Wang Xiaofei Accused of Hitting Girlfriend

Since his divorce from Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) has been dating Chinese actress Zhang Yingying (張穎穎). The couple allegedly had a nasty spat, and Xiaofei was said to have hit his girlfriend in a sudden rage.

In a Weibo post, a netizen shared that the couple had an argument at a restaurant a few days ago while travelling in Nan’Ao, Guangxi late at night.  When Xiaofei hit her, she called the police for assistance.

Eagle-eyed netizens combed through the photos Yingying posted on social media from their vacation, and noticed bruises on her arm and leg. However, it is not clear whether Xiaofei caused the bruises. At the time that he had allegedly hit her, she uploaded a video to Douyin and there was a man in the background who was  suspected to be Xiaofei. Netizens joked that they are in a love-hate relationship.

This is not the first time Xiaofei was rumored to have physically abused her. Veteran paparazzi Ge Szy (葛斯齊) shared of another incident when Yingying had behaved intimately with male friends at a karaoke bar. When Xiaofei learned of this, he and several men allegedly rushed into the room and beat her until the police arrived.

Netizens questioned why this was only making it into the news now, and speculated that Xiao’s reported episode in Nan’Ao did not gain national attention because it occurred in a small county. Others commented they were no longer fazed by anything the dramatic couple did anymore, so they do not regard it as hot news.

Source: World Journal

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