“Fall In Love” Actors Chen Xingxu and Zhang Jingyi Rumored to Be Dating

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“Fall In Love” Actors Chen Xingxu and Zhang Jingyi Rumored to Be Dating

Chinese gossip circles are reporting that Chinese actor Chen Xingxu (陈星旭) is dating his Fall In Love <一见倾心> costar Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪). 

The source reported that the onscreen duo spent over three hours together in a hotel room two days in a row. In both instances, it was Chen Xingxu, dressed all in black, visiting Zhang Jingyi in her hotel room.

However, fans of the stars aren’t convinced. They explained that it’s highly possible that the cast and crew of Fall In Love were all staying at the same hotel. And while it was Chen Xingxu who visited Zhang Jingyi in her hotel room, it is highly possible that there are others in the hotel room. As the photos of Chen Xingxu were taken around the time they were shooting Fall in Love, netizens speculate that the onscreen duo were also with other staff members in the hotel room.

Chen Xingxu and Zhang Jingyu have not responded in regard to dating rumors. They have stayed quiet on social media.

Fall In Love is set in Shanghai in the late 1920s, and follows the love story between a young military man with humble origins and the daughter of the richest man in Shanghai.

Source: Ettoday.net

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