳呀) surfaced. The photos were taken by his ex-girlfriend, and allegedly leaked by her furious husband to the paparazzi. Although Arthur’s agency immediately took steps for damage control and pursued legal action, the  Lighter and Princess <打火机与公主裙> actor’s reputation was dented.

After the initial set of photos, Super Photographer Yang Yang (whose real name is Zheng) threatened to release a second batch of Arthur’s intimate photos. Before he could do so,  he was arrested by the Beijing police on March 19, along with four other suspects, Zhang, Ding, Hui, and Duan. The  suspects were detained for a total of five days.

Shortly after being released, and on the same day the police report surfaced, Super Photographer Yang Yang posted on his Weibo account and said, “I didn’t make up the rumors. I didn’t receive any money–I don’t have any regrets.” Perhaps because of the run-in with the law, the Weibo blogger deleted the initial set of Arthur’s bed photos.

The quick arrest of Super Photographer Yang Yang was praised by netizens, who attributed it to Arthur’s father’s influence, “Arthur is really an elite in the entertainment industry. There’s no need to be afraid, as there will be people to clean up [his mistakes].” Another fan felt the paparazzi deserved jail time as “he carelessly exposed Arthur’s privacy.”

Although Arthur has resumed his social media posts, he continued to maintain a low profile. He has lost weight and looked tired in a sighting after the scandal.

Arthur Chen’s Intimate Photos are Leaked

Arthur Chen Emerges from Bed Photos Scandal



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  1. 5 days detention is clearly not enough… Their actions are harmful and vindictive. The only mistake Arthur made was dating the wrong person. A lesson I am sure he has learn to be more careful about.

  2. What is omitted in some press releases is that 4 others are professionals using bots and fake accounts for spreading rumours online. The paparazzi formed professional alliance with them to achieve high visibility and high ranking on Weibo of his content. It is his working ‘tool’ and ‘team’. I am so happy seeing at least for the first time that such people were arrested. Misrepresenting, misusing and distorting information (specially for financial gain) is same as lying, I also think that fine and 5 days is not enough. However, I wonder how this will develop as this guy will not be smart enough to stop. How will court rule next time he does it?

    1. Oh!! I was wondering why the others were arrested. Thank you @Dee !! I really hope the other photos are deleted, but I doubt so. He will still try to sell images in black market to crazy fans…or medias from other Country… Gosh, I would feel so awful knowing people have such private photos of myself and I cannot do anything about it. Such is the risk celebs takes…

      1. You are welcome! This guy is notorious. If only he would sell his work in shady parts of the net to crazy funs. He became what he is due to his ‘tech’ team and buying hot searches etc. This is only tip of an iceberg and ppl love melons so he will not disappear. I cannot bring too many details but his main speciality is timing of his ‘campaign’, that’s what he is selling to industry players.

      2. @Dee Yes, I do think he will still be around for longer. So disgusting. Arthur learnt a hard lesson on truth…

  3. The pap should be arrested but also the people who made a big deal of this situation. He was single then. The girl was single then. Arthur’s father was upset when his son was the victim. Perhaps the father is upset that his own son was dumb enough to get caught or that it was documented.

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