Wang Xiaofei Erupts Over Barbie Hsu’s New Marriage

Three months after her official divorce announcement, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) has already gotten married again. Her ex-husband, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), finally exploded over his former sister-in-law’s taunting and said he did not want his children to call another man “Dad.”

Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), is known for her juicy content on talk show Dee Girls Talk <小姐不熙娣>. When Barbie revealed she had fallen in love again, she hinted that Dee also knew this person. Dee was shocked and could only think of one possible candidate: DJ Koo. Although they were deeply in love 20 years ago, his agency forced them to separate. This left deep regrets for both parties. After breaking up with Barbie, DJ Koo only had one brief relationship.

Wang Xiaofei Lashes Out

What Dee said is in line with her usual hosting style, but it hit a nerve with Wang Xiaofei. Breaking his silence, he shared Dee’s clip on social media with the comment, “Really? You guessed it? When was that? Did you take too much medication again?” A short while later, he angrily commented again, “You act like a clown every day; when is it going to end?” Three hours later, his anger had not subsided.

Netizens suspected that he may have been drinking, but he angrily denied, “First, I didn’t drink. I’m just tired of this never ending situation. Two, my children are in Taipei, and I’ve already been very accommodating. Three, your sister hasn’t even said anything–why are you showing off? Don’t bully others–think of my children.”

In a final move, he unfollowed Dee’s Weibo.

In response to Wang Xiaofei’s rant, Dee quoted Buddhist monk, Hong Yi (弘一), “If someone tries to slander me…rather than arguing, why don’t I try forgiving him? When someone tries to bully me…rather than trying to defend myself, why don’t we try coming to an agreement?”

In a rare occurrence, Dee’s husband Mike Hsu (許雅鈞) spoke up defending his wife, “Dee’s EQ is very high, don’t worry.”

Wang Xiaofei responded once again, leaving a comment under Dee’s post, “I want my children. I will not allow them to call a man I don’t know Dad. However, I’ve already gone through quarantine five times. It’s only asking for self-disgrace if I go back now. Yu Er is my flesh, Ji is my son.”


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  1. So.. Does he expect Da S to stay unmarried for the rest of her life? Like he got rumor with other woman and eventually one day, he’s going to remarry and that’s okay in his book but not okay for her?

    1. great comment! he was cheating on Barbie from day one and when she walks away he talks big. Oh my what a ‘man’! WX how about being a real man and dad and not cheat and behave well in marriage!

  2. While it’s hypocritical of him to react this way when there have been so many rumours of him and the third wheeler suggesting he was already cheating while still married, I think separately in this situation, Dee should refrain from commenting about her sister’s new marriage. There are little children involved in all these and we do not know if they have fully accepted all these changes and how comfortable are they hearing such “insider” details about their mother’s second marriage.

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