The Real Reason Behind Barbie Hsu’s Divorce

Recently, the media revealed shocking news that Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) has requested a divorce from her husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). This was Barbie’s one-sided request, and Xiaofei was in the dark. Although he has apologized publicly, they were unable to resolve their conflicts over the past week.

It is rumored that Barbie requested for a divorce due to Xiaofei’s frequent sharing of his controversial political views on social media. Barbie is worried that their children will become shunned by their peers affecting their childhood and life at school.

The couple apparently has been in a cold war for some time. It is said that Xiaofei made a video call to Barbie, but she immediately handed the phone over to their children and refused to talk to him.

Since their divorce rumors broke out, Xiaofei has been updating his social media frequently. His posts about a song and relocating to a new office are believed to be messages for Barbie. It is said Xiaofei is trying to wrap up his business matters, and will be hurrying home to try salvage his marriage.

Barbie’s Mother Believes Arguments are Only Temporary

In regards to Xiaofei’s frequent online updates, Barbie’s mother replied to the media, “Don’t pay attention to him–he can’t find any place to express his frustration, so he turned to posting on social media.”

Barbie’s mother added, “I don’t want to care anymore; I can’t believe those two can still argue even though they are so far apart.”

The actress is currently at home taking care of her children, because they are unable to attend school in person. Similar to many parents facing the pandemic, Barbie’s children are very energetic which is probably causing her a lot of stress.

Barbie’s mother hopes that everyone can focus on other news other than the couple’s divorce. She stated that Barbie and Xiaofei’s argument is a small issue, and the bigger issue at hand is the pandemic. Maybe getting the vaccine will allow them to reconciliate.


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Barbie Hsu Announces Divorce After Fighting With Husband

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  1. Her husband’s political views are going to hurt their kid’s childhood more than a divorce? Must be some pretty edgy politics.

    1. @tatsumakijim
      I agree and must say this couple was odd from the beginning. They hardly even knew each other and rushed straight into marriage after just a few short months. They only married in a moment of passion. When you don’t even have a foundation for marriage, it will less likely last. Even if they tried it last, they would not be happy at all. They seem to not share the same values or goals so would not last in the long term. It is better to just divorce as they don’t seem compatible and cannot work things out. I am still in shock that they managed to last 10 years. It is sad if they are divorcing over just political views, however, I think it is more than that…

      1. @m0m0
        You mean her husband? Not sure about that… it is stupid to do all this just for attention. Is attention worth that much? Not really… Some are just blaming him but it takes 2 to tango… Barbie is not an angel either… I am shocked that he was able to put up with her for so long…This couple only married in a moment of passion but once their honey moon period ended, the true colors all emerged…

    2. @tatsumakijim I agree it’s probably not just political views that led to Barbie wanting divorce. It’s never just one event (unless something like cheating) that breaks up a relationship. Prob a culmination of factors causing Barbie to be so frustrated at her husband that she wanted divorce. I can understand.

      It’s not that she hates that he puts up his views online, but that he didn’t consider their family or their kids when he did it. He only wanted to vent, without caring how this would impact his family. Intuition tells me that maybe this is an ongoing problem of his – his lack of concern over their welfare or foresight into their family’s wellbeing.

  2. Well, their decision to get married before getting to know each other well..And have kids…Honestly, I dont understand why more and more ceklebs like to air their dirty laundry in public?? Gain public sympathy?

    1. @hohliu
      I agree and marrying that fast is a recipe for disaster. Yup, they are airing dirty laundry to call each other out and gain sympathy. I find that sad..

  3. This has to be one of the dumbest reason given for a divorce, ever. This is some serious American level stupidity. Divorce for political view… in fear of children getting shunned lmao. And the solution to avoid it is to get divorce, oh my god.

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