Make-up Artist Reveals Celebrity Plastic Surgery List

Artists depend on their looks to make money and take extreme measures to showcase their best side to the public. When certain artists were accused of plastic surgery in the past, they credited make-up artists for their improved looks. While filming program Trendy Master <教主來了> in Thailand, renowned Taiwanese make-up artist, Ray Chen, shared insight on how people can become more beautiful and revealed a list of Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebrities who had received plastic surgery, which included Raymond Lam (林峯), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Leehom Wang (王力宏), Barbie Xu (徐熙媛), Dee Xu (徐熙娣), Angelababy, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), Fish Leung (梁靜茹) and Jolin Tsai (蔡依林).

Angelababy Had Extensive Plastic Surgery

With over ten years’ experience as a make-up artist, Ray Chen has worked with Cartier, Piaget, Dior, Agnè s b. and other international brands. He had first-hand contact with artists in their “nude” skin and applied make-up on superstars such as Alan Luo (羅志祥), Lin Chiling (林志玲), Leehom Wang, Bianca Bai, Barbie  Xu, Dee Xu, Lisa S. and Rainie Yang (楊丞琳). Ray identified that Fan Bingbing’s facial features have been enhanced via plastic surgery, “Fan Bingbing received double eyelid surgery and had her chin altered. Currently, many people who are interested in plastic surgery set Fan Bingbing’s face as their ideal target.”

Ray continued, “Fish Leong’s eyes, nose and chin were altered. Angelababy had the most extreme make-over. Whatever features she could alter, Angelababy had already done so. Her [original] face has worn away!”


Currently facing marital strife, Cecilia Cheung was identified by Ray as receiving plastic surgery. “Cecilia received [porcelain veneers] for her teeth and got botox injections. Her breasts are too perfect and do not meet the normal ratio where typically, a woman with big breasts possesses large upper arms as well. Her upper arms are too thin. There are only two possibilities: either breast augmentation or liposuction on her arm.”

Barbie Xu’s Extreme Facial Changes

Currently plagued by rumors of a third party in her marriage with Wang Xiaofei, Barbie Xu received plastic surgery on her face. Ray noted, “Barbie’s face underwent significant changes. This was not achieved through alteration of [facial bone structure] but through botox instead. You can see that when Barbie appears on camera, her face appears ‘frozen.’ This is due to frequent botox injections. Facial bone surgery would require a one-month recovery process, however botox only requires one week.” Ray revealed that Barbie’s face looked dramatically different before and after make-up use. “Each time she applies make-up, she needs to draw two lines around her eyes. Each line needs to be dragged out very long.”

To catch on to the wave, Amei (張惠妹) received injections to alter her chin. Ray said, “Her suddenly pointed chin was achieved through the use of Radiesse shots. Radiesse is considered a relatively hard dermal filler, providing better, long-lasting support.”

Raymond Lam, Huang Xiao Ming, Leehom Wang Altered Chins

Ray also revealed that Raymond Lam, Huang Xiao Ming, and Leehom Wang also have secrets to hide. Ray commented, “Raymond Lam and Huang Xiao Ming altered their chins. Everyone looks for the same excuse, claiming that they had car accidents previously. How come everyone who has a car accident has a scar on their chin? The same thing happened for Huang Xiao Ming and Leehom Wang in their ‘car accidents.’”  Ray was not against plastic surgery. “It’s not a big deal to get plastic surgery. However, some artists maintain that they never received plastic surgery and claimed to ask doctors to examine them, without willing to produce X-rays; then you know what is happening.”

Elva Hsiao’s Horrifying Face

Ray noted, “For example, Jolin Tsai looked prettier after plastic surgery. On the other hand, Elva Hsiao’s face is quite horrifying after alterations. The top part of her face is quite high and the lower part is also high. Jolin and Elva received the most extensive plastic surgery in the entertainment industry.” Ray referred to the addictive nature of plastic surgery. Perhaps Elva Hsiao, who once admitted receiving double eyelid surgery, may be an example.


Ray noted that numerous artists go on an overseas vacation and appear more beautiful after returning home. Obviously, plastic surgery occurred while they were on vacation. “Make-up artists’ skills are not that magical!” He stressed that when applying make-up for artists who were plastically altered, there was a need to exercise caution [in the pressure used on the face].

Natural Beauties
When asked which artists possessed the most natural beauty, Ray said, “Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)and Patty Hou (佩岑應) should be natural beauties. At most, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣)received injections, so she is considered a natural beauty as well. Mike Ha (賀軍翔)and Jerry Yan (言承旭)look extremely different before and after make-up. In real life, you will not notice them unless they put themselves together nicely.”

Ray Chen’s shattering expose on celebrities who received plastic surgery circulated widely online yesterday. Currently filming with Ray in Thailand, host Lawrence Huang (黃小龍)returned to Hong Kong last night. On the phone, Lawrence said, “I serve as witness that Ray did accept such an interview and he did make those comments.”

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: Ray Chen is using his experience as a celebrity make-up artist to determine which stars received plastic surgery. While I do agree with the majority of the list, I wanted to point out that I think Michelle Reis had some work done on the tip of her nose to refine it.

Also, I think Leehom Wang did some minor eyelid lift to his eyes to give more “fire” to his eyes and make him look more alert as opposed to her early look when he was younger. Didn’t know about his chin work.

Huang Xiao Ming is considered the Chinese male epitome of beauty. Surgically enhanced or not, he’s beautiful!

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  1. Actually it doesn’t matter as long as the outcome/result after surgery is better.

    1. It will matter down the road since it will wear out faster than you think…

      1. yeah and when the person starts getting older they are going to look worse because of there plastic surgery.

  2. Mike He and Jerry Yan’s pretty faces are only because of make up and look different in real life?? Really???

    1. Yea,they do and I have seen pictures of them in their younger days with no make up and they look really really different…

      1. I would say Jerry looks older not entirely different. I mean, his distinguishing feature is his dimples smile which can’t be “made up”. Even during Meteor Garden 1 where they wore minimal make up, he still looks the same but quite older.

  3. His list is not surprising. I’m sure there are a lot more! Makeup does do miracles, but I agree the look would not look too different. Although he didn’t mention her, I’m sure Elanne Kong had plastic surgery as well and she and Angelababy look the most different after plastic surgery. They’re like different people. Plastic surgery has become so common nowadays that I find it amusing how artists still deny it! They must think the audience is stupid or something. Although I’m sure most of us here believe in natural beauty, I don’t think the artists should hide it, especially if the effects look good afterwards! Most of the artists look better after surgery, but I feel sorry for those that their surgery made them look worst, like Elva and Dodo. Anyone else?

    1. I agree and read about this on AF. I am also shocked that artists still try to hide and deny having had plastic surgery. It’s like they think the audience and public are blind or something. Plastic surgery is already so common even among normal citizens, therefore, it is even more common among celebrities. The fact that they deny it just makes them less credible as people and makes them and their features even more fake. I find that sad…

      1. I also want to add that if they are so ashamed of having plastic surgery, then why have it in the first place.

        About Dodo, I would not say that it made her look worse at first. She actually did look a lot better after having plastic surgery.Aren’t most people supposed to at first and for awhile?? However, I think Dodo’s is the result of the long term affects of plastic surgery which will happen with everyone. Our natural features age but they age naturally and grow with us. Since the features of plastic surgery are fake, those are foreign objects that were injected or placed within our bodies, therefore, as we age they don’t age with us and our bodies change and may even start to attack them. Therefore, you may even end up looking worse then you did before. I think that was what happened to Dodo since she is a lot older and has had a series of plastic surgery procedures in the past. She now has to have more to fix what she did before since it has worn out. I guess plastic surgery is addictive just like make up, drugs or anything. Once you have it, you have to keep on having it and maintaining it or else everything will become a mess.

