Barbie Hsu Announces Divorce After Fighting With Husband

On June 5, Taiwanese media reported that Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and her husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) have divorced. Barbie announced, “The divorce proceedings are [ongoing]. I’m not commenting on his personal behavior.” When contacted by the press, Wang Xiaofei said he “was not aware” of Barbie’s divorce decision.

Barbie’s Mother Unaware

Married for 10 years, the couple had a recent argument which spurred Barbie’s impulsive decision to separate. Barbie’s manager Liao Weiqi (廖玮琪) said, “Which marriage doesn’t have its quarrels? It’s nothing [serious].”

Asked about the matter, Barbie’s mother retorted, “Barbie’s words were said in anger–what divorce? I will talk to Barbie, both she and Xiaofei are concerned about their children. I will get the couple to hang in there for now.”

Wang Xiaofei later explained in an online post, “Because I was worried about my family, I was too harsh with my words yesterday. It’s indeed easy to lose control of one’s emotions during the pandemic. I hope all are healthy and safe.”

Love at First Sight

Barbie and Wang Xiaofei met in 2010 at actress Andy An’s (安以轩) birthday party, where it was “love at first sight” for the duo. They then dated secretly and met up only for four times before the actress announced their engagement 20 days later.

After tying the knot, Barbie slowly retreated behind the scenes, to take care of her daughter and son. In July 2020, Wang Xiaofei had gone to China for business-related reasons, and did not return to Taiwan for up to six months, only reuniting with the family during Lunar New Year after ending his mandatory COVID-19 isolation.

On March 22, he had posted a sweet photo of the couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary milestone, writing that he hoped she “would still be willing after another 10 years.” He had also shared a photo of a diamond ring and them at a gathering with celebrity friends including Ruby Lin (林心如), Wallace Huo (霍建華), and David Tao (陶喆).

Spewed Vulgarities Online

Wang Xiaofei was lambasted by netizens when he spewed vulgarities during a live broadcast on April 12. Looking drunk, he played with the spontaneous “PK” function on the Douyin app and was randomly linked with a female streamer. Wang’s friend, who appeared to know the streamer, called her by name and claimed that Wang had previously gone drinking with her in Chengdu, where the two had addressed each other as brother and sister. However, the streamer denied having known him later on.

Wang apologized hours later and said he was sorry for being a “bad influence,” but netizens were unforgiving and thought his behavior was inappropriate, and wondered how he treated Barbie in real life since he had no qualms displaying such uncouth behavior in the broadcast.

Source: QQ

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  1. I watched afew short clips of this couple in their reality show…This is a oddly matched couple. He seem to pamper her quite a bit…She was rather snappish in the clips..She seem to be calling the shots in this marriage. I might be wrong but just a opinion.

      1. @wm2017 Who knows if she changed her mind and continue this marriage. But since she moved back to Taiwan, she will have more support if she wants a divorce.

    1. @hohliu
      I agree and for anyone to get engaged in 20 days and then marry just a few months later… I was already shocked that they managed to last this long. They did not even have a foundation and hardly even knew each other. It seemed like they just got married in the moment of passion but that was it..

      1. @hohliu
        Yup and Barbie is a control freak and never treated him well. A divorce would be a blessing in disguise for him. I feel bad for their kids though.

  2. could anyone without any hesitance ever thought that this couple would work out before this news broke out? this is as unsurprising as the news about show luo’s cheating…..

  3. Are they really divorced? That’s right we’re all still shocked about they’re still together for this long time unlike the gold digger Katherine Ho who got married for 9 months then suddenly announced her divorced that’s how she makes big bucks without having to work hard.

    1. @cutie777
      No one knows yet but rumors of their divorce have been ongoing for years now so I would not be shocked if they truly are divorced for real. For them to last this long is already a shock as they hardly even knew each other beforehand. Barbie has her own money too so she did not marry for money only. I felt hers was infatuation more than anything. It was not love as they hardly even knew each other.

      1. @hetieshou She went thru a long painful breakup after so many years in a relationship…I suspect this chap was a rebound. Well, they have two kids. divorce cannot be decided so easily..

      2. @hohliu
        Are you referring to the one with Vic? She dated Blue Lan(who is now married with children too) but their break up was not too bad. I think you may be right that this dude was a rebound. But marrying in such a short time without properly knowing the other person is not a good idea.

