Nana Ouyang Dates Male Lead of Music Video

22-year-old singer and actress Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) recently updated her social media with photos showing her close interactions with 24-year-old actor Zhai Zilu (翟子路) who had collaborated on her new music video. However, fans thought the star was going official and suspects that she has a new romance!
Media Capture Him at Her Home

On November 4, Chinese media outlets released photos of the star co-habiting with Zhai Zilu, in which he appeared to go in and out of her apartment freely, pointing out that he stayed there for 4 days. Besides filming the two heading out together, Zhai Zilu was also captured leaving her home to dispose of garbage while topless.

Zhai Zilu had previously collaborated with Fair Xing (邢菲) on costume drama Lost Track of Time <覆流年>, where he played the crown prince Mu Chuan, and had starred in many scenes opposite the lead actress. Sharp-eyed netizens even found proof that Ouyang Nana had viewed the onscreen pair’s Weibo conversations online.

Displeased with their idol, they criticized her for “only caring about dating and neglecting her career”, and for blatantly ignoring them. Impassioned fans commented, “If today you claim that you’re only friends with (him), I’d still believe you… your fans can even help you cover (the relationship) if there were no photographic evidence. Yet you openly allowed anyone to take photos of you (two), do you still have a heart? Why don’t you just quit entertainment?”

Yet other fans also said rather than being angered, they were more “disappointed” with their idol, and harshly called her out for getting together with Zhai Zilu just three months after they filmed her music video together on August 4.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. This is common every where… Fans who get upset over their idol’s choices… Those that enter this industry knows such invasion of privacy is inevitable. I too wish all fans are more logical but that is not going to happen.
    Nana has been rumoured to date a number of other guys before… how true is this? I dont know, but she is young and she can date who she wants. Her fans can choose to respect her decisions or find another idol…
    Nana is a talented musician, she will always have work…

  2. If both of them have been single when they start dating, the rest should just step back and let them be. I don’t like her and never understand why she is still around when her strength is not in acting, singing, directing or related but it is her choice to focus on her love life over her career or working hard to improve her skills in acting.

    1. She is a talented musician but as a singer, actress… she still have lots of learning to do.

      1. @Hohliu That’s the issue. She started off being marketed as the young talented cellist. Before she could really made a name as a world renowned cellist, her career path seems to have changed as she goes into acting and singing, even this article stated her as a singer and actress. Other than 2-3 dramas and maybe 1-2 music albums as a singer (not sure about the music albums since I haven’t heard her own songs, if any), she has not been doing much as one either and she hasn’t shown her ability in her changed career and does not appear to be making an effort as well.

      2. @Hohliu hahaha, I was about to say that after reading a report of that. Doubt will watch it too, the pairing of Vengo and her does not sit too well on me, unless I have misread that part. Still, will be watching the trailer out of curiosity.

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