      2. “I guess plastic surgery is addictive just like make up, drugs or anything.”

        Everyone loves to be beautiful. Once you’ve realized that plastic surgery can do wonders, they would want to come back for more. No guessing, it’s a fact. 😀

  4. Seriously, Cecilia? I knew Cecilia had work done to her chest but face? So much for Hong Kong calling her a great natural beauty.

    1. Cecilia is still a natural beauty. His comments were

      ““Cecilia received [porcelain veneers] for her teeth and got botox injections. Her breasts are too perfect and do not meet the normal ratio where typically, a woman with big breasts possesses large upper arms as well. Her upper arms are too thin. ”

      NOTHING DONE ON HER FACE. I consider that natural.

      And come on, anyone who has seen HZGG will agree Fan Bing Bing was already rather pretty. Talking as if he face was changed from ugly to pretty. How unnecessarily dramatic.

      Elva Hsiao wasn’t that horrifying before. Jolin we all know what she did.

      My question now is Wang leehom. Which part? Chin? Cheekbones? Nose? When? Because during revolution (if I remember correctly) he was already very good looking as he looked like he lost some weight.

      You want real plastic surgery cases? Try Koreans.

      1. I heard that LeeHom did his eyes but not sure…

      2. If you count fixing her teeth as plastic surgery then she did have something done on her face.

      3. @Funn Lim
        Look at Cecilia’s two pictures posted here, there are significant differences in her facial features. You still say that’s: NOTHING DONE ON HER FACE.

      4. @ Funn

        Haha. Some in asianfanatics also asking the same question about LeeHom because they couldn’t see any difference either. One person said it’s eyelid surgery to make his eyes look bigger. But, it was reveal that LeeHom colored his hair because he already has grey hair.

        I also agree about Fan Bing Bing. She already look beautiful in HZGG.

      5. Before HZGG, Fan Bing Bing looks very cute in a series with Ray Lui. Cute, not nothing special.

      6. Actually even in HZGG and until now I always thought she is pretty but maid pretty and not princess pretty.

      7. PBB has the foxy beauty in the series about God making.

      8. I agree with Funn about Fan BingBing. If you’ve watched her in HZGG or seen pics of her in it, you should be able to see her current features already there but perhaps with a little more ‘baby fat’ since she was like 20 or something then. Unless you believe she had cosmetic changes before that but there’s no slight evidence of that.

      9. Hello Funn! Yes, most Korean Celebrities have very nice features, I notice they have very nice nose done., and very natural looking.

    2. Agree w/Funn, for the most part, Cecilia is pretty natural… all she has are veneers are botox which doesn’t permanently alter her facial structures.

      1. but her voice is superannoying!!! no wonder nic couldn’t take it anymore 🙂

      2. @exoidus

        You’re being generous. I’ve always thought she was annoying in most movies she’s involved except for ‘The King of Comedy’.

      3. I really believed that Ceci was a natural beauty and have only had veneers on her teeth. Judging from the before and after photos above, it’s difficult for me to believe anymore. Although the second photo of her is taken probably with the wind blowing on her face, her eyes do seem significantly smaller.

        And I agree with exoidus that her voice is one of the most distracting voices ever.

    3. I think Cecilia is a natural beauty. She has British blood in her so that helped in giving her really nice features.

      I also thought that Fan Bing Bing was pretty as well even before the procedures were done.

      1. But less outstanding. The changes made Fan Bing Bing look special.

        BTW, Fan Bing Bing has a certificate of non-plastic surgery?

      2. Hmmmm actually I think a few years ago Fan BingBing went to some well recognised Chinese hospital to get herself declared as plastic surgery free. Not sure how much of it to believe etc. Meh.

    4. Ray said: Ceci used Botox.

      She dun go under knife, she just used botox.

      Not a big deal. A lot of actresses need the help of botox to maintain the youth. Gillian even be spokenperson for a botox brandname.

      1. “Gillian even be spokenperson for a botox brandname.”

        So it’s acceptable to be outspoken about using Botox, but not plastic surgery?

        I’m not surprised if Gillian did use Botox. She still looks so young and pretty, judging from her Weibo pics.

  5. Wow, now I dont have to feel bad about myself. lol…..

    1. See that’s why plastic surgery is a fraud and shouldn’t be normal and acceptable in the entertainment biz. It makes the average person feel bad about their looks if all the celebrities go and better their looks and claim that they are born that way, denying of any plastic surgeries.

  6. yeah i agree with Viven.

    Mike He and Jerry Yan seriously?!

    i dont see how make up can change two guy’s appearance that much

    1. I read another version of the news today.
      The guy just said Mike He without make up has dry skin and panda eyes. He said without make up, Mike He looks like ordinary people.

      I think what it boils down to is skin condition. What the make up did is make his skin look bright and fresh and cover his panda eyes, so, he looks good.

      Remember Fala Chen without make up? Her facial features are the same. But, her skin look dry and it makes her look haggard and ordinary.

      1. What this guy expects? Without make up they all still look like superstar? Even the most natural beauties without make up still look a bit ordinary. But the features are there.

      2. This guy is a make up artist so he understands that they all need make up just like any ordinary person to stand out. I guess the normal citizen doesn’t have to feel as bad since with make up and plastic surgery, they can look just as good as any movie star…Without make up and plastic surgery, these celebs would look just like any average citizen.

      3. What is boils down to whether they have the features and the body… makeup does the rest of the work.

        I thought Fala was still pretty w/o makeup and looked much the same. W/ as little sleep and rest as TVB artists get, she looked pretty nice to me. If I got only 4 hrs of sleep a day, I would have horrible skin too!

      4. I don’t think so, I thought Fala looked awful without make up. She looks really pretty with it, but without it she looked like a completely different person. I did not even recognize her. She did not just look different, but looked really haggard and old.

      5. I don’t think Fala looks awful or look like a completely different person without make up. She looks haggard, but, like Judy said, it’s still her. Her features are still the same.

      6. I think Fala just looks haggard, not really “awful”. Anne Heung shocked me with no makeup face more.

        Lol. The miracle of makeup.

      7. Well, it is just my opinion about Fala. Like I have said, I did not even recognize her until others told me that it was her.

      8. Hmm, to be honest its not only celebritiew though. Generally people who wear make up daily and you are used to seeing them with make up every day look really different without it… Eyes lose that sparkle, skin is poor since make up conceals but some chemicals are bad for your skin, lost of contouring, lips are dry or drained… So its not only celebs.. its just we are so used to seeing their done up faces. My friends without make up look tired and haggard too even though they are in their early 20s.. that’s why I don’t want to rely on make up for my self esteem.

      9. I agree with you and that is another reason why I don’t want to rely on make up since once you take it off, you are like a different person. My parents are like anti make up too and say that they have so many chemicals that are bad for your skin. I have noticed that with people who wear make up, their skin and lips so pale and dead without it… I don’t want to look that way….Make up gets expensive too…

    2. Yea, they do… Make up can change a guy’s appearance as well as a girl’s, however, the change is more drastic on a girl than a guy since girls wear way more make up than guys do.

