Nana Ouyang and Angela Chang May Be Fined for China’s National Day Performance

Taiwanese artistes Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) and Angela Chang (張韶涵) may be fined up to $500,000 New Taiwan dollars for singing at China’s upcoming National Day celebration hosted by China’s state-run TV network CCTV.

According to news media, Nana and Angela will be singing party songs such as “My Motherland” <我的祖國> at a performance airing on October 1 to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), that performance could violate a cross-strait law that protected Taiwan’s national identity. Both Nana and Angela and Taiwan nationals.

The MAC is currently investigating the matter. Should Nana, Angela, or any Taiwanese entertainer violate this cross-strait law, they will be fined between NT$100,000 to NT$500,000.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Nana is the niece of famous Taiwanese-Japanese singer Ouyang Fei Fei (歐陽菲菲). Nana started off as a sell-out cellist and concert performer before making her acting and singing debut in mainland China. In 2019, Nana became the subject of much controversy and backlash by Taiwanese netizens after announcing that she was proud to be Chinese. Some Chinese netizens also pointed out her hypocrisy, how despite being proud of Chinese, Nana still holds a Taiwanese passport and has Taiwan household registration.

Source: UDN

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  1. what a bad pic pf nana, she looks much older in pic above not like her normal youthful look.

    it’s quite shameful indeed to sing party songs when you are taiwanese. does that mean they will get boycott in taiwan now?

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