Barbie Xu’s Pregnancy Sparked Flash Wedding in Beijing ?

Barbie Xu and entrepreneur, Wang Xiao Fei, got married after meeting for only forty-nine days! The couple met at Ady An Yi Xuan’s birthday party on September 29th. On October 22nd, Barbie and Xiao Fei got engaged after only four dates!

Twenty-five days later, Barbie and Xiao Fei obtained their marriage certificate in the Beijing ’s Chaoyang District. Wang Xiao Fei acknowledged getting married, “I can not wait a moment longer!” Spending only $9 (Yuan) to obtain the marriage certificate, Barbie became Mrs. Wang!

Is Barbie Xu Pregnant?

Since Barbie announced her flash engagement, the Taiwanese media speculated that Barbie may be pregnant. Barbie’s recent actions have been unusual. While filming Showdown <对决> in Shanghai , Barbie banned the media from taking pictures. During filming, she would use a black cloth to block photographers and during breaks, she asked her assistants to use three black umbrellas to cover herself. This was contrary to Barbie’s past willingness in allowing media photographs during filming. The fashionable Barbie normally loved to wear high heels but was spotted wearing flat shoes recently.  The media photographed Barbie dressed in loose casual clothes and flat canvas shoes at the airport recently.

Was Barbie pregnant? Both Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Xu, and Wang Xiao Fei have denied pregnancy rumors. However, it was customary for Taiwanese women to not announce their pregnancies until they have passed their first trimester. Perhaps Barbie may not have reached the third month of her pregnancy yet.


Jayne: Congratulations to Barbie Xu! Barbie’s lighting marriage and quick pregnancy (if it turns out to be true) reminds me of Suki Chui very much. Suki got pregnant one week after meeting her husband and Barbie may be with child after four dates, which spurred the quick wedding.

Many people are having a child first before getting married these days. Provided he’s the man you love and both people do want to get married, what are your thoughts on this matter? Does it matter whether you have the baby first or after the marriage?

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  1. As a girl, I want to wait a few years after the wedding to have children. My reasoning has nothing to do with religious beliefs and/or me being old-fashioned (I’m not conservative, I’m pretty open-minded). It’s just that it’s hard to maintain a successful relationship and a happy marriage these days; therefore, I do not want to bring innocent children into these world without careful consideration. It’s different when two people are dating and when they’re married so I think it’s best to wait at least a year to see if you and your partner actually have unconditional love, mutual understanding and respect, ability to forgive and learn with each other, and the will to comfort and support each other through tough times. It’s easy to say, “I love you” but it’s hard to show and prove your love for someone, especially in midst of scandals, miscommunication, too much time spent apart, etc. (especially if one of the partners is in the entertainment business). No one wants to go in a marriage and have thoughts that chances are the marriage will fail and since we can’t predict the future; I think it’s best that people use reasons rather than emotions to make decisions when children are involved. Every marriage goes through different stages (usually in the first few years) so if two people can overcome those difficulties then they should have children. By the way, I’m glad that some men are taking responsibilities for their actions but as a woman, I only want my husband to marry me because he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, not because he got me pregnant.

  2. Trang, I agree with the points you brought up and you identified many of the issues that are important to be resolved and compromised in a marriage prior to having kids. When kids come into the mix, it is a lot more stress for a couple.

    Although some seemingly some men drag their feet forever in taking that marriage step. It’s a fear of commitment, additional responsibilities, and sacrifice in “quality of life” and indepence. IMO, this type of man who delays marriage consistently (provided he loves his girlfriend very much) is self-centered and places his priorities first over his partners, unwilling to compromise and unable to move on to next stage in life. Having kids with such a man may mean the woman has to do a lot more in parenting the kids and domesticated issues. If the couple does not have family or hired help, it becomes very stressful for the woman.

  3. Jayne, in regards to you specific question, I don’t think it matter which comes first, babies or marriage in today’s age. I however, would prefer the traditional way but at the end of the day, if the baby is here, then getting married might not be a bad thing, assuming mutual consent of course. But like Trang, I would not want the baby’s father to marry me out of convenience, but out of love. With that said, I think people who oppose baby before marriage should take better precaution with their action. So I don’t feel sorry for anyone who gets married because of having a baby, they should know better. It can be prevented, but they simply chose not to.