      1. Obviously. There are more cosmetic products to girls than guys.

  7. Excuse me, his comments are misleading. Yes, some did work on his face but his idea of plastic surgery is also inclusive of arms, breasts, liposuction, botox.. is there anything new he can reveal? When I read Cecilia and I was like seriously and then he mentioned breasts. I mean that is old news. Why not tell me did Myolie fix her nose> That would be new insight.

    And on Raymond, come on! His fans/non fans could even tell you when he did his nose.

    The rest is like we all know already. Try telling us something we don’t know.

    Wait! You mean DODO CHENG did surgery? NO WAYYYY!

    1. As his fan, I agree Raymond did his nose but I don’t agree he did his chin though..

      1. I don’t know if Raymond did his nose, but it does look a bit more refined now.

        I never thought Raymond was handsome even with plastic surgery done on his nose. I remember back in the days when Raymond and Ron were just starting out in their careers, I always thought Ron was the handsome one although Raymond was the better actor. Raymond is too feminine for a man, which doesn’t him attractive for me.

      2. @Chirselle: Then why you love Sammul Chan? Kidding :P.

      3. @ Fox

        Maybe in Chriselle’s mind, Ray is even more feminine than Sammul?

      4. @Fox,

        Haha, I don’t love SC, but good point in bringing him up. I think he is feminine for a guy too but because he’s not overexposed like LF, he doesn’t come to mind as often. I remember liking SC more before I followed entertainment news. My image of SC back then was just like Vincent in Survivor’s Law. Very handsome, ambitious, and cool.

        But taking out the femininity, I find SC more handsome/cute than LF.

      5. @Chriselle: Vincent in SL is cool? Lol, I don’t think so.

        If based on pictures, I’ll say the same thing to you. But based on real person, I think LF is handsome/cute.

      6. @Kidd: Haha, Chriselle answered me. How about you, wat do you think? Who is more feminine-like?

      7. @Fox,

        Cool in a sense that he’s very likable among women. 😀

        You’ve met LF in real life?

      8. In the past, I never thought Ray is feminine. So, in the past, Sammul is more feminine.

        But, now, Ray is very thin and his look has become more feminine, while Sammul is more well built now. So, Ray is more feminine now.

      9. @ Kidd: In the past LF is quite manly. Recently (after 2005) he is more feminine alike. Haha, after being a 2R fan, I like the feminine soft feeling of him.

        However, I still dun see SC as a built guy (uhm, even the topless pix in EU dun make me feel so), so I still think SC is more feminine. Maybe I should see more pix of SC.

        But, I will wait until I see SC in real person to judge :P.

        In pix, LF still dun look good. He simply dun know how to pose.

      10. @ Fox

        You don’t need to see more pix. I’m not trying to convince you. You ask me, I answer. If you think Sammul is feminine and not built, so be it.

      11. @ Fox

        “@Chriselle: Vincent in SL is cool? Lol, I don’t think so.”

        Why do you need to laugh at Chriselle’s opinion on Vincent? So, your opinion is valid while hers is to be ridiculed?

        “In pix, LF still dun look good. He simply dun know how to pose.”

        I think he poses ok. Don’t see any problem with it.

        “However, I still dun see SC as a built guy (uhm, even the topless pix in EU dun make me feel so), so I still think SC is more feminine. Maybe I should see more pix of SC.”

        To each his own. Different people have different opinion. One doesn’t always need to pull the other to one’s side. I don’t need you to think he’s built. So, no need to see more pictures. It won’t change your mind. If judging criteria is different, no matter how many pics you see, opinion will still differ.

        Same with the case of who is more feminine. I think Ray is more feminine, you think Sammul is. To each his own again.

      12. Why suddenly become serious like this, Kidd?

        Chriselle dun feel the lol as a problem, then I guess it’s ok. Just something to add in to show the emotion, not really that I was lol at her comment. Ok?

        You don’t blv that opinion can change? However, I’ll take your advice and dun look at SC’s pix.

        Then come on, just a discussion. Don’t take it serious just because it’s about SC.

      13. And I know you don’t need me to think SC is built. You stated your opinion, then I stated mine. Actually I didn’t expect that you will turn to serious like this. Feel like I’m hurting you to think SC isn’t built. Maybe you don’t think so but you are making me feel so.

      14. “Just something to add in to show the emotion, not really that I was lol at her comment. Ok?”

        To show what emotion?

        “Feel like I’m hurting you to think SC isn’t built. Maybe you don’t think so but you are making me feel so.”

        No, I’m not hurt because you think SC isn’t built.

        But, you give me a feeling that you cannot stand me saying Ray is more feminine than Sammul and have to argue back.

        Maybe I see too many times the way you argue and this affect my judgement. You tend to 咬住人唔放 and keep going until you win completely. Even if someone concede partially, you still won’t let go until you can win every small point.

        Looking back at your comments, I admit that I might have overreacted. Looking at it with different feeling now, I can see that they could be just plain discussion like you said.

      15. @ Fox

        Lastly, I submitted that long serious reply before I see your ‘Yes madam!’ reply.
        If I see your ‘Yes madam!’ reply first, I might view you comment differently.

        So, sorry about it. 🙁

      16. I’m a person who is fond of surpassing others, tat’s right. But in the previous convo with you, I totally didn’t intentionally to have an argument with you.

        However, I think we both has some misunderstandings in this. So ok, let go.

  8. And when does Botox qualify as plastic surgery? Come on! Come on!!

    1. Well it all depends on what you count as plastic surgery. For example, would you count fixing teeth as plastic surgery?? Some people do while some people don’t.

      1. Veneers and botox are cosmetic procedures too. Everyone has their own opinion on what is a mere enhancement and what is plastic.

      2. I got braces, is that plastic surgery? I don’t wish to tell people that I did plastic surgery when I was 10 years old because my mom made me get them braces.

      3. @ Cloud: It isn’t good for you to have “plastic surgery” in that young age. Lol, kidding.

      4. “Well it all depends on what you count as plastic surgery.”


        “I got braces, is that plastic surgery? I don’t wish to tell people that I did plastic surgery when I was 10 years old because my mom made me get them braces.”

        LOL. Although I never needed braces, I think most people would think the same was as you. Braces is very common and most people can afford it. And it’s pretty much an open secret between your friends and family who will see you everyday with your braces on for two years. There’s no need to lie.

      5. Is braces hurt? I’m considering one for my cousin.

      6. According to both of my sisters, it only hurts after you get them initially. It’s probably because you’re not use to them yet. You can’t eat much and you’ll probably only be eating porridge or something. But after a week or two, you should be fine once you adjust to it. The pain is not unbearable, though not pleasant either. Good luck to cousin. 🙂

  9. I think Huang Xiao Ming had a square face and even looks like Quagmire from Family Guy.

    Raymond Lam’s new face looks like he can dig a hole with it! So protruding and long!

    I think Fan Bing Bing did her nose as well even before that picture.

    1. I always thought that they liked shorter and more balanced faces instead of longer faces?? I guess not everyone likes shorter faces..

    2. Is that a bad angle for ray lam? He looks like Jim carey in “the mask”. I knew about the nose but I never heard about the chin. Not sure I believe it.

      Can anyone list the celebs that have admitted to surgery? Like jacqueline chong’s new rack and Leo gu’s eyelids.

      1. Not a bad angle just different angles.

        I don’t think he did his chin after seeing so many series of his. From chubby to normal to skinny and now currently his face is round again. (See his face is Sister Fa and compare to recent pics).. plus he is biting his lip in that pic.

