Chen Feiyu Relinquishes US Citizenship

Son of famed director Chen Kaige (陳凱歌), Arthur Chen Feiyu’s (陳飛宇) work studio announced that the 21-year-old star has given up his American citizenship, and became a Chinese citizen.

Began Submissions in 2018

Born in the United States, Chen Feiyu had studied at Tabor Academy, a private boarding school in Massachusetts. He is now studying at Beijing Film Academy.

While netizens had raised doubt about Chen Feiyu’s alleged dual citizenship earlier, the actor’s statement reiterated that China does not allow dual nationality. The statement mentioned that in 2018, the actor has already started preparations to renounce his American citizenship, and has gone through a lengthy process of waiting up until now.

Gaining attention with his clean good boy looks and famous family background, Chen Feiyu had guest-starred in Chen Kaige’s movie Sacrifice <趙氏孤兒> as early as 2010.  He has appeared in web drama Ever Night <將夜>, Immortality <皓衣行>, Gold Panning <淘金> and other films in recent years.

Chen Feiyu is also known for being a rumored item with Ouyang Nana (歐陽娜娜). The two had first met on the set of 2017 film Secret Fruit <秘果>, and were spotted dating in Paris, and shared many matching jackets and accessories.


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  1. For the Chinese, you are either part of them or not… If Chen Feiyu wants to progress here, he has to decide which to give up.

  2. Good!!! I wish more proud to be big 6 people and all that would give up/renounce their non china citizenships then…and quit being anchor babies and what not…

      1. @hohliu,
        Thanks for noticing! I have things to do too and some on this site upset me so needed a break. Great seeing you here again too.

    1. That or anyone going to another country for birthright citizenship or anyone getting so upset and angry having to give up one of their dual citizenship because one or both places disallow it.

      1. @bearbear,
        As a citizen of the US, I hate anchor babies and in this case, they most likely got it from birth but now are giving it up. What was the point then?

  3. With anti-Asian hate crimes and worsening anti-China sentiments in US, it’s a good decision on his part.

  4. Most Chinese do that anyway. They want the perks available in US, Uk, Australia so they’d give birth to kids in foreign countries. Their kids get quality education, comfortable lifestyles, etc. once kids turned adulthood they revert to being citizens of China.

    Only the affluent could afford this opportunity. These people use and abuse the system

    1. I agree and hate people like that. They want to reap the benefits and abuse the system. But once they are done, they abandon it. I truly wonder if they will regret their decision down the road? I doubt they can get the US citizenship back in the future even if they wanted to.

      1. Rather than US, I think they would prefer Singapore citizenship now. Closer and easier to travel, no language barrier and most importantly same culture

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