      3. @hetieshou @littlefish She had been wanting to marry Vic for years but he refused to be forced into early marriage and tried to pushed him to be more ambitious but he just wanted to move at his own pace…Thus she broke up with him. The reasons for her breakup were momented…
        But he did not jump into another relatationship till years later and married the right girl. His wife is such a lovely actress. I am very happy for him. She allows him to breath…
        Definitely dodged a bullet.

      4. @hohliu oh I thought her mother was opposing their relationship, hence why they break up. Because he was not famous and rich enough for her. I was a disappointed that he kinda marry a nobody/doesn’t seem to be such a great stunner, but at the end of the day, he seems happy, and it’s his life xD I just hope he film more dramas and not the sad heavy type lol (though it’s good for his career, it’s too heavy for me to watch xD)

      5. @littlefish Her mum opposed but they stayed together for many years… At the end of the day, Barbie was in control of her choice.

  4. How stupid can he be that he insults the place of her origins. She obviously loves Taiwan. Barbie Hsu has never given me high EQ vibes; she’s decisive, cutting and a control freak. Once she decides something, it will take mountains for her to change her mind. Good luck, dude. Your family will now pay the price of your comments.

    1. @coralie It was rather stupid of him to make those comments regardless of his reasoning…But this is the guy who decide to propose and marry a girl after 4 dates…that says alot about his character…

      1. @hohliu yup and it’s Barbie who has decided to divorce him; not the other way around. Problem seems to be that she can’t take him anymore lol. If I recall correctly, she herself used to say that when she falls in love, she falls in love hard and is willing to do anything for her partner within her means. I don’t doubt that, hence her getting married to him after 4 dates. But for her to announce divorce now, he must’ve really stepped on her boundaries.

      2. @hohliu
        It is stupid of him to do that but you truly wonder under which circumstances he did that. To be fair, it takes 2 to tango as she wanted to marry him too. I remember everyone asking her if she was sure as they hardly knew each other and she said “ we are very happy and are very sure”. You cannot blame it all on him as she wanted to marry him immediately too. Basically, they both married in a moment of passion and like you said, he was just a rebound.

      3. @hohliu
        Also I want to add that just because anyone wants to be the first to divorce means that they are the innocent one. At times, they are the guilty one and just want out…

  5. I am surprised the marriage lasted this long. He needs to find a woman with the human touch. Barbie Hsu is difficult, bossy, cold, aggressive and a control freak. Her way, or the highway. She has shredded him of his masculinity so many times in public. She deserves to be alone, or married to a machine, a robot

    1. @renren
      I agree and he married her too soon without getting to know her. He did not know what he was getting himself into. I am still in shock that it lasted this long. Barbie is someone that needs to be alone as who can stand her? Unless she married a robot. The divorce would be a blessing in disguise for him.

      1. @hetieshou how are you and your family doing dear?
        You are right. Who can stand being around Barbie Hsu, no one. There is a battle of who is the worst shebeazt in Taiwan, her or the cougar manager Kana Chou. She is despicable. I personally witnessed her doing her destruction, and she does it well. She is impossible, and how her husband handled her treatment of him all these years can only be for the sake of the children. Stay safe my dear during this epidemic.

      2. @renren
        My family is ok and I am just stressed due to Covid and all. Hope you and your family are well too. I never liked Barbie Hsu and always found her annoying. Who is Kana Chou? I bet she is another version of Barbie. I feel bad for any man or woman who had to put up with a horrible spouse. Their life is hell until they divorce. I think divorce would be better or else your life would be miserable. I have witnessed it with many in my family. You stay safe and healthy too.

      3. @hetieshou Kana Chou is the manager of her young boy toy Chris Wu Chengyang, the BL actor from History Trapped. She has a husband who she bosses around, and controls. They say she might be physically abusing him and Wu Chengyang too. Both men , I undersrand, are deathly afraid of her. 98% of the people who work with him don’t want to do projects with Chris again because of his cougar, I mean manager. No one likes her, wants to be around her, and she has a sick , toxic obsession with Chengyang. I heard she chooses what he eats, wears, where he goes, who he goes with, and controls his phones, social media accounts, computer and tablet. I know for a fact and goes every he goes, even if he goes for a drink or chilling time with his friends. These are the good points about Kana, mind you. Q People run from her and refer to her as the demon or shebeast. She certainly is in a tie with Barbie.