      2. My mom commented that he has a L chin years before the reporters notice, lol.

    3. I don’t think Fan BingBing ever did her nose as it looks exactly like her mom’s.

    4. The reporter should find a side view picture for Raymond for his before picture too. How to see whether his chin is protruding or not with a front view picture?

      As for FBB. Honestly, her before and after picture doesn’t look much different. You can even put the comparison has before/after make up instead of before/after surgery.

      The most obvious is Angelababy. No way she can deny she hasn’t has anything done. Her change is too drastic.

    5. Regarding to LF, his face is never small or short, from the beginning. Just that before he was kinda fat so his face seems to be round, then look smaller. Now when he is a skeleton look alike, his face looks longer. Plus, the hairdo.

  10. I think many of the artists on this list are nothing new for us to know. I wish that he can reveal others that we don’t know about yet.

    I am guessing that he has not had any experience with Korean artists whom have had a lot of plastic surgery done. But then are a lot of us here familiar enough with Korean artists?? I think Korean artists need plastic surgery more than many HK and China celebs, but it depends on the person.

    Some of them I think looked better before plastic surgery, but that’s just my opinion. I think the one thing that plastic surgery cannot change or alter is your skin condition. Some of them now have nice features and a different face shape, but nothing can be done to the skin in terms of plastic surgery. I guess that is where make up and all come in…

    1. Since plastic surgery is so common placed in Korea they don’t really talk about it. Parents are giving their kids double eyelids or new nose for graduation gifts! What I find interesting, a friend told me this, is that they frown upon surgical alterations to parts of the body other than the face.

      1. maybe it required to do so in order to get a job in korea. ugly people don’t get hired hehe

      2. Seto,
        Thanks to the link to the extremely insightful Time article. I read the cover story, “Changing Faces” and was very saddened by it. There are of course many risks tied to any surgery and more so if the patients chose practitioners based on price.

        Reading the personal accounts of the patients who were interviewed, they were mostly people who didn’t have a lot of skills to find good jobs and sought surgery to enhance their looks and find jobs as hostess. Or the story of the Thai actress that wanted liposuction on her legs to look more sexy.

        From the Time article of average-wage people seeking plastic surgery, these people seem to be looking for a “Get rich quick scheme” in which better looks will buy better jobs and possibly better love life, willing to get procedures they may not be able to afford. From their personal accounts, i don’t think they truly needed plastic surgery, as they didn’t sound quite happy after getting the extensive jobs done. These people are insecure and lack good skills. Their facial alterations will not last and will take more money to maintain.

        Of course certain jobs, such as modeling and acting, would require the best looks. Normal people don’t require extensive facial reconstruction unless they were burn victims or their faces injured severely in accidents. There are low risk procedures such as double eyelid surgery that can do wonders and the benefits may outweigh the risks. The procedure to slim the calves by removing a nerve in the leg is tapering with biology and muscle strength…wouldn’t there be long-terms risks affecting walking and musle pain? For what? So women can wear miniskirts? Wear it if you want no matter what shape you are or wear something more flattering instead. For the most part, our “flaws” are more magnified in our own minds due to low self-confidence rather than true ugliness anyway.

      3. @Seto,
        Thanks so much for the link and I actually feel kind of sad that the society in Korea is so shallow now, even more so than other Asian countries. I heard my friend say that the people in Korea save up money in their plastic surgery fund instead of a college fund.
        I am starting to feel that being “ugly” or not is more of a psychological rather than a physical trait for the Koreans. It seems that they feel ugly rather than the fact that they are actually ugly. I agree with Jayne that they just seem to lack the confidence or are influenced by the fact that big eyes are better and more attractive than smaller eyes. One of my friends was from South Korea, but had naturally big eyes. I know that they are natural because she had no money to get something so expensive done. She is the only one in her family that has them since she looks like her father. THe rest of her family has small eyes.
        It feels as if looks are not just important for becoming a model,singer or actor anymore. I guess since the society in Korea is so shallow now that a better looking person would get a job versus a person that doesn’t look so great regardless of skill. I wonder if the high competitive rate in Korea is one of the main causes of the high suicide rate in Korea???

      4. This article even more sad.

        People always criticise the surgically enhanced people for being fake, but, the reality is people do judge a book by its cover.


        But nearly a year after her surgical windfall, Sakaguchi sounds circumspect, as if the enormity of the change has come to weigh on her. Though open about her surgery and her past, she was hurt when a recent boyfriend told her he would not have dated her before her surgical alteration. “I always wanted to believe people were ultimately judged by what was inside,” she muses, her gaze hesitant and sad. “But I knew from my personal experience that this wasn’t true. It’s always the pretty girls who win the good things in life.”

      5. @Kidd,
        Thanks so much for the link to the article. That article is so sad… I can’t believe that people will go through that much just for looks. But then again, in some cases I can understand. However, the sad reality is that it seems that people only care for your outer appearance(even when they know that it is not natural)that they neglect who you really are on the inside.
        I once heard that this one girl(I don’t think she is a celebrity though) that tried to get her jaw(or was it her chin)fixed and ended up dying because of it… It is so sad that in some cases people risk their lives just to look better. Unnatural looks will not last long and you need to constantly maintain it as well. The long term health affects is another thing that people just don’t want to think about if it brings them short term success or happiness I guess.

      6. I remember Hu Ge getting extensive surgery due to his severe car accident that nearly killed him. IN his case, plastic surgery is acceptable since he needed it due to the accident.

      7. Hu Ge’s one is needed to save her career. nobody complains about it.

      8. It always made me wonder why plastic surgery was so common in Korea. Now I have a better understanding and it’s more than just for shallow reasons.

        “the society in Korea is so shallow now”

        If some of these Koreans are getting plastic surgery to make themselves more marketable in finding a job, I don’t consider that shallowness. However, the sacrifice is big (especially if they really don’t want to get it) and I’m pretty shocked and saddened.

    2. Actually, in Korea, double eyelid surgery is very common. I was told by a doctor that about 50% of people get something done, mostly double eyelid. And it is true that many people in the entertainment industry, even young adults have plastic surgery and with multiple procedures in comparison to the general population. However, showbiz is changing there, with more people starting to admit to their surgery instead of proclaiming to be a “natural beauty”. Although, many Koreans have natural high noses and great cheekbones and are genetically quite slim and tall.

    3. Because a K artist has plastic surgery? Oh find something new to say, lol. The whole world know all of them DID.

      BTW, some are still denying, such as Song Hye Kyo.

      1. What, Song Hye Kyo still denies it?? Sorry but I find that pathetic…

      2. Still.

        But she dun change much, guess so. She is still a pretty girl.

      3. Seen pics of song hye kyo as a child… she literally looks the same. I believe she is mostly all natural.

      4. Song Hye Kyo is a natural beauty. She looks the same as she was a kid. The only think I think she did was liposuction.

      5. Eyelids? No don’t think so. Her childhood pics don’t suggest that. She already looks the way she is now.

        Moreover eyelids is like minor surgery, nothing to be scandalous about. That shouldn’t even count, because if not, I think 99% probably done it. Even teeth, etc. When I saw surgery, I mean really surgery.

      6. Ppl said so Funn. I dun have an idea on Song’s eyelids because her small pic is too blur.

        When I refer to plastic surgery that make me dun like, I refer to something that make the one who passed the(se) surgery (ies) look like a doll.

    4. Kidd,
      People do judge the book by its cover, until they get to read the book itself. However, people are not books and do not sit passively on the bookshelf. Even if we may not have the most exciting “covers,” we can use our humor, personality, and verbal communication to impress and entice others to examine our inside content.

