Nana Ouyang’s Confrontation at the Airport

Taiwanese singer Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) was setting out for CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala rehearsals in mainland China when an unknown man suddenly harassed her at the Beijing airport on January 31. The man pulled her hair and asked if he could kiss her, to which the nearby staff immediately came to her defense by shouting for help and ushering her away from him. The airport police responded to the scene when the man refused to leave her alone.

The unknown man kept stressing that he knew Nana and that the staff was getting in his way. However, Nana and her team immediately left to continue with her work after providing video evidence for the investigation. In response to this incident, Nana’s team expressed to the public, “Nana’s condition is well and healthy. She has already completed her day’s work. Thank you for your care. We will continue to monitor the situation and strengthen our security measures for Nana.”

The team also expressed their gratitude toward the airport police for responding to the situation on time, as well as witnesses for providing evidence. On February 1, Nana also followed up on social media to notify her fans that she is fine. She said, “Don’t worry! I just finished work. I am safe.”

Source: EtToday

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