Agitated Wang Xiaofei Turns Up at Barbie Hsu’s Taiwan Apartment

Showing no signs of abating, the public drama between Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and her ex-husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) is blowing up with the revelation of yet more scintillating details!

Never-ending Tit-for-Tats…?

Wang had previously spilled about his ex-wife’s alleged drug use. Most recently, after he accused Barbie of couriering luxury items to South Korea before their divorce, she raised allegations of his infidelities and abusive behaviors, adding that he still owes her money. This was affirmed by Barbie’s mother, who says Wang still owes her daughter billions in Taiwanese dollars, and revealed that Wang had secretly withdrew 80 million NTD from their joint account.

Adding fuel to fire, Wang’s mother Zhang Lan (蘭) then filmed a video accusing her former daughter-in-law of slander and insult. Alleging that Barbie is creating a public phobia of marriage, she requested that she return the sum of 300 million NTD.

(Left) Nanny working for Wang Xiaofei, who recently started her own Douyin. (Right) Barbie Hsu.

Currently in Taiwan, a flushed Wang Xiaofei went on livestream around noon on Friday, March 22, with netizens guessing that he’s had a little too much to drink. Appearing emotionally unstable, he lambasted the founder of a certain social media platform and claimed, “You can blacklist me, it don’t matter”, and then repeated his tirade thrice, “Go ahead blacklist me!” while spewing vulgarities. Aunty Yang, his nanny could be heard over the livestream asking Wang to take a rest and have his meal, but Wang ignored her.


When she attempted to snatch over his mobile phone, Wang exploded in rage, “Are you now stopping me from livestreaming? Don’t touch,” She answered that he would come to regret his actions later when he is sober. Undeterred, she continued trying to grab hold of his device while advising him to stop, and finally put an end to Wang’s livestream.

Cops Arrive to Investigate Public Ruckus; Wang Xiaofei Leaves 

Wang Xiaofei reportedly appeared at the basement of Barbie’s residence in Xinyi district, where he allegedly ranted “I want to go upstairs to settle it with Barbie Hsu”. Security personnel then called for the police, and Xinyi district station received 3 separate reports that “someone was creating a ruckus in the atrium”. Wang was then brought away by officers who were sent to the scene. According to reports, Wang was emotional when he spoke, but did not force his way upstairs or have any brushes with the police. He later left on his own after having calmed his emotions, while Taiwanese authorities also clarified that they neither arrested Wang nor brought him back to the station.

Responding to media queries, Barbie’s manager confirmed the matter but did not divulge further details, while Barbie was reportedly shaken, and refused to comment further.

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  1. Looks like her nightmare will not end soon.
    Whilst most people are busy working to earn money…this guy clearly needs money but he is too work shy to know how to earn the money on his own. Must be so used to Dad and Mum and ex-wife’s bank.

  2. This has nothing to do with money, they are both loaded. Here is what it has to do with: codependency. All these people saying “When you know, you know”, sweetheart, you do not know someone after dating them for less than 3 months. You cannot marry people just because you have a strong feeling at the beginning. Alternatively, just because you have known someone for a long time, it also does not mean you know them well. People gotta face conflict AND grow together to find out if they are compatible. Yes, people who are older, tend to know sooner, but it is NOT 3 months soon. Asian culture just has to get over the fact that people have to get married and by a certain age just to pay respect to their elders with an heir for the next generation. Chill it folks. Barbie is on husband number 2. Yes, they knew each other like 20 years ago, but they also got married only after reconnecting for 3 months during the pandemic when everyone is bored and desperate.

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