      In the same respect, many people make passing judgments upon others based on initial impression, but that is only when there is no other contact available to form any other judgment. At most job interviews, our looks can only carry us so far; it’s still based on how we communicate and demonstrate that we are a good fit for the job.

      Should our perception of self and self-value be driven by other people’s judgments on our appearances? It is the people that don’t know you well that would form those initial impressions based on looks. So their opinions shouldn’t matter that much anyway. The people who know you well, such as family, friends, and co-workers will know the collective you and appreciate the person inside.

      Even in professions such as acting and modeling, where appearances do count a lot, that is not the entire package. Actresses such as Mandy Wong still get noticed for the acting skills. Personality, communication skills, and ability to get along with others also factor into whether artists get promoted or not.

      There seems to be increased conformity over beauty ideals and the people mentioned in the Time article are such conformists. Their personal accounts sound quite tragic, in the sense that they have little self-value in themselves. There were no photos provided so I can’t judge the extent of their “physical flaws” and why the articles made them sound like such social outcasts. There was mention of a woman moonlighting as a prostitute in order to pay for her father’s medical bills because she only had her body to sell. Her customers complained of her looks. After the medical bills crisis is over, hopefully she can develop some skills and not be bound in a profession where her self-worth is based on others’ perception of her.

      It is easy to blame our physical appearance because it is considered an external factor beyond our control for the most part rather than look inside ourselves or improve our weaknesses. I am not against plastic surgery if it makes the person happier. However, how healthy is it to tie one’s happiness to a physical appearance that will not last anyway? If a person’s perception of self is so easily damaged by others’ opinions, how much plastic surgery is needed to boost one’s confidence? Is it really necessary to enhance one’s social and dating life? How about improving our social skills and increasing our social circle first?

      Although plastic surgery may seem like a quick fix that anyone who possesses sufficient funds can purchase, it is not a “permanent” fix in our quest for beauty and happiness. Aging and weight gain can still alter our looks. If getting breast implants, other parts of our bodies may gain weight and throw off the hourglass figure. There are of course health risks to consider for certain procedures.

      1. “There were no photos provided so I can’t judge the extent of their “physical flaws” and why the articles made them sound like such social outcasts.”

        You can see some of the before and after pictures by going to the left side menu and look for ‘Before and After’ under the ‘Graphic’ section. You can see the before and after picture of the women who moonlight as hostess.

        Most people are born generally decent looking. They might be plain, but, not ugly. But, some unfortunately are born ugly and even if they have great personality and all, if people cannot stand to look at them, how? Also, she might have great humour and personality and all, but, what stop others from choosing other girl who has equally good humour and personality but better looking? You can say we are superficial, but humans are born to like beautiful things. There was once a study did on babies and even the babies prefer prettier faces.

        I think most people who say it’s the personality that counts are people who are decent looking themselves and has not experience being judge harshly and laughed at for being ugly.

        Lastly, it’s not only others opinion. If you look at the mirror and don’t even like how you look, how can you have confidence?

        It is also untrue that only people who don’t know you well will judge you. People who know you well and know your personality will still judge your appearance because people close to you will still value beauty like everyone else. For example. A mom who keep on calling her daughter fat. The mom naturally loves her daughter very much, but, she will still want her daughter to look good.

      2. I’m re-watching Love is beautiful. The king still miss the beautiful head of the queen, even tat the queen has a beautiful mind. He dun care much, because he felt in love with the beautiful look.

        Everyone wanna become beautiful and look beautiful in others’ eyes. They admit, or not but from the bottom of hearts, they want ppl to praise their look. No exception.

      3. Kidd,
        “Most people are born generally decent looking. They might be plain, but, not ugly. But, some unfortunately are born ugly and even if they have great personality and all, if people cannot stand to look at them, how?”

        There are outliers in every scenario and they should not be used for basis of the argument, which concerns the majority of decent looking people that was referenced in the article. Yes there are truly ugly people, people who have severe burns, people who sustained facial injuries who would would benefit from a new face. If the new face allows them to live a more normal life in which they will not be rejected by society and the benefits outweigh the risks, then I am not against plasic surgery.

        In the photos I saw and the personal accounts of the interviewees, they seem like normal looking people who wanted to get ahead in life with their looks due to the resulting perceived success. Since they are normal looking people rather than grotesque, I don’t think other people have any problems looking at them. They are not the “outliers” or the ugly people that may necessarily need plastic surgery. Instead, they are dissatisfied with how they look and have low self-value, while attempting to improve their chances in career and love conforming to a certain beauty standard. This is the regular people I was referring to my earlier discussion. That beauty, even achieved through plastic surgery, is impermanent and they will run into problems when they age or when the procedures require additional maintenance. Dependent upon the extent of the medical risks involved, the change may not be worth it for regular folks.

        When you tie your personal happiness to superficial things, such as physical appearance, which is impermanent, it is similiar to setting yourself up for future unhappiness.

        Also, she might have great humour and personality and all, but, what stop others from choosing other girl who has equally good humour and personality but better looking?

        We’re all individuals and have different strengths and weaknesses. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, hopefully one’s “weakness” or “physical flaw” will not be a big deal in the right person’s eyes. If the man value physical beauty so greatly, he may be unsastified with his choice as the woman ages or gains weight and prone to notice other more attractive women around him. So whose loss is it in the end? Physical appearances may attract at first, but other things increasingly become more important in a long-term relationship.

        “Lastly, it’s not only others opinion. If you look at the mirror and don’t even like how you look, how can you have confidence?”

        Our perception of self does not equate to total reality. Based on who you ask, there are different viewpoints and standards on what makes a person attractive. For a regular person (and not the truly ugly or scarred burn victims), it is typical to be self-critical and not happy with what we have. For example, a woman who has anorexia may always think she’s fat. Depending on who you ask, she may not be fat at all but too skinny. However, in her mind she thinks she still needs to lose weight. It is the same case for “physical flaws” that are magnified in our own minds.

        “It is also untrue that only people who don’t know you well will judge you. People who know you well and know your personality will still judge your appearance because people close to you will still value beauty like everyone else. For example. A mom who keep on calling her daughter fat. The mom naturally loves her daughter very much, but, she will still want her daughter to look good.”

        A mom may be critical of her daughter’s weight because weight loss can be more easily achieved through exercise. The mom takes into account a society that image does matter and in the event where a little effort can make some positive change, why not? Do a lot of mothers criticize their daughter’s faces and ask her to get plastic surgery done? The solution is more drastic and comes with associated risks.

        How the children look should not change a mother’s love. In the case of a chubby daughter, her appearance will not change her relationship with her mother. She takes into account that society makes fleeting impressions on people based on physical appearance when there is limited contact elsewhere, however that does not mean the mom’s relationship with her daughter will change based on her daughter’s appearance.

        The mother’s advice to lose weight is also partially a good lesson to take matters into your own hands and be responsible for your future, which imparts confidence. When you can take matters into your own hands, such as losing weight, you are in control, unlike plastic surgery where you are in a doctor’s hands and the outcome has risks.

        Based on each person’s relationship to each other, physical attraction may have a lesser or greater importance. For a mother and daughter relationship, their love is based on years of living together, so looks should not be important. For a husband and wife relationship who has grown old together, looks become increasingly less important. For a student-teacher relationship, it is based on the sharing of knowledge. In a friendship, it is more about mutual interests and conversation. In a boss-subordinate relationship, looks may make a favorable initial impression but in the end is about job performance and how you get along with each other. In romantic relationships, looks may play a greater role initially but compatibility becomes important later on. Also, the advent of online dating helps the personality shine through first.

