Barbie Xu to Marry in February 2011; Fiance Proposed After Dating for 20 Days

Barbie Xu’s recent engagement to Wang Xiao Fei took the paparazzi by storm. After a whirlwind twenty-day relationship and only four dates, the couple decided to get engaged! Barbie’s father confirmed that the wedding day will be held on February 28, 2011.

On October 28th, Barbie and her mother, Mrs. Xu, were spotted in Shanghai meeting with Xiao Fei’s family in discussion of the upcoming wedding plans. On October 29th, Barbie and Xiao Fei appeared at the Shanghai airport together, holding hands. Both Barbie and Xiao Fei admitted the upcoming wedding in their blogs by Friday noon-time. Xiao Fei wrote, “Everybody does not need to guess anymore. We are engaged! We are very calm and it is not a sudden decision. We met the right person at the right time. We want a happy and comfortable life. I would like to continue my work and she would like to return to a quiet home.” Xiao Fei’s words hinted that Barbie may retire from the entertainment industry after marriage.

Barbie wrote on her blog, “We are not too young [to get married]. The important thing is that we are happy and sure. We are very happy! We will continue to be so fortunate! When I saw Xiao Fei for the first time, I knew he was the one. On our fourth date, we got engaged. I have to say it: we are a match made in heaven! Thank you everyone for your concern. I will remember everyone’s blessings!”

Wang Xiao Fei is the son of Zhang Lan, a successful entrepreneur in China who founded Southern Beauty, a chain of restaurants featuring Sichuan cuisine. In an interview with Ms. Zhang, she confirmed that Barbie and Xiao Fei will be getting married next Spring. Their wedding banquet will be an extravagant affair. She hoped that the couple will have twelve children after marriage!

Ms. Zhang continued, “If the young people want to get married, I will respect their decision. I will invite many of my own friends, political and business contacts of course to the wedding. But I will let the young people plan the wedding they want. I will be here to assist them. I would love the wedding to be held near the sea, where lifelong vows can be exchanged!” Ms. Zhang said that she trusted her son, Xiao Fei’s judgment and choice.” He has his own ideas and expertise. For example, he was involved in his own real estate and hotel projects, which were not directly related to Southern Beauty.”

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Jayne: Congratulations to Barbie Xu! What a whirlwind romance! Wang Xiao Fei’s mother, Zhang Lan, sounds like a very open-minded mother-in-law. Ms. Zhang is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in China now, whose restaurant chain encompasses over twenty restaurants across China .

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  1. Wow, 20 days of dating and then engaged! That’s quick! Congrats to Barbie! Hope she really finds happiness in this marriage! I guess that is what is call love at first sight!
    I noticed that she is attracted to younger guys-first with Vic Zhou, and now with her fiance, who is five years younger than her I heard. I guess her petite frame and sweet features make her very youthful! She doesn’t look like she is older than him!

  2. Love at first site and actually living with someone are totally different things. Then again, given they have so many other commitments they are unlikely to be living with each other in the traditional sense of the word.

  3. I understand what Xiao Fei means by meeting the right person. I told my husband on our second date that he was going to marry me. I scared the heck off from him.

    Nonetheless, we waited for 6 months to get engage, and another 9 months to get married. 6 years and 2 adorable children later, we are still very happy.

    I do wish them the very best. And I hope both are marrying for love and not quid pro quo like most high profile marriages are about.

  4. I have been hearing about this everywhere and it came as a big shock to all of her fans as well as the general public. Many are questioning this “quick” marriage. I personally feel that “love” at first sight is like a double or nothing type of deal. It’s like if things work out then good, you found your right person in a very short amount of time. However, if you don’t then you run the risk of divorcing, being unhappy and many other negative things.

    Many of her fans still feel shocked and negative about this whole marriage thing. I heard that they even sought out 3 fortune tellers and they all had negative readings about this relationship. ALso, based on other news that I have read, it seems like they are both making use of each other. This seems like a more practical marriage since his family are using her to spread and develop their business to Taiwan and to gain fame, while her family is making use of his family’s status and money…. But then who really knows? Only time will tell if they last or not. Is it really possible to “fall in love” in only 20 days??? Oh wait, the guy is rich…

  5. I also want to add that I saw some videos of them together and I must say, I don’t see the closeness that loving couples should have. They seem like distant strangers. But then again, they are hardly even know each other. Therefore, I am more inclined to believe that this seems like a more practical marriage rather than one that is out of “love”.

  6. I forgot to mention that her parents, mainly her dad seems sooo anxious to get her married into this family. From what I heard, they will not get officially married until Feb of 2010. But her dad is already preparing the dowry and all… HEr family sort of reminds me of the character that she played in Meteor Garden, Shan Cai. She came from a poor family so her parents desparately wanted her to marry into a rich family. The only thing was that her rich boyfriend’s mom looked down on her because she was poor. Luckily, in her real life case, she is a popular celebrity so her future mother in law seems to be supportive of her being with her son. I think it is because she can make use of her celebrity status to expand her business and gain fame for herself. Therefore, it seems like a win win situation for both sides… The good thing is she is not hiding this from everyone…

  7. wow wow wow, I do believe in love at first sight but marriage after four dates, that is a little rushed. I wish her the luck because just like SDS said, living with someone and seeing them 24/7 will be a different story than dating a few hours a day.:)

  8. Totally agree with Jayzemine and SDS! Loving/liking someone and living with them are 2 different things. Just because you like/love someone does not mean that you are going to be able to live with them.

  9. LO$V$$$E at first sight LOL. Only few can make it a lifetime. When it comes to celebrities, who knows? Hence, ka–chinggg.. $$$$$$$$

  10. I really wonder how Vic would feel about this even though it’s like all in the past already~

  11. I think that Vic has moved on since it is all the distant past now. There is no use for him to dwell on it anymore.

  12. wtf is wrong with barbies family?
    how many times did vic propose to her and she rejected and her mum didnt approve.
    now she meets this man only for 20days and theyre getting married?
    her and her mum is all for the moneyyyyy
    thank god vic broke up with her
    she doesnt deserve him. vic is too nice

  13. What Vic proposed to Barbie before?? When was this? They did date for a few years and then broke up, but not sure what the reason was. If they are only in it for the money, then shame on them…. Vic does deserve someone better than her and someone that will love him for him, not for money only…

  14. Poor Vic.. i hope Barbie going to divorce as soon as possible..
    if it wasn’t because of her mother i bet she won’t broke up with Zai zai..

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