Secret Love Lives of Celebrities’ Parents; Nicholas Tse Rumored as Stanley Ho’s Illegitimate Son

To say that Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Chung’s (張柏芝) dramatic marriage and separation mirrored those of their parents’ past may be an understatement. It may not be Mother’s Day yet, but the love lives of celebrities’ mothers present a fascinating perspective into the family circumstances under which Isabella Leong (梁洛施), Crystal Liu (劉亦菲), Jay Chou (周杰倫), Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), and Angela Chang (張韶涵) grew up.

Nicholas Tse’s Family

Long before the existence of Nicholas Tse, mother Deborah Li (狄波拉) and father Patrick Tse (謝賢) already astounded viewers with their good looks on the silver screen. Deborah, especially, had a life worthy of a drama itself. Due to a tragic childhood, Deborah was adopted and grew up to be highly independent. At a young age, she performed with a dance troupe and lived in Thailand for several years. Beautiful and bold, the social butterfly captured the hearts of viewers quickly when she returned to Hong Kong and appeared in nude scenes without the use of a body double.

Prior to marrying Patrick Tse, Deborah had dated Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊). When Deborah’s marriage with Patrick was on the verge of breaking down, Patrick allegedly “sold” his wife to Stanley in order to pay off his debts. This once fueled speculations that Nicholas was Stanley Ho’s illegitimate son.

Cecilia Cheung’s Family

Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, has an even more dramatic family background. Cecilia’s mother, Davies Shally, who is a stunner herself, loves to show off her figure and tattoo with her daughter. When she married Cecilia’s father, triad member, Cheung Yan Yung (張仁勇), both were entering their second marriages. Davies Shalley brought her daughter, Cecilia’s half sister, Dai Pek Chi (戴碧芝) into the family. Cecilia was often the one looking after her half-siblings when her parents divorced when she was only 9 years old.

Shortly after Cecilia debuted in the entertainment industry, triads put out a “rape order” on Cecilia when her father failed to pay back massive gambling debts. Throughout the years, Cecilia’s father continued to get in trouble with the law. In 2012, Cheung Yan Yung was suspected in a criminal intimidation case in Hong Kong and recently reported to have gone missing after cheating a partner of 2 million RMB.

Isabella Leong’s Family

Isabella Leong’s father was from a prominent Macau family of Portuguese-English heritage. Isabella’s mother lived together with Isabella’s father after meeting him, but he died when Isabella was only 6 months old. Because Isabella’s father’s family never accepted the relationship, they never acknowledged Isabella’s existence. Isabella and her mother could only depend on each other, with Isabella dropping out of school and entering the entertainment industry when she was only 12 years old.

In 2007, then 19-year-old Isabella Leong met billionaire Li Ka Shing’s (李嘉誠) son, Richard Li (李澤楷), who was 41-years old at the time. Despite the age gap and differences in their family background, Isabella and Richard quickly fell in love and had three sons together out of wedlock. However, Isabella’s fate appeared to be better than her mother’s, as Isabella reportedly received several properties from the Li family and is well taken care of financially following her breakup with Richard in 2011.

Crystal Liu’s Family

Chinese actress Crystal Liu’s parents divorced when she was merely 6 months old. Her father, An Shaokang (安少康), was a Secretary in the Chinese Embassy in France and a French language university professor. Her mother, Liu Xiaoli (刘晓莉), is known as Wuhan’s best dancer. When Crystal was 11 years old, her mother brought her to the United States and later, remarried a Chinese lawyer there, earning Crystal her American citizenship.

Jay Chou’s Family

An only child, Jay Chou initially had a loving family. Both his parents were secondary school teachers. His mother already noticed his love for music and started him on piano lessons when he was four years old. However, when he was a teenager, his family began to break apart. It further accelerated when his father was conned in a business venture, causing his father to seek solace in alcohol, which led to more fighting between his parents. Once, in the midst of a fight, Jay’s drunken father broke his beloved tape recorder and caused Jay to be filled with anger towards his father. His parents eventually divorced when Jay was 13 years old. Jay became an introvert and reclusive due to being raised in a single parent household and her personality tendencies were reflected in his earlier songs.

Barbie and Dee Hsu’s Family

Taiwanese artists and sisters, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) parents were divorced before their father passed away. When a magazine disclosed photographs of their mother with a married man, speculating he was her lover, she was angry and scolded the magazine, “Please! He’s like a brother to me!”