        In the end, I am not against plastic surgery if it makes people live happier lives. The Time article just came across as depicting normal-looking people, who are dissatified with themselves in many aspects, and looking to plastic surgery as a quick way to improve their outlooks in love and career, while foolishly ignoring medical risks in some cases.

      4. @Jayne,
        Thanks for your insightful posts and it made me think of how sad it is that the society in some countries like Korea are so shallow these days. I think looks are the most important when you first see a person that you just don’t know yet. You need the looks to draw you in, but after that the way you communicate, interact with others, etc.. are so much more important. The more you get to know a person, the less important their looks become.
        I also agree that some people think that getting plastic surgery is a quick solution to boost their confidence whether it be in career or love. However, will it last and you may need to maintain it. ALso, the health risks that you may suffer in the long run is another thing that some people don’t think about.
        Plastic surgery can get very addictive. I saw this one lady on Inside Edition who is in her 50s and has had over 55 procedures done and still wants to have more. It’s like once you fix one thing, you will want to do one after another. THe ones that wear out, you will also have to maintain and fix as well… The next thing you know, you become a big mess due to having too many surgeries. Having surgery weakens your body and ruins your health too. Is all that worth it just for looks?? Would you rather feel good or look a little bit better???

      5. Looks are more important to some people than others, but I do agree that generally who doesn’t want to look good and be beautiful?? However, there is more to a person rather than just looks. Looks are probably the most important in a romantic relationship,however, if you really love each other then looks should become less and less important as you progress in your relationship and get to know each other better.

        About the mother daughter thing, boy I get a handful from my mom all the time about looks. I once had a little pimple and my mom freaked out! She said that she was afraid that if had any flaws on my face or anywhere that I can’t find a good guy and she can’t give me away… Oh gosh… It is true that moms may love their daughters but they still want them to look good or at least decent.

      6. Fox,
        You mention that everyone likes to be praised for how good they look. It depends on who is saying it. Waiters in Chinatown love to call everyone” leng lui” so I think nothing of it. Strangers comments don’t have much impact on me. Co-workers or even family compliments just indicate their notice of recent changes. I think I’m old enough to be secure about my appearance and not care too much what others say.

        One of my friends praised my heart and kind nature and I consider it to be one of the better compliments I received.

      7. @Jayne,
        Really agree and some people may compliment you, but it is all fake… I find that being praised for personality or other traits of my character are more important than being praised for looks. But if they are people that you don’t know at all, then I guess being praised for looks is not a bad thing at all.

      8. @ HTS

        “About the mother daughter thing, boy I get a handful from my mom all the time about looks. I once had a little pimple and my mom freaked out! She said that she was afraid that if had any flaws on my face or anywhere that I can’t find a good guy and she can’t give me away… Oh gosh… It is true that moms may love their daughters but they still want them to look good or at least decent.”

        Yes, mothers tend to do that. They are very afraid that the daughter will look ugly and no one will want their daughter. Lol.

        I remember Elena Kong said in a radio show how she used to have ugly protruding teeth and she wore braces since she was 13 to fix it. I remember she mentioned it was around HKD6000. She joked that after her teeth got fix, her dad looks noticeably more relief. Lol

      9. @Jayne: Praise of good look (leng lui, etc) is one of the praises, not the only one. I stated a fact that everyone love to be praised on look but that dun mean everyone only love to be praised on look. Praise on good taste, intelligence, hard-working, etc. also be loved by ppl.

        Overall, who don’t want to be praised.

      10. @ Fox

        Lastly, I submitted that long serious reply before I see your ‘Yes madam!’ reply.

        If I see your ‘Yes madam!’ reply first, I might view you comment differently.

        So, sorry about it.

  11. I also wanted to add that I don’t see that much of a difference with Fish Leong. Her nose did not look that great before and her nose still did not look that much better now so I was shocked to hear that she did her nose. Her eyes and chin weren’t that noticeable either…

  12. I still die laughing when Angelababy denies that she had plastic surgery and will go get a doctor’s exam to prove it…HAHAHAHAH

  13. Huang Xiao Ming doesn’t look that much different since I think he only did his chin. He looked great before anyways. I saw him in Long Zhu Feng Bao in 2000 and he looked handsome already so I don’t think his chin alteration was even necessary.

  14. hxm got a hairtransplant as well? thought he was balding…

  15. Talking about natural beauty, Kristy Yang is natural beauty. She enter Miss ATV 1995 at the age of 21, and she was already big beauty, even till now 16 years later she still looks the same.

    1. I agree with you on KY. I find the celebrities from the 70’s,80’s,90’s are more of the natural beauty than the ones in 21 century.

      1. that’s because you don’t need to be a natural beauty nowadays. just make a trip to korea and fix up everything. maybe in the future we can all buy custom made bodies and just transfer our memories to a chip LOL

    2. Well, Kristy Yang is 25% white so she already had pretty good features. However, who knows for sure if she did or not. Everyone says that Michele Reis is beautiful and all, but then even she had something done so you never know. Of course, they refuse to admit it even if they are asked the question directly.

      1. I found her pretty before when she started out, which would be when she didn’t have anything done back then. I find her features are so unnatural now.

      2. I have not seen her recently so I can’t comment. Does she look different now??

      3. Yoyo Chen also natural beauty, and Carman Lee, also natural beauty.

      4. Carmen Lee still looks quite young.

        How about Irene Wan? In the age of 40++, she is still very beautiful.

      5. Is Yoyo and Irene even considered beauty? If yes then the standard is a bit low isn’t it?

      6. I think Irene Wan is beautiful. She has a sexy and alluring kind of beauty.

      7. Yoyo is a cute girl, not truly beautiful but ok look. Kinda pretty.

        But Irene, if she isn’t beautiful, your standard will say who is beautiful, Funn?

      8. @ Kidd: Irene has the bright smart beauty. Her body is nice, too.

      9. OMG Irene Wan is super gorgeous and alluring! Everything about her is so seductive and beautiful!

        This a bit OT but my MoM, whom I adore the most in this world, told me today that I should sympathize with people who are ugly because it’s due to Karma that they are ugly.

        True story…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL. OMG. It was really hard to keep my face straight. Moreover, she encouraged me to help ppl who I come across in life who are considered to be extremely homely because they need someone to support them and encourage them to do good deeds so they can be born beautiful in their next life.

        Well, it’s the thought that counts, right? I wonder where she got such an idea? Oh well. In my opinion, no normal or sane person thinks that they are truly ugly, so there is no reason to pity anyone who does not pity themselves.

        Gotta love Mom.

      10. “But Irene, if she isn’t beautiful, your standard will say who is beautiful, Funn?”

        She is not beautiful, as in drop dead gorgeous. Yes she is fair, nice love shaped mouth but her face is flat. I wouldn’t call her gorgeous, because if not a lot will be gorgeous. She is pretty, but that’s about it. BUT she is sexy.

      11. Funn, you think who is beautiful? I want to see your view first.

      12. Oh.. me.

        Nobody else.

        Ok ok, seriously in HK…

        Rosamund Kwan. Even her name is pretty.

        Michelle Reis, but too thin and even if I don’t like her rumoured real behaviour.

        Cecilia, even if she is insane.

        The rest let me think about it. Most of the time it is about impression more than beauty. Some does look more beautiful as you look at them, some don’t, like Kathy Chow.

