Four 95-After Chinese Actors That Are Over 6 Feet Tall

From young Korean actors like Ahn Hyo Seop to Nam Joo Hyuk, one can easily look through a list of early to mid 20’s Korean actors who are over 6 feet tall. With such a competitive entertainment industry, it isn’t a surprise to see Hallyu having global popularity.

But Korea won’t be the only country with tall actors for long.

In recent years, the Chinese entertainment industry has been rapidly expanding due to its economic boom. More and more young actors have been catching the attention of international audiences, including the following four actors born in or after 1995, all who are over 6 feet tall.

Arthur Chen (陈飞宇)

Born in 2000, Arther is the son of famous fifth-wave Chinese director Chen Kaige (陈凯歌). Arthur may be born with connections, but it is undeniable that the young man is capable to succeed in his own right. He’s been praised for having elegant looks, and his height of 188 cm (6 ft 1) stands him out in the crowd. He’s capable leading actor, and a popular actor for endorsements. He’s always had experience modeling in Paris.

Song Weilong (宋威龙)

Born in 1999, Song Weilong started off as a small-time model. At 185 cm (6 ft) tall and with good looks, Weilong easily caught the attention of netizens as well as casting directors. Producer Yu Zheng (于正) was one of the first to reach out to him, and within a year of debut, Weilong was already leading in TV dramas.

Xing Zhaolin (邢昭林)

23-year-old Xing Zhaolin is 187 cm (6 ft 1) tall and is often mistaken to be a Hallyu star. He shot to prominence following his supporting appearance in 2017’s Princess Agents <楚乔传> and had his claim of fame following his performance in The Eternal Love <双世宠妃>.

Zhang Linghe (张凌赫)

Although it’s only been a year since his debut, 23-year-old Zhang Linghe is already a rising star with a rising fanbase. At 188 cm (6 ft 1) tall, he is the year’s most popular male star. The Maiden Holmes <少女大人> actor has been compared to Korean actor Lee Min Ho.


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  1. Perhaps people just don’t associate tall height with Asians but China houses 1/2 of the world’s population so it is really not that uncommon to find tall people in China. Also, tall doesn’t mean handsome or cool either! Tall is simply tall. It is very rare you get tall, talented, handsome, and versatile in once combo and that’s not exclusive to Chinese people. Brad Pitt is 5’11”, versatile, and handsome to a lot of people but is he talented? I think talented is more Leonardo DiCaprio.

    1. @jesspepperwang Yes, probably a bit of a stereotype w/Asians being short that’s hard to break. I remember my I had a colleague/intern while she was studying at Pace U. She is the tallest Chinese girl aside from my cousin who stands her at 5/9 but she was born in US. Intern is at 5/8 1/2. She said she is from Dalian and in her city she’s ok tall but when she goes to Beijing people there are quite tall as well. So definitely certain parts China we can find taller people and newer generation of course it’s a bigger difference too. I think they said somewhere Northern parts of China statistically have taller people.

      1. @wm2017
        yeah, northern chinese are taller, colder weather or something. the more north you go the taller. i am from the south so i am short and so are my friends all from the same area. growing up almost all my male friends were 5’6 and girls 5’3.

        i was at a theme park once my senior year in HS. waiting in line, this group of white adults made racist comments about us right in our faces. we were just kids like 17/18 and yet, those grown adults said right in our faces calling us names, how we were all short in front of their kids. makes me sad now even thinking back on it.

      2. @m0m0 I am sadly the same range as you I am 5/4. but it is what it is what can you do? haha lol…:D
        I think racist people will always be a racist no matter how old they get. H.S. is also the worst where minorities face racism I think even worst than college. That’s why it’s always good to have real friends or it would have been a very stressful time in life.

      3. @wm2017
        yeah, it’s just sad b/c we were kids and those were adults. even sadder that they were feeding the same idea to their kids. u can imagine why and how people get so racist towards asians.

      4. @wm2017
        Exactly and whoever is racist always will be regardless of age. I hated elementary,middle and high school. There was this one b word white girl who always bullied me. I regret not standing up to her but I believe karma will bite her back if it has not yet. It is not just race but if anyone is horrible they just are. There was this a hole Filipino guy who picked on me but luckily I stood up to him as my courage grew. Same with this sociopath Chinese girl who had psychological problems. High school was a very stressful time in my life that I am so happy when it ended.

      5. @m0m0 >_< “ colder weather or something” – weather doesn’t affect the height lol, look at Eskimo people :p they are short lol. I think what you find is the north has more Caucasian genes (I called Caucasian gene because idk what to call it) mix in, north of China is closer to Russia, no? Russian is pretty tall. Also with CPR forces people to marry into a Han family, over time, you get more asian (features as you marry more Han than Uyghur and other races), but the height and what’s not are still in the gene, overtime the average height will increase (part of our selective selection: beautiful taller people are easier to find partner, as well as nutrients, and other environmental factors).

      6. @littlefish
        i don’t think that the northern people have russian or other races’ DNA, at least that hasn’t been proven so. until then, i think weather does affect your height such as how much you eat. in hot weather, you don’t want to eat much but in cold weather, people tend to eat more to better insulate themselves thus, it leading to better nutrition. what i meant by north of china is still what people in china would consider south. i am from the southern tip. so another above is north. even shanghai people are pretty tall, but they consider themselves from the south.

      7. @m0m0
        Yes most people say that people from the north are lighter skinned, taller, have a bigger built,etc… That is generally true but it depends on the person too. I am short at only 4’10”. My brothers are all pretty short at 5”0 to 5’4 with my youngest brother being 5’9” at the tallest. People made fun of my height but no one really made fun of my brothers’ heights. White adults would discriminate against us at times but rarely made fun of our height. Strange how my cousin married a white girl but she is very nice… Sadly whoever is racist will always be that way.

  2. there has been a number of celeb of chinese descent taller than 6 feet. f4, lollipop, 180 club (i think), and other taiwanese boy bands. kris wu and vengo gao are both over 6. chinese people aren’t short but there are certain geographics in china where people are taller.

    my husband i plays basketball with a group of 50 chinese boys. he’s 5’10 and one of the shortest, like only 7 people shorter than him. the rest are 6 and above.

      1. @m0m0
        No it is 183 Club and they were named that because the tallest member is 183 cm which is 6ft. They are now disbanded and was my first favorite Taiwanese group ever. Sadly they did not last and disbanded only after a number of years. They had some very good songs and dramas. I will remember them always.

  3. This is a bit off-topic, but how come there are 60s 70s 80s 90s, but 90s to 00 have a split, 95s?

    1. @mi520 because there aren’t many 00s famous atm xD and we need to be more precise, other title they (articles) do is 85s actresses lol. 0 and 5 is the magic number xD

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