Angela Chang Buys a Pacific Island

Successfully transitioning her career to China and participating in several variety shows, Taiwanese singer Angela Chang (張韶涵) has built up a fortune. Understanding that a woman must have a back up plan for herself instead of focusing her time on romantic diversions, Angela is a savvy real estate investor.

It is said that she owns properties in Taiwan, China, and Canada, and has been looking into investing in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. She is optimistic about investing in developing countries, and wants to buy properties in areas that she likes to visit. In 2014, she bought a house in Shanghai for $41 million Hong Kong dollars for investment purposes. However, she will do a lot of research into the future prospects of the location before deciding to invest.

She even splurged on a small island in the Pacific Ocean to build her own home in paradise. Although Angela did not directly admit to buying an island, various clues seem to confirm this. Four years ago, the star revealed her wish to buy an island and posted photos of herself on vacation on an island. She tagged good friends Wu Tsing Fong (吳青峰) and Valen Hsu (許茹芸) and captioned it with, “I’ve been waiting all year for this moment.”

In her latest social media photos, Angela was seen reclining next to a large swimming pool, hammock, and deck chairs so that she can watch the sunset while enjoying a drink. It is speculated that Angela has finally finished building her dream home on her Pacific island.


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