        Let me think… but I stand by my first choice. Me.

      13. Charmaine in HSDS, mostly because her appearance just made me go “Wow, so beautiful”.

        Crystal Liu, due more to condor heroes than anything else.

        But most of all, when Catherine Zeta Jones appeared in the first scene in Zorro, I was for the first time blown away by her beauty but now I don’t see her as THAT gorgeous.

        Lin Dai, gorgeous.

      14. Personally. Most beautiful actress to me will forever be Yammi Lam.

        Even when she has gone insane, and completely let herself go, she still look beautiful.

      15. @ Funn: Oh so you seem like the innocent beauty.

        Catherine Zeta Jones, yes she is very beautiful in Zorro.

        AH ha, “me” is beautiful, always.

      16. “Well, Kristy Yang is 25% white so she already had pretty good features.”

        OMG! This is the first time I heard that Kristy is mixed. So I’m assuming she has a mother whose Caucasian?

        She looks gorgeous the first time I’ve saw her onscreen, but her acting is quite below average. Her voice is also too girly and not suitable for roles other than the goody-goody girls.

        I agree with Funn that Michelle and Ceci are gorgeous! 😀 Btw, I’ve been dying to know, what are Michelle’s rumored bad behaviors other than snatching married women’s husbands?! Someone, answer me!

    1. LOL, I never saw Raymond as good looking no way so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he did plastic surgery which I feel didn’t change much. As for Barbie, its been speculations that she wasn’t as natural as she was pretending to be but she swears up and downs there wasn’t any surgery involved. She does admit her beauty has changed for the better but mostly due to aging.

      1. I don’t think Barbie did plastic surgery either… probably skin whitening creams and good makeup. Perhaps botox as well (but I don’t really consider that plastic surgery) since it’s not permanent.

      2. I heard that Barbie did, but I am guessing that if she did then it may have been something more minor rather than something major. Sadly, none of them are ever brave enough to admit it…However, IF she did have it and swears to be natural and all, then she is a big fat liar.

      3. Barbie dun change from her debut. Just that botox helps her to maintain the young look.

        Plus, she is a tiny girl. Tiny girls always look younger than the rest.

      4. @Fox,
        I think Barbie did change, but not anything major. However, whether she did have “plastic surgery” or not, we are not sure and once again, she wants to praised as a natural beauty so of course will not admit it even if she did get something done. I know that she had botox injections since her face looks way more stiff then it did in the past. She used to smile a lot more naturally, however, her smiles now look more forced.

      5. She is 30++. She isn’t 16 anymore.

        Botox isn’t plastic surgery.

      6. @Fox,
        Some people do consider botox as plastic surgery just like some think that getting your teeth fixed is as well, while some don’t. I don’t consider botox as a plastic surgery procedure since it isn’t permanent right?? It is more of a cosmetic procedure. But like I have said, who really knows if she really got any actual plastic surgery procedures since she refuses to admit it anyways even IF she did…

      7. The result of botox is just like plastic surgery – long affection.

        Whatever a person did with her/his body, only this person can answer (and her/his doctor if she/he only goes to 1 doctor).

      8. Barbie (ugh to the name) was, is not pretty at all..sick of her praising her own ‘beauty’ all the time…weirdo

      9. Barbie looks original, not truly pretty or beautiful but quite girl next door.

      10. Fox, not sure how you define ‘original’ but I again respectfully disagree. Plain to me equates to ‘common’ and common does not equate to original. Hope that came across right 🙂

      11. @ Fox haha you made me LOL too

        btw, I remember seeing an interview with Elanne Kong and she said that she will NEVER be a spokesperson for a plastic surgeon/ clinic…and ppl say her plastic surgery is an ‘open secret’? wow, then she must be quite thick skinned..she very vehemently said she detested plastic surgery..

      12. Barbie looks the same as she did when she debuted. The main difference is she prefers more glamorous make up now. Back then, she didn’t even want to straighten her hair..let alone plastic surgery. Also she wore minimal eye make up, but now she goes for the smoky eye as well. Considering that she views her body as a temple, and that she looks very much the same I doubt she did plastic surgery. She’s always had good skin, even released books on beauty tips and procedures.

  16. Raymond’s chin looked scary in that before picture. I knew Barbie did her eyes, but I never thought her sister got anything done as she still has monolids.

    I never knew Lee Hom did plastic surgery, that’s new to me.

    Other celebs who did plastic surgery include Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, and Jackie Chan. Some people say that Jay Chou also did plastic surgery.

    1. Ray’s before chin surgery looked like Jay Leno’s.

    2. Why do handsome guys like Louis Koo and LeeHom still want to do surgery? Perplexing.

      Which part did Donnie Yen do?

      Jay Chou after surgery still not handsome. 😛

      Honestly, I wonder if these guys really did plastic surgery or their faces just change due to aging. Some changes are so minuscule.

      1. @Kidd,

        I’m so sure that Louis Koo had botxo injection to remain young, watched his recent movie, his face was too frozen to smile even.

        Jay probably got himself an eyelift surgery to look more natural and better. I’m not surprise if Lee Hom received plastic surgeries done too since surgeons will recommend to them to get this and that done just to enhance better looks.

        All the above didn’t really over altered their facial entirely, they still look like themselves in their old days except bigger eyes, noticeable eyelids and etc..nothing major.

      2. Kidd,
        I think Louis Koo did some minor lift to make his eyes pop more. He already had double eyelids in Return of the Condor Heroes, but eyes a little more slanted and not as big as now. Also, it looks as if he got botox as his cheeks look somewhat frozen.

        In the same respect, did Aaron Kwok also do something to his eyes too? Or reshape his nose? The contours of his face seem a lot sharper.

        Did Nic Tse get any surgery? His face looks so chiseled now versus when he started. I think his eyes look a lot sharper too. Is it due to good aging for a man, latent good looks, or plastic surgery?

        When a face is photographed and blown up to huge posters or extreme close-ups, even minor flaws can be magnified. Most regard a symmetrical face as more pleasant, thus plastic surgery usually has a precision to it that makes the results look altered from nature.

      3. Jay Chou shouldn’t have done surgery..haha. His charm doesn’t lie on his facial value but rather on his unique temperament. I find Jay Chou unique in his own brooding way 😛

      4. @ Kidd: Jay Chou after surgery still not handsome. – Like someone told me: Joey Yung wasted money for nothing. After surgery she still looks bad,

      5. I noticed that Louis Koo’s face seems changed. When he was young, it’s a round one. Now it’s a square one. Hmm…

      6. “Did Nic Tse get any surgery? His face looks so chiseled now versus when he started. I think his eyes look a lot sharper too. Is it due to good aging for a man, latent good looks, or plastic surgery?”

        Quite simply, he grew up. He looks the same, lost a bit of baby fat on his face. We have seen him since he was so little, so maybe we are surprised when suddenly kinda hit us that he is a man now, plus father plus husband.

      7. Donnie yen? Not sure of he actually did something as in change his face since he looks the same but it is very obvious he is Botox user (frozen! no lines!) and quite possibly some face lift.

      8. Ppl wat Donnie for his kungfu. Who care of his face :P.

      9. I think Donnie is not bad looking hehe although a bit stocky. I think he looks better as he ages..

    3. I prefer to the old Raymond who has no surgery done on his face, he looks better in his old days and after he had plastic surgery done to his face, he looks weird with long chin, nose and his cheekbone also slightly look longer and thinner.