      4. @renren
        Thanks for info and I never knew that. She sounds like a hard woman to be with and the type that would take people for granted. I remember someone who met Barbie and their impression of her was not good. I still remember how snobby she is that she refuses to peel her own shrimp and expects others to do it for her. Kana sure sounds like that. They are the type that would pick on their husbands. Chris needs a new manager before she messes up his career and life.

      1. @renren @hetieshou @hohliu @cutie777 there has been speculations in the past how he tapped on her popularity and his image as a loving husband in his business ventures which never seem to be successful. At one point there was also speculation how she financially helped him when his yet another business venture failed after his MIL got into legal trouble.
        There’s also a theory suggesting that she is diverting everyone’s attention from his recent comment insulting Taiwan by feigning anger and her fake decision to divorce him (together with the recent incident with another female).
        Think netizens are overthinking there on the attention diversion. However I am not quite buying it if she is really divorcing him solely because of his insult to Taiwan.

      2. @bearbear I am not even certain she will really divorce him. There are kids involved. And I too agree her current hubby may have marriaged her due to her popularity too… She did try to support his failed business. I feel this mummy/wifey boy is definitely not going to agree to the divorce easily..

      3. @bearbear
        Good points and it would explain many things, but I must say it would be stupid to divorce over just the insult over Taiwan.

      4. @bearbear
        Oh yes, but I still find it sad if you want a woman like your mom unless your mom is kind and sweet which Barbie is not.

    2. @renren I feel her quick marriage was just a quick rebound…She had tried for years to force Vic into marriage but he did not. She could not control Vic but she did love him. I bet it must upset her when Vic did marry the next actress he dated.
      In the Clips, I have seen how she slice her hubby into pieces a few times… And how he peel prawn shells for her as he loved her. She just took things for granted. Honestly, she is hardwork.. I guess that is how Goddess should be treated in her eyes.

      1. @hohliu very, very well said. I agree her marriage was a rebound, but she should make the most of it, instead of being an extremely difficult wife. Again, very well put.

      2. @hohliu
        Very well said and my thoughts exactly. This marriage seemed to be just a rebound. I guess Vic is not as weak and timid as we all thought. He was not going to let her call the shots.

        Oh yes, I remember the whole shrimp peeling thing. I hate people like that. She was all saying that she would only eat shrimp if others peel it for her and whined about how her dad used to do it for her. Now I wonder if her own mom treated her dad like that which is why her parents divorced too.

    3. @renren you seem to dismiss the fact that it’s Barbie who’s divorcing her husband and not the other way around?

      1. @renren
        I agree and I wonder why people think just because anyone that wants the divorce is the victim? At times they are the guilty one.

      1. @cutie777 yes, Jinny Ng is extremely bossy and controlling too. I dont think either spouse should be bossing around and controlling each other. Unfortunately that is how it is in today’s world .

      2. @renren LOL some of yall talked like yall know these celebrities personally. Yall made yourself sounded like some aunties trying to bad mouth a successful and famous friend you wished you can have but never had.

        Are yall perfect spouses? why not comment on constructive criticisms instead of downright shaming.
        Nobody knows what happened behind their lives.
        Dont make assumptions and quick judgements

      3. @joojin and it doesn’t take gossip to some of yall speak like yall know these people. These women have publicly belittle and stripped their men, and other mem of their masculinity in public for the world to see and hear. Didn’t yall know that? Now yall do. I did not know that seeing and hearing these men being torn to shreds and embarrassed in public was quick judgement and assumptions. I learned something constructive today. Hope yall did too.

      4. @renren
        Well said! They are public figures so we have seen in public how they treat their spouses. If they can treat their spouses like that in public then I don’t even want to know they treat them in private. Spouses should treat each other well and not push each other around regardless of gender.

    1. @renren it’s not like he has battered spouse syndrome. it’s usually the abused that divorces the spouse. you’re really reaching here. anyways it makes sense given what you’ve spouted about all the other women celebrities. not going to even try.

      1. @coralie Yes, I am reaching, thank you. If Barbie is the abused spouse, I’ll be darned. If what I witnessed firsthand, and seen in videos is any of her ruthlessness, I shudder to think how she treated her husband in private. I can spout, but her treatment towards her husband in public can’t lie. We cannot debunk it, in fact, we shouldn’t even try.

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