Wang Xiaofei Accuses Barbie Hsu of Using Banned Prescription Drugs

Divorced since last year, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and businessman Wang Xiaofei‘s (汪小菲) relationship has steadily worsened from petty squabbles to severe accusations. In the latest development of their divorce drama, Wang Xiaofei accused Barbie of taking banned prescription drugs on a long-term basis.

Although Barbie was married to Wang Xiaofei for 10 years with two children, she leaped into a second marriage with ex-boyfriend DJ Koo (具俊曄). Barbie allegedly said that her marriage with Wang Xiaofei felt “like prison,” while he removed all the furniture from their former home without notice.

Wang Xiaofei Denies Cheating

The businessman was said to have cheated with actress Zhang Yingying (張穎穎) while married to Barbie, but he denied the rumors. Taking his anger to Weibo, Wang Xiaofei uploaded a post to denying cheating, stating that he was drunk and a friend had taken the photos.

Wang Xiaofei revealed their marriage faced many challenges, which he tried to salvage. During the pandemic, he urged Barbie to bring their children to China to live with him and develop their business, but she rejected him. Instead, he had to fly to Taiwan on numerous occasions and faced long quarantine requirements.

Barbie Used Banned Medication?

In his post, Wang Xiaofei also revealed Barbie’s use of banned prescription medication. “Her mental condition was unstable on several occasions, but I was beside her helping out,” Wang Xiaofei said. He also claimed that Barbie demanded that he pay her $1 million Taiwan dollars every month.

Not too long after he posted the damaging accusations about Barbie, Wang Xiaofei deleted the post off Weibo.

In response to allegations of Barbie using illegal prescription drugs, the actress’ manager clarified, “Barbie has never disobeyed the law, and she’s not the type of person to force someone into doing something against his will.” Barbie’s manager further explained that the actress’ health took a huge hit after her miscarriage, and has been unable to take on a heavy workload. “From what I know, expenses have always been split even between them after marriage. The NT$1 million was given to Barbie every month after she reduced her workload. Wang Xiaofei willingly contributed the amount and this will remain the case after their divorce – not a cent less, not a cent more. That’s what I know.”

Source: World Journal

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Barbie Hsu’s Husband Has Cheating Photos Exposed

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  1. He is character is questionable but she did marry him in haste… I dont see her as a victim…. If he was poor, I doubt she would marry him so hastily. Anyway, they have both divorced. he really should just shut up..

  2. I am amused by the back to back “Barbie” headlines but completely opposite stories and tones. Sweet funny guy being sympathetic about the struggles women have to endure vs scumbag who accuses the mother of his children of using drugs in public.

    1. @PotatoChip lol yea, especially after JD-AH case, we all should be just absorb all these information, and wait for time and evidences to show who’s the bigger liar here lol

      1. I think even with evidence it is impossible to really know what’s going on unless we are the one in the relationship. It is difficult to distill years worth of discord. In the end it boils down to who has the better lawyers. Either way, I am glad I am not either one of them. Celebrity life does not seem all that great.

  3. Drugs get banned because govt or whoever is in charge of medicine discovers that some of the ingredients are poisonous or have harmful side effects. Ultimately, it’s no good. People take them because it’s traditional, a belief, or only banned in their country and not others. All of this has nothing to do with their relationship. This accusation is so random. Whether or not this is true, it’s just another petty squabble, punching in the air, and trying to get back at Barbie.

  4. I feel like the illegal drug accusation might be true, like maybe she dabbled in some herbal stuff. But I don’t think Barbie’s dumb enough to do any hardcore illegal drugs. She’s well known for being self-disciplined, if not slightly experimental.

  5. I personally feel both can be wrong, or both can be telling the truth. After watching the JD AH lawsuit trial, I never thought I could see ugly get uglier, but I did. They are both grasping at straws to make each other look bad in the face of the public. Maybe with lies, maybe with the truth. The general public need to stop worshipping these people, as their lives are more corrupt, and filled with pretense, lies, filth and hypocrisy more so than every day people’s lives. I refuse to worship, ship or elevate these celebs cause I have had, and still have front row seats to their sordid lives and behaviour. Whatever the case may be, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei both need to move on.

    1. Hi Teddy, don’t want to be intrusive but I’m curious about your remark that you still have front row seats to celebrities’ lives and behaviours.
      Care to share is it due to your line of work? It must be interesting to have access to these and yet I believe over time it’ll turn one into a cynic and disillusioned when you often see that the celebs’ real personality and conduct is the total opposite of what they portray to the general public.
      While I do have celebs whom I like and ship, thankfully it’s not to the point of obsession and I’m aware of the fact that no one knows their real personal life.

  6. Why is he lashing out at his ex-wife? Was it her who released all these pictures or paid for articles that show him cheating? It really shows how classy this guy is for throwing her throwing her under the bus just because he’s getting some bad press.

  7. Both if them have been feeding the press unfavorable tidbits about each other to the press. Let us not place blame on one and not the other. Both if them need to grow up and get on with their lives. I’ve had enough of both of them.

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