Nana Ouyang Calls William Chan “Daddy”

The actress is criticized for being rude and intrusive.

Chinese reality show Fourtry 2 <潮流合夥人2> is airing midway, with William Chan (陳偉霆), Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞), Grace Chow (周揚青) and Liu Yuxin (劉雨昕) teaming up for the first time. Taking part in paragliding, snowboarding, and other adrenaline-fuelled activities, the harmonious vibes between them had the five celebrities develop a close bond on set. However, when the latest episode was aired, 20-year-old Nana was lambasted by netizens online for addressing 35-year-old William Chan as “Daddy”.

Repeatedly Calls Him “Daddy”

When the five celebrities went snowboarding together, William, who was like the parent of the group, took good care of the other members. Being a skilled snowboarder, he also helped Grace and Nana put on their gear properly, and his caring gestures made the two girls feel that he is a warm-hearted paternal figure.

Nana therefore uttered spontaneously, “Thank you, Daddy” at that point, to which William asked, “Can you address me as Big Brother?” but she said “No.” She then asked, “How about Uncle?”

After that, the group were snowboarding when Nana once again called out in excitement, “Daddy, Daddy.” This evoked William’s response in a loud volume, “Don’t call me Daddy!” However, she ignored his sentiments, and said again “Daddy, I want to play that.”

Many netizens expressed their disapproving sentiments, commenting that while it was alright to make a joke, Nana should respect William’s wishes since the latter is obviously not in favor, and described her behavior as being highly rude.

Enters Co-star’s Room Without Permission

In an earlier episode of Fourtry, Nana was seen entering William’s room without his permission and trying on his track shoes and accessories, leading to many netizens dissent. Nana had revealed that she did not bring along enough of her own clothing to the show, and Grace had offered to lend her some of her clothes. However, Nana was later discovered to have worn William’s pajamas and Chengcheng’s tops, causing the displeasure of netizens, who were further irked when she addressed William as Daddy.

While male and female artistes would usually take care to maintain a respectful distance, Nana seemed to be doing the exact opposite, causing netizens to question her morals. Despite the harsh criticism, she has continued her questionable behavior.

To her defense, some netizens pointed out that she had actually also worn Yuxin’s pajamas on the show and perhaps also Grace’s clothes, though viewers might not be aware since the scenes have not been aired at this point.

There are also some netizens who felt that Nana should not be the only one criticized if William and Chengcheng had been willing in lending her their clothes. This prompted netizens to start a discussion thread titled “Faced with Nana Ouyang’s behavior, what should William Chan do in order to avoid criticism of being disrespectful, ungenerous or ungentlemanly?”

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  1. wait, but in the clip, Nana suggested uncle. William did not ask if she could call him uncle.

    1. @mi520 Yup, I heard that. He says can you call me Brother she says no Uncle hahaha…LOL…Holy, 20 year old these days are such brats or she better be a bit close to him to play/joke around like that. lol..I remember that Charlene Sheh w/that China actor. She’s in her mid 40’s so I would understand if that dude thinks she’s old but this WC is 35. Gosh. lol haha

  2. He’s old, in the real world if you’re 35 trying to socialize with 19-20 years old you’re going to get called out. His receding hairline isn’t helping lol

    1. @seriously well, no. About 10yr-ish ago, I remember calling someone uncle because he’s about 15yrs older than me. However, the first thing he said to me was: oh don’t call me that, I’m not that old, just call me brother. So if you don’t know the person, sure, uncle is most respectful. However if you do know the person/being asked to not call them uncle(/being g a celebrity and keep each other’s face in the public) then you also need to be respectful and call them brother (providing it’s not for perverted reasons). It’s just common courtesy 🙂

      1. @littlefish True, I think anyone would find being called Uncle or Auntie old. Unless they have asked you to call them something just default to sister or brother first. I do remember when I was 17 I was working for someone who was just 30 and she asked me to call her Auntie. She seemed the old fashioned type though. There would be no way Id ask someone to call me that (maybe ever).

  3. William is such a gentleman in this show, and so funny too! Definitely not old enough to have a 20yo daughter, Ouyang Nana’s real life father is 25 yrs older than William.

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