Arthur Chen Graduates from Beijing Film Academy

Arthur Chen Feiyu’s (陳飛宇) popularity was halted when bed photos of him and influencer, Yi Lin (是亦琳呀), were leaked on the Internet. Avoiding the public eye since the scandal, Arthur hoped to let the negativity quietly pass. Despite China’s cancel culture, the 22-year-old actor has seemingly survived the scandal, perhaps due to the influence of his father, esteemed filmmaker Chen Kaige (陳凱歌).

This week, Arthur was spotted returning to Beijing Film Academy to take graduation photos. In addition to the paparazzi snapping his graduation photos, his bachelor’s degree was also shared online.

Arthur was seen hanging around with his classmates and appeared to get along well with others. Some netizens speculated that the hard hit to his career has humbled the normally proud actor. Arthur’s sunny and handsome appearance in the photos reignited fan interest, with some lamenting that they miss seeing him on screen.

In a recent interview, Arthur was asked what type of actor he wants to become. He responded, “I want to be an actor that will be believable in whatever role he portrays.” He added, “As an actor, it is important to have strong observations skills. You need to learn how to carefully observe life around you, such as inanimate objects, scenery, the people and events around you. This is something I enjoy doing in my life daily. Usually, I like to carry a small camera around and take pictures of things wherever I go. It is only through recording it that I can revisit and feel the sensations.”

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