Barbie Hsu’s Funeral Attire Is Criticized

Attending the wake proceedings of Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) father-in-law, Barbie Hsu (徐熙娣) is criticized for wearing red nail polish and a “see-through” black top.

First Public Appearance Since Marriage

Dee Hsu’s father-in-law Hsu Ching-hsiang passed away at the age of 86 recently. Showing up at funeral ceremony together with husband DJ Koo (具俊曄), Barbie is solemnly dressed in a black dress, black mask and shades, but netizens criticized her red colored nails and semi-through top, and accused her of being attention-seeking.

Responding to the escalating talk, her manager defended Barbie by clarifying that the actress had painted her nails red to user in the Lunar New Year vibes, but the sudden demise in the family made her too distraught to arrange for polish removal at the nail salon; which also explains her exposed grey hair — which accidentally became another of netizens’ focal point.

Explaining Barbie’s silence following heated discussions, the statement by her manager also read, “What kind of contorted mentality is the world (coming to), how much hatred do they have towards her, to describe her as such. How much longer do the fake news and online violence have to continue? Silence does not mean admission, but unwillingness for the discussion to escalate further,”

Well-liked news presenter Joyce Chang (張齡予) also spoke up in Barbie’s defense, and said “I’m more inclined to think that (it) is unintentional”, hoping to put ill-meaning online comments to a stop. Pointing out that removing gel nail polish needs to be done at a salon appointment, she added that Barbie “did not need to” and “would surely not choose” to seek attention during such a time.

Source: Entertainment Today

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