Zhao Lusi and Dylan Wang Rumored to Star in New Historical Fantasy Drama

Historical fantasy idol drama, Offering Salted Fish to Master <向師祖獻上鹹魚>, is in talks to cast two of today’s most popular Chinese artistes in the lead roles with Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思), whose career skyrocketed after starring in Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛•月升滄海>, and Dylan Wang (王鶴棣), who was propelled to international fame after 2018’s Meteor Garden <流星花园>.

The storyline revolves around the love story between a sweet Buddhist beauty and a demon. Rosy’s role will cash in on the actress’ natural feminine charm and sweetness. The role of the arrogant devil is also fitting for Dylan. Although the romantic clash between an innocent heroine and demon is cliché and overused, fans are excited over the seemingly perfect casting.

However, due to filming obligations and busy schedules, the casting of Rosy and Dylan are still in negotiations and have not yet been officially confirmed.

Source: [1]

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I dont remember if these 2 ever starred in drama before…. but it will not surprise me their huge fanbase are excited. Hope if this contract is signed, it does show Zhou Lusi is currently not put on soft ban and still working hard.

    1. Off-track, but I’m watching that new drama with Dylan in it and wow, he really looks just like…a kid. That’s who he is; a youngish adult. I can’t tell if his acting is just that convincing or what, but compared that to him as DFQC and the difference is mindblowing.

      1. I know which show!! His gel pointy hair is just too funny… He is fun to watch in the drama…and it does make me wonder how much of this character is the real him. This production is not heavily promoted but the ratings are not bad so far…

  2. Seeing that both Dylan and ZLS are similar ages, I hope this fresh pairing will create some sparks and chemistry. ZLS is really collecting ’em handsome actors lol

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