[Style] Who Wore It Better?

When Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Wang Yibo (王一博) both wore from the same Dsquared2 collection at an event, shippers and individual stans alike freaked out and topped social media. The Untamed <陈情令> stars didn’t wear the same outfit, but both suits were from the Dsquared2 Spring/Summer collection, and both actors commanded the same presence.

But what about other celebrities that do end up wearing the same outfit? In the ten looks below, who wore it better?

#1 Ren Jialun (任嘉伦) vs. Cheng Yi (成毅) in a red crocheted sweater

#2 Yang Mi (杨幂) vs. Xu Jiaqi (许佳琪) in Gucci

#3 Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) vs. Yuan Bingyan (袁冰妍) in Dior

#4 Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) vs. BlackPink’s Jisoo in Repetto

#5 Liu Shishi (刘诗诗) vs. Park Min Young in Tod’s

#6 Ren Jialun vs Wang Yibo 

#7 Zhao Lusi (赵露思) vs. Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎)

#8 Yu Shuxin (虞书欣) vs. Gao Yuanyuan (高圆圆) in KLOSET

#9 Nana Ouyang (欧阳娜娜) vs. BlackPink’s Lisa in Celine

#10 Jin Chen (金晨) vs. Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪) in David Koma

Source: Beauty 321

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. When I first saw both Xiao Zhan & Yibo wore their outfit I just love it. The style of the outfit is soooooooo nice on them. Even though it is a laced vest that Yibo is wearing but the combination with the whole suit falls lovely together. The ribbon in front of the shirt that XZ is wearing , I kept on wondering how it will not fall out of place at the ending. They both look so smart in their outfits. Keep it up boys!!) sending my love to both of uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Xiao Zhan looks really so handsome in that pic. He deserves to win the title Most Handsome Face in Asia.

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