Arthur Chen Emerges from Bed Photos Scandal

Chinese actor Arthur Chen’s (陳飛宇) career was on the rise when intimate photos of him and married influencer Yi Lin (是亦琳呀) were leaked on the internet. While Arthur and his management team laid low from the public’s eye, Arthur has resurfaced on his social media page one month after the scandal.

On February 17th, Arthur made a Weibo post to promote his new movie Yesterday Once More <倒數說愛你> with the following caption, “Every minute and second, there are traces of our love.” Unsurprisingly, Arthur’s post attracted netizen’s attention, garnered more than 500,000 likes and was shared 210,000 times. However, netizen’s responses are mixed with many showing their support and many others leaving their criticism.

Fans in support defended Arthur and explained that actors should be judged by their work and not their personal life. Leaving encouraging messages for Arthur, they wrote, “I’m ready to see you in the cinema. We’ve always been here. We will be beside you as things get better and better.”

Other netizens are shocked that Arthur has returned to the limelight after taking a short break. Criticizing Arthur for trying to wash his image for the movie, the netizens argue that Arthur’s scandal and presence distracts them from enjoying the movie. The netizens wrote, “How could you promote the movie with drag other artistes with you? The internet remembers. Has your family forgiven you?”

As the netizens continue to attack Arthur and drag his family to the scandal, Arthur’s mother and actress Chen Hong was spotted with a haggard appearance as she entered a car. Many netizens suspected that Chen Hong was stressed by her son’s scandal and was in a rush to help her son.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Well, he has to come back at some point. Sooner he rips that band aid better. In my eyes this scandal is not a scandal but can be a great 2 for him not to make any stupidity in future.

  2. His scandal really isn’t much of a scandal as @Dee said. He could sue the ex-Gf who took photo of him unaware and her husband for exposing them to public… Arthur will recover from it… and even smarter…
    What interest me more instead of Arthur is what becomes of this sh*tty couple… I hope we hear more updates on the threatening husband and his downfall.

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