Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi Wrestle With Love and Revenge in “Lighter and Princess’ Gown”

The drama adaptation of classic novel Lighter and Princess’ Gown <打火機與公主裙> has been confirmed, with Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇) and Zhang Jingyi (張婧儀) to lead the cast.

Making waves when it debuted online, the romantic novel by Chinese author Twentine had been so popular that it trended the top 3 readership spots for some time, with its youth-themed storyline and engaging plot.

Poised to play main leads are Chen Feiyu who fits the school male god image while actress Zhang Jingyi, with her unique aura, also personalizes the refreshing literary goddess character. The post-95 actress has also proven her acting calibre in the well-received drama Run for Young <風犬少年的天空> last year.

Lighter and Princess’ Gown tells the story of coding genius Li Yu (Chen Feiyu) and goody-two-shoes Zhu Yun (Zhang Jingyi) who first meet at their university orientation. One a proud and strong-willed student with clear goals, the other an obedient student who is forced to aspire towards lofty goals by her Tiger Mom, the two got closer amid sparks of chemistry as Zhu Yun is “bullied” by Li Yu. However, everything changes after Li Yu is jailed for an accidental crime, while Zhu Yun promises to wait for his return.

Their youthful childishness and hurt from love erode with time, yet Li Yu’s burden of hatred has not subsided. Vengeful upon his release three years later, he is willing to give his pride and self-respect in his determination to regain everything lost to him, while Zhu Yun has become a much stronger person in her fight for her dreams.

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