Barbie Hsu Accused of Cheating By Wang Xiaofei

Angered at being taken to court by ex-wife Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) for not contributing spousal maintenance, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) hinted that she betrayed him in 2018, by secretly meeting up with her current partner DJ Koo (具俊曄). with his mother Zhang Lan (張蘭) chiming in as well.

Netizens Take Aim at Wang Xiaofei
In response, netizens dug out screenshots of the former couple’s loving onscreen interactions when they attended a reality program together four years ago, and lambasted Wang Xiaofei for making ridiculous accusations.

Addressing what he wrote on his Weibo to Barbie, Wang Xiaofei stated that he has the ability to “earn and take good care of the family”. He added that he and Barbie had signed a supplemental agreement to forbid him from returning to their home at Song Yong Road, which perplexed him back then, but which he claims to understand now on hindsight, “So turns out you two have already gotten together behind my back, I don’t want to go back, I feel ashamed for myself,”

Barbie Denies Cheating: “I Can’t Be Bothered”
However, netizens are taking aim at Wang Xiaofei for his immature accusations at Barbie’s infidelity based purely on online conjecture. Pointing out that Barbie had suffered a miscarriage of her third child at five months plus; the former couple had also appeared on variety show Happiness Trio <幸福三重奏> together then, despite Barbie not yet having fully recuperated. In fact, Barbie had made frequent appearances on Chinese variety programs that entire year, and she even made a confession of love to Wang Xiaofei on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Adding that Barbie was still making Weibo posts about their heartwarming times as a family of four from 2018 to 2019, they lambasted Wang Xiaofei for easily trusting other netizens’ speculation and for alleging Barbie had cheated on him with DJ Koo back then.

Unable to take Wang Xiaofei’s online behavior of attacking his ex-wife, netizens are making themselves heard in the court of public opinion.

“Wang Xiaofei’s infidelity is backed up by photos taken by the paparazzi, but Barbie’s is all Wang Xiaofei’s talk,”
“Wang Xiaofei is really…he doesn’t have an ounce of wisdom,”
“Really feel that Wang Xiaofei isn’t too smart, taking rumors for the truth, I thought he’d have some astounding proof, turns out it was all heresy,”
“His mother’d be better off giving birth to a piece of BBQ pork,”

Agitated, netizens started suggesting that Zhang Lan cut off ties with her son. “Go have another child, or adopt one…”, “She would have been better off in her twilight years with a daughter instead”, “this nincompoop is too ridiculous”, some of the comments read.

In response to the cheating allegations, Barbie posted a simple update at 6pm on November 23. It is difficult to maintain or end a 10-year marriage, she expressed, writing “I have no energy and can’t be bothered to cheat.”

Source: ETToday

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  1. Think her quick marriage so soon after their divorce and frequent news about her new marriage online hit a big nerve (and ego) of his that he still find it hard to swallow till this day.
    The whole development starting from the electricity bills and mattress, he and his mother, her mother and all were just messy.

  2. I thought he was the one cheating with that Zhang Yingying? She kept posting pictures of herself and Wang to spite his mum hahaha…

  3. Both Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei have done and said some nasty things, but he is the lesser of the two evils, by far. However, their mothers need to back off and back out, as the marriage was not between them. They have become nothing but warring, spiteful old biddies. As for BS and WX, they both are too immature to be even involved in marriages. I await the dirty laundry from both their respective relationships, even before the current dirty laundry is finished airing from their doomed marriage.

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