Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei’s Dream Wedding in Hainan

Taiwanese actress, Barbie Xu, and wealthy mainland entrepreneur, Wang Xiao Fei, held their wedding celebration in Sanyan, Hainan Island on March 22, 2011. After a whirlwind romance of only twenty days, the pair got engaged. Despite their high-profile dating, the wedding was conducted secretively and reporters were banned from attending.  Barbie requested wedding guests to not circulate any photos and refrain from posting information on their blogs.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was held on the outdoor lawn of the Conrad Hotel. Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Xu’s daughter, was the flower girl. At 5 PM, Barbie’s bridesmaids, Pace WuAya, and Makiyo appeared in purple dresses, followed by the groomsmen. Shortly afterwards, Barbie and Xiao Fei appeared amidst thunderous applause. Barbie smiled brightly during the wedding vows. The wind gently blew at her wedding veil, creating an elegant image.

At 5:30 PM, Barbie and Xiao Fei exchanged wedding vows. When host, Kevin Tsai, asked Barbie whether she was willing to marry Xiao Fei, she responded, “I am super willing to do so!” With Faye Wong’s song, <只愿为你守着约> playing in the background, Xiao Fei lifted the bridal veil and kissed the bride. Many guests had tears in their eyes, partly moved by Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding, and partly due to the blowing sand particles.

When Barbie threw her bridal bouquet, Kevin Tsai announced the end of the wedding ceremony. White balloons were released into the sky. Inside each balloon was placed a sunflower seed. The objective was to let the balloons drift all over the world, spreading the sunflower plants and allowing “the seed of love to grow.” All the guests were invited to enjoy champagne and wine and share their blessings with the newlyweds.

Kevin Tsai indicated that Barbie originally prepared a long welcoming speech for the guests. However, due to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan , her spirits were affected. Barbie will be donating all of the received wedding cash gifts to aid Japan ’s disaster relief efforts.

The wedding banquet started at 6 PM. Numerous celebrities attended Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding, including Na Ying and her husband,Li YapengYang Kun, Gao Xiaosong, Guo Degang, Aya, Pace Wu, Makiyo, Liu Qian, Kevin Tsai, etc.. The wedding can be described as an absolute feast of entertainment.

$6 Million Wedding

Allegedly, the dreamy seaside wedding in Sanya cost over $6 million (Yuan), with over four hundred guests in attendance. Barbie and Xiao Fei reserved all of the 101 villas in the Conrad Hotel for their wedding. In addition, more guests stayed at the Hilton Hotel nearby. Allegedly, the bride and groom paid for the guests’ hotel rooms, showcasing their generous nature.

Over two hundred friends and family members were invited to the after party, which was held at a luxury five-bedroom residence. Including the swimming pool area, the place was over ​​3,000 square meters and cost $68,888 (Yuan) to rent per night.

Pregnancy Rumors Abound

The media were banned from taking photos at Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding. Due to the secretive nature of the wedding and the couple’s whirlwind marriage, the media speculated that Barbie may be pregnant. Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Xu, explained that although Barbie loved children, she will not become a mother anytime soon due to work requirements. Barbie’s bridesmaids, Pace Wu and Makiyo, who cried emotionally at the wedding, reiterated that the bride was not pregnant.

Mother-in-Law Highly Satisfied

Xiao Fei’s mother , Zhang Lan, arrived in Sanya five days before the wedding to supervise the venue arrangements. Allegedly, she requested that from March 20th onwards, the hotel should not allow guests who are not part of the wedding to stay.  Rumors claimed that Xiao Fei and Barbie decided to hold their wedding in Hainan Island to advertise Xiao Fei’s real estate investment. Ms. Zhang denied such news, “My son and daughter-in-law wanted to have a seaside dream wedding. Our family is more traditional and will not deliberately invest in foreign places. We selected Sanya as the wedding location because we wanted to stimulate the economic growth here. Since only family and friends are invited to the wedding, we did not want the wedding to be full of speculative news.”

Ms. Zhang was completely satisfied with the wedding and revealed that Barbie and Xiao will not be going on an immediate honeymoon. “Their wedding will be held on March 22nd and they have to return to work the next day!”

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Jayne: Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding sounds so elaborate! A seaside wedding sounds so dreamy. Despite trying to keep the wedding details secretive and banning the press, a lot of photos leaked out! It was also a nice gesture to donate the wedding gifts towards Japan ’s disaster relief efforts.


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  1. what does her husband do anyway? Why is he so damn rich that he able to pay for everything?

    1. @Darren, Wang Xiao Fei is considered the “wealthy second generation.” He is the son of Zhang Lan, a successful entrepreneur in China who founded Southern Beauty, a chain of 20+ restaurants featuring Sichuan cuisine. Wang Xiao Fei has dabbled in real estate and hotel projects separate from his mother. Some news refer to him as a millionaire already, which I don’t doubt.

  2. I like how they held it at Sanya, rather than some foreign “exotic” place like Bhutan or Philippines.

  3. environmental problems are caused by releasing balloons into the air

  4. I still have a bad feeling about their marriage since they still hardly even know each other. Oh well, only time will tell. I just read another article awhile ago saying that her wedding will be a simple affair, but she claimed to be stressed. Sorry but if you wanted things simple then why would you be so stressed? If she was simple then no one is fancy.
    But it was nice of her to donate her cash gifts to the Japan relief since her husband is so rich anyways.

    I am surprised about why they used white balloons though. I thought they should be red since red is the color of good luck while white is the color for mourning.

    Anyways,congrats to them!!

  5. “Many guests had tears in their eyes, partly moved by Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding, and partly due to the blowing sand particles.”


    They both look so happy. Seems like everyone had a good time. 20 days is definitely too short a duration to even consider marriage, though.

    1. I used to think that 6 months was short since my brother’s best friend married after knowing a girl after 6 months. But now I hear 20 days?? I still can’t believe it and I thought that 6 months was short. I heard my brother’s best friend was shocked how demanding his new wife was and has learned that he should not jump into things so quick anymore. I wonder how it will be for Barbie and Xiao Fei after only 20 days and then a few months later they get married?? I guess marriage is not what it used to be anymore.

  6. Ok so Ady was not the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids. I wonder if she was even invited after that one time when she blasted Barbie?? In the other article, it was mentioned that Ady did not attend due to work. I wonder if that was the true reason? Or was it because she did fall for Xiao Fei and just did not want to attend the wedding?? We shall never know…

    1. HeTieShou, Ady An did not attend Barbie’s wedding because of work schedule. Ady posted on either her own blog or Barbie’s to send her congratulations.

      In an older article, Ady seemed upset that she was not asked as one of the bridesmaids…. some weddings do break friendships or impact them on some level. Tensions are high and friends want to thought of a certain way but it doesn’t happen.

      Since Ady did send her best wishes, let’s presume they are still friends.

      1. Jayne,
        Thanks for your info but I still have a feeling that Ady still seemed upset over not being a bridesmaid or maybe she did like Xiao Fei. I think that if you are still a good friend of someone, it will not hurt to take just one day off to attend their wedding. Weddings are supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing(in some cases). I have learned that when you are someone’s bridesmaid, that does not necessarily mean that you are close friends with them.

        BUt yea, if Ady did send her good wishes then we should just assume that they are still friends.

  7. Now I believe there is something between Xiao Fei and Ady.

  8. “Many guests had tears in their eyes, partly moved by Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding, and partly due to the blowing sand particles.”

    This line is really funny. 😀

  9. what about vic zhou now? they seem to be a nice pair….

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