Chen Xingxu and Zhang Jingyi “Fall in Love” and Get Caught in Political Crossfire

Starring Chen Xingxu (陈星旭), Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪), and Lin Yanjun (林彦俊), Youku’s Fall in Love <一见倾心> is set to pull viewers into the Republican era of politics and romance.

Set during Shanghai’s turbulent times in 1926, a story of mystery and romance unfolds as Mu Wanqing (Zhang Jingyi) returns to China to secretly investigate the reason behind her parents’ divorce and the death of her siblings. During her search, she meets the clever but domineering insurgent leader Tan Xuanlin (Chen Xingxu) and the highly admired son of a powerful military commander Xu Guangyao (Lin Yanjun). While Wanqing initially believes it is a great opportunity to be backed by influential elites, she soon finds herself caught in the crossfire between the two men fighting for political power and her attention.

Successfully transitioning his career from a child star, Xingxu’s acting has been widely praised. Viewers are particularly looking forward to seeing how he upholds a cold and aggressive demeanor to his squad, in contrast to the flirty and jealous side he shows towards Jingyi.

There are also high expectations on the script, as it has been meticulously crafted for three years and should very well surpass the quality level of general idol dramas. With the story focusing on love, friendship, family, and patriotism, there should be enough elements to sustain interest during its run.

Premiering on November 9, Fall in Love consists of a total of 36 episodes andairs every week from Monday to Wednesday.

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