Barbie Hsu Ends Third Pregnancy After Fetal Heartbeat Stopped

After revealing that she was seven weeks pregnant last month, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) regrettably announced yesterday that she has ended her third pregnancy. The fetus had stopped developing and had no heartbeat at her last checkup.

Marrying businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) seven years ago, Barbie once said she was done having children after her second baby was born. Although this third pregnancy came as a surprise to the couple, Barbie was thrilled and prematurely revealed her baby news before the traditional three-month mark.

Continuing to work, the 41-year-old actress felt exhausted and was under a lot of stress. Many wondered why Barbie did not reject certain projects so she could take better care of her health. Barbie explained that she hated being bored at home and enjoy finding challenges at work.

Unfortunately, Barbie suffered from extreme morning illness and was constantly vomiting on set. Taking note of her health, Barbie then decided to only do simple photo shoots and commercials. Accompanying his wife to work, Wang Xiaofei visited Barbie often to ensure that she was comfortable at all times.

Even after taking safety precautions, Barbie’s pregnancy had to be aborted. Although it was a heartbreaking decision, Barbie admitted there was no other choice.

Slowly recovering her health, Barbie said that even though the time with her baby was short, she learned a lot during her third pregnancy. Understanding the importance of treasuring loved ones, Barbie said spending time with family is the best type of happiness. Barbie thanked God for gifting her with two children already.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. The fetus suddenly stopping development is quite common within the first trimester, which is why many women choose to announce their pregnancy after the first 12 weeks are past.

    As a mom, it is always hard to let go of her own baby, even if the pregnancy lasted for only a few weeks. But Barbie seems to handle herself well given the circumstances, by cherishing the love around her.

    1. @jayne
      I doubt that announcing your pregnancy within the first trimester is why this happened. My sister in laws told us right away and all of my nephews are fine. Stefanie Sun announced her first pregnancy right away and her son is fine. I think that is just an old superstition.

      I know it must be hard to let go of her baby and she will remember him/her for the rest of her life. My late mother had 5 miscarriages in her life and she never forgot my siblings that never made it. She always made offerings to them and prayed for their well being even though they never fully formed into a human form. The love of a good mother is truly boundless.

      Barbie is lucky to have the support and love of those around her because not everyone has that.

  2. This is so sad to hear. But she’s taken it in stride it seems. All the best for her and her family.

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