Barbie Hsu’s Husband Has Cheating Photos Exposed

News of Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and Wang Xiaofei’s (汪小菲) shock divorce in November 2021 was quickly followed by rumors of him cheating on her during the marriage with Chinese starlet Zhang Ying Ying (张颖颖), who is 14 years his junior.

The paparazzi had allegedly captured photos of the two co-habiting, but Barbie’s former mother-in-law Zhang Lan (张兰) had come to her son’s defence by claiming the images had been photoshopped, and describing Zhang Yingying as a “nasty worm”.

Intimate Photos at KTV Lounge

On April 28, a veteran paparazzo Ge Siqi (葛斯齐) published intimate photos of Wang Xiaofei and 26 year-old Chinese actress Zhang Yingying on his social media, and  claimed these were taken in September of 2021, therefore proving that Wang had cheated on Barbie.

The images showed the two singing at the KTV. In one photo, Wang looks to be intoxicated and had his body slumped towards Zhang, while another showed Wang in a kneeling post with his arms wrapped around her, in the presence of others in the same lounge.

Hints at Barbie’s Mom Being In the Dark

The reporter also alleged that he has front-views shots of Wang, and added that Barbie’s mom, who said that she treats Wang Xiaofei as her half son and “still loves him very much” despite her daughter having divorced him, appeared to be in the dark about many matters, apparently referring to Wang’s cheating behavior.

Possibly pre-empting Zhang Lan’s defence of her son and expecting her rebuttal that the photos are all back view shots, Ge Siqi puts the word out that “If you need front view (photos), I have them, just mention it during “live” and I will have them up within 24 hours”. He further cautions women close to Wang Xiaofei about his untruthfulness.

 Source: ChinaPress

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  1. A scumbag will be a scumbag…this quick marriage was odd from the start… I dont think these pair really knew each other well enough to get married… Anyway, it is over for them. Media move on…

  2. These photos don’t look photoshopped, but you can’t see his face either. hope the reporter gives out more photos

  3. This paparazzo had mentioned before that WSF’s mother got nasty at him and denied any wrongdoing of her son when he broke the news of WSF’s cheating months ago.
    I wish he could break the news of other scumbags that he had hinted without providing the actual names. He did say some are big names.

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