Angela Chang’s Family

Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Chang’s (張韶涵) mother was rumored to have an illicit affair with singer Zhang Haozhe (張鎬哲) in 2007. Both were often seen behaving intimately in public. When the media blasted her mother, Angela stood out in defense of her mother, “Just because I’m Angela Chang, must you all pester my mother? Why can’t you leave her alone?” Eventually, Angela’s parents officially divorced in 2009 and Angela and her mother grew apart due to her mother’s extra-martial affair.


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  1. i cant help but LMAO when they said Isabella Leong met billionaire Li Ka Shing’s son and felt in love?????? i think they meant she ‘FELL IN LOVE W/THE MONEY’??? hahhaha…now 3 kids w/o marriage ever and she’s set for life, sure her life was def better than most hahaa…lol…i dont always say golddigger but that one i think we can 100% say is one. hahaa

    1. I thought Nick is a clone to Patrick Tse. Nick looks sooo sooo much like his dad. I saw his dad in Condor Heroes when he was young and they resemble each other very closely 🙂

    2. Yup, Nick looks so much like his dad that they are no doubt father and son. Jennifer looks like her dad too. They are all clearly father and children. What a stupid rumour…

  2. I don’t believe Nicholas is Stanley’s son because Nic resembles more like Patrick.

    1. He’s the spitting image of Patrick Tse. I don’t doubt that Patrick pimped Deborah out though. What a slimeball.

      1. Deborah is a fierce woman. I don’t think anyone can force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

      2. really? I don’t know anything about the father except that he refuses to age gracefully – are you sure that he is so disreputable? I don’t consider all entertainers to be evil. There has to be respectable ones who just enjoy the lucrative and relatively easy work.

      3. I don’t think Patrick would do that and I know that Deborah is a fierce woman. I don’t think anyone can make her do anything that she does not want to do…

    2. in my case, I don”t think he doesn’t belong to Zheah Yeen because of the wholehearted way both kids were embraced by their parents

      Dek bor lai and Zheah Yeen look alike so one could also say that Nicolas resembles his mother

      1. I think Patrick dominates in terms of who Nick looks like more. I don’t see much of Deborah in Nick at all. I just see Patrick only…

  3. Omg. Who’s the reporter? Make no sense. Nick looks like Patrick to the fullest.

    1. Yes. Both Nic and Lucas carry Patrick’s features though I can believe that Deborah was one of Stanley Ho’s mistress back in the 70’s. I remember reading somewhere that she could not “marry” into his family as a Yee Tai because of her background.

      1. wow, that’s like Julian Hui’s family disdaining Carina Lau for being a Mainland (intellectual’s daughter!) but now have Michelle Reis to contend with. I mean obviously his parents’ conservativeness have not been able to influence Julian Hui at all.

  4. Tabloid news at all time low. I’m frankly surprise to find this stupid BS here.

    Have some class!

  5. If Nicholas was stanley’s son he would have a bit of the ‘gwai gwai’ look in him like the ho children.

    1. Not necessary for Nick to have the gwai gwai look like the rest of the Ho children. He could also have the strong maternal genes when he was born. although I heard in my circle abouut the pimping out of his wife to stanley Ho, Nick Tse is Patrick Tse’s son. He does resemble Patrick.

      1. even though I didn’t know about Stanley Ho’s hanjian-ness until a few years ago, the revelation about his sister and his uncle having an affair that they are not ashamed of FRIGHTENS me.

      2. @ Cleo, his sister and his uncle? I’ve never heard anything like that!

    2. correction: until a few MONTHS ago – I thought Stanley Ho was just rich.

    3. Davies Shalley looks like Mary, the eldest daughter on “Downton Abbey.”

  6. I think the rumor was as old as Nicholas. Back when there was no Internet. Of course now it all seems incredulous but I believe it was fodder for gossip back then. Will have to ask my mother and auntie for clarification.

  7. I stopped at Nicholas. Stanley Ho eh? Nic Tse looks exactly like his dad. And we all know who his dad is.

  8. My mom actually told me a couple of years back that Nicholas isn’t Patrick’s real son. I have to say I didn’t believe the news too. Nicholas really looks like Patrick, it’s hard to believe otherwise.

    1. 4 “OFFICIAL” wives. Not to mention the unofficial ones, the concubines, the mistresses, etc..

  9. Nicolas look just like Patrick so no way is he Stanley Ho son. But the other rumors are interesting. Feel bad for some of them. It’s hard being famous when people dig up your past.

    1. Nicolas is lucky that he resembles Patrick so can easily refute the Stanley Ho paternity rumor.

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