  4. I personally would want to wait for at least a year or 2 before I have kids after getting married because that is just too much stress on the marriage. It is even worse if you barely even know each other yet(like in Barbie’s case). Therefore, it would cause even more problems for the both of you. I also believe that a marriage should be based on love, not on convenience. If a girl got pregnant due to pre martial sex and a guy marries her just because she is pregnant, you question if he really loves you or is only marrying you out of responsibility. I have seen that in many cases and must say that from the cases that I have seen, most of the marriages do not turn out happy since the guy married out of obligation and responsibility, not love. That is one of the main reasons why I don’t believe in premartial sex since you run the risk of getting pregnant.

  5. Jayne,
    You mention that a negativities of a man, but you have to realize that a lot of women can be like that too. I only have brothers so I know how to look at the guys point of view because I HATE it when my brother’s wives take advantage of them. I must say that these days I see the girls taking advantage of the guys in everything, even taking care of the kids. I find that sad and feel that the girl needs to do her part too. Not saying that all women are like that but it seems like a lot of them are these days. That’s why I learned to never be that way. Basically, I feel that things should be balanced in any marriage, both the guy and girl need to do their part. I feel that a girl that drags out a marriage is bad as well… There are good guys that are willing to commit but then there are the soul called girls who just play them.

  6. HeTieShou-I can not disagree more with you. I have seen some really vicious women who takes advantage of their husband it makes me feel so bad for the man. what a bad representation of us women. I don’t ask to be pampered nor do I ask to be taken advantaged vice versa, just equality for all.

  7. HeTieShou and jayzemine, I guess it would be difficult to find couples that are truly balanced in which both partners do their equal share.

    In most of my friends’ marriages, the men are the bread winner. Since they work long hours, they have less free time to devote to the family and children. But providing emotionally is an important criteria in a marriage as well.

    Hmm…I don’t personally know of a couple in which the man does everything and the woman is so pampered though. Talking to my co-workers, it’s always the men that are lazy. But every marriage is different.

  8. Loo, if you’re being played and you know it and you continue with the whole charade then you’re as guilty as the one playing you. You know your limits,you set it and if you’re willing to compromise your self respect what more can anyone say? All these things about men doing everything, women being pampered or women walking all over the men and someone being bullied; I am always of the view if the relationship is unbalanced to the point that there is nothing left in it, it is better to walk out. If you continue to be in it, it only means just that; your choice, the end results of your own undoing.

    As for successful marriages, I am not married so I can’t say but I would like to believe it is a give and take situation, of tolerance, of sticking together and even if bickering over every small issues, in the end the ability to say sorry and most of all recognising that the other plays a part in the marriage too, not like the man thinking “I slave all day to provide you with food, etc” or the woman thinking “I sacrifice my career for you” sort of nonsense.

  9. To jayzemine,
    I was NOT talking about you or all women in general. But I must say that based on a lot of the women that I have seen, they do advantage of their men. I have seen it all… Of course, I believe in equality for all and a balance, but sadly it is hard to be balanced since I know that one has to usually give more than the other. However, it can’t be so unbalanced that one takes so much advantage over the other that it makes the relationship unhealthy. I am a woman myself but I am not going to side with the women even when they are wrong…

    Sorry if I said anything to offend you.I know that every couple is different. Yes, men are lazy but some are great guys and do a lot while the women take advantage of them and don’t do their share. I see that a lot in my family.

  10. It does’nt matter to me if I’ll have d baby first before the wedding,in fact I even wanna have a baby without a husband.For me its better this way.Since 17 I already wanna have my own baby,but cant find d right guy whom I give my first time.Now im 21,Im already thinking that im too old to have a kid 🙁

  11. ang ganda talaga ni barbie xu , sana meron pa ulit na mapalabas na meteor garden sobrang ganda kasi , stay blessed to your life and career as well

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