      As for the Barbie, I never look at her as a pretty actress, probably there are many more prettier than her, Even patty is prettier than her but barbie’s popularity is exeggerating famous. wonder why? barbie’s definitely not a natural beauty.

      I think those who had done an extreme makeover are Jolin and angelababy. These two are totally two plastic artificials.

      1. I agree that Barbie (what an inane name) is not pretty at all and I don’t get the ‘hype’ either about her. It seems like the person who thinks she is the prettiest is she herself and I guess possibly her sister 😀

      2. Totally agree and I think she is way overrated in terms of looks and talent. People were wondering why her rich husband took interest in her when he could have had any younger and prettier girl.I guess that is fate…

      3. What he can see in her, only he can know. You are not him, how can you understand his mind?

      4. You care. If you are not, you didn’t make the comment.

      5. NO, I repeat AGAIN, I do NOT care. Just because I comment on something does not mean that I care….

      6. Interesting @ HTS, ppl have been wondering what the rich guy sees in her? well, I’ve been wondering too fleetingly, all I know is that it probably feeds more into her delusional ego hehe btw, not sure if I care but it’s fun commenting here. Yup, totally agree she is overrated..well we don’t know much or at least I don’t know much about the rich guy..did read some rumours that Peter Ho liked her and I was kinda happy she got married to someone else coz I used to like Peter HAHA

      7. I’m a fan of Barbie mainly because she is so confident in herself. I admire confidence in a woman rather than a woman with low self esteem or fake modesty. I find her pretty, stunning even. Of course there are other celebs prettier than her, but the fact that she values herself and treats herself as gold is admirable to me. I’m sick of ladies with low self esteem and the lengths they go to and how much they let it affect them. No one is perfect and there will always be someone prettier, but why should we let this stop us from loving ourselves and openly expressing it? Why does that make her delusional or egotistical? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so its not delusional if she thinks she’s pretty. Also, how is the fact that she’s hyped her fault? She has fans, media is interested in her. Just like any other famous celebrity. I mean, seriously, she was in Meteor Garden. That was basically the pioneer of idol dramas.

        There is so much hate for female celebs compared to male celebs. They are scrutinized so much more, and if they don’t appear confident they’re labelled as insecure ala Victoria Beckham, if they’re too confident they’re also struck down.

  17. “Huang Xiao Ming is considered the Chinese male epitome of beauty.”

    That title is reserved for Poon Onn, but unfortunately, self portraits are not popular back then 😛

  18. Actually with this make up artist spewing out these “secrets” in an interview like this, won’t it mean doomsday for him in the entertainment circle already?


    Leehom, really? He seems like the type to not be terribly interested in his appearance in favor of his craft. No else on the list was too surprising. I'm only surprised there weren't others. OMG if someone had spilled the beans that Miriam Yeung or Jay Chou got plastic surgery I would be like "nah uh! nah uh!" haha I'm not sure if Bing Bing's change is drastic at all. To me, she's quite attractive but normally is too perfectly made up in makeup or overly photo shopped in her glamour pics…thus why she looks "altered". Her makeup-less face though striking and elegant, is not quite Michelle Reis, Kristy Yang, or Gao Yuan Yuan caliber pretty.

    I am prettier than Jolin, Elva, Barbie and Dee Hsu, just so y'all know, after their supposed surgeries LOL. Just kidding! Well, not really…haha. I have never been impressed with this 4 though Elva has a great voice. The sisters, on my attractiveness meter…let's just say that if they walked by me, I'd not even notice them from other Asian women. I'm not sure if I would go so far to believe that either of them got permanent changes to their face…they seem quite proud of the way they look as is…in fact, they seem quite proud in general. I'd wager botox or some other filler type injections.

    Angelababy, I would def take a 3rd and 4th look. But natural, really? Come on. I may not be super smart or highly intelligent, but don't insult the intelligence that I do possess by claiming to be natural, baby girl! I'd like her better if she just was up front.

  20. The Hsu sisters did plastic surgery? I guess just botox, coz if they did plastic surgery, they need to hire a better surgeon, they should go look for Angela baby’s surgeon! I can’t stand them because they are so plain yet (they tehmselves) keep raving about their ‘beauty’ ugh

    1. Little S did for sure and so did Big S. Did you ever see Little S’s old pictures?? She looked really really different so she did have somethings done for sure.

      1. I forgot to say that I agree with you that they are both annoying at times. Their looks and everything is way overrated too.

      2. Really? I don’t think Xiao S looks any different to before. She just looks more “mother-like” after having kids.

      3. Yes guys, I know, I don’t really see differences with Xiao S either but I think if I had to pick, Xiao S looks like she has more ‘character’ than Big S not that I like either of them LOL

        I always thought that Big S would know she was plain since I thought that was why she was picked for her ‘breakthrough’ character in Meteor Garden since the handsome/ rich guy falls for a ‘common’ and plainer I was really quite surprised when she packaged herself as a big ‘beauty’

      4. @ HTS: Xiao S is a very good host. Watch her show and you will know why she is loved.

        BTW, a lot of ppl also think she is overrated and exaggerated when hosting. But, it’s her job to make the air more fun. So it’s ok if she can give ppl good laugh.

      5. @Fox,
        I have watched some of Xiao S’s shows as a host and actually find her a bit annoying… She is way too straight forward and does many other wierd things that you would not expect a “host” to do. I guess that’s what makes her unique…

      6. I think Xiao S had to apologize to someone for a hundred times on her show as the guy wanted to sue her for defamation haha

      7. I think Barbie has very nice features in general. She’s not drop dead gorgeous but she looks feminine, has nice skin, tall and slim, silky smooth hair and facial features aren’t ugly.. Basically she’s still pretty and natural. Which is probably why she’s proud considering so many celebs aren’t, or so many have this or that but not balanced.

  21. I have one thing: Is Ray Chen a bit unprofessional to reveal such things of clients (with all names). Some are not his clients, just his guess but he still talks like he knew all.

    Lol, wonder if Ray Chen will have any guest after this or not.

  22. Fox, I have to disagree, I don’t think Da S looks original at all, I maintain that I think she is plain 🙂 Oops, that even rhymes. Not sure about ‘girl next door’, to me a typical ‘girl next door’ description would mean that the girl is at least pleasing but IMHO I don’t think she is pleasing at all..just my opinion.

      1. hmm not quite sure what you meant but maybe originally plain or plainly original lol but suffice to say, me no likey haha

  23. Fox, I agree with you though that I’m pretty surprised this make up artist revealed everything so openly…I’m sure clients may be angered if he spoke of them (he might have since he seems to be speaking from experience) and would definitely deter future clients..I wonder if this is against any make up artist’s disclosure policy if there is such a think.

    1. Uhm and I think it’s quite illegal, too. Reveal the info of the clients?

      Maybe Ray Chen also wants to change job

      1. I am not sure if it is that severe since all of the ones that he mentioned did have something done, so it’s not like he made it up. As we all know, it is an open secret so I don’t think it should really hurt him much. If the artists did try to do something, then aren’t they just enforcing the fact that everything he said is true???

      2. Is he bond to keep secret of the clients?

        Even it’s an open secret, he revealed it means the clients can’t trust him anymore. He even stated their names out.

        The clients can frozen him without letting the public know. There are tons of makeup artists out there.

      3. Well, just like you said, maybe he wants to change professions and is tired of being a make up artist??

      4. Yeah, I agree with most of you here, even if it is not illegal and is not brought to court, he might be ‘socially frozen’? Unless he is in his own league (have no idea on how famous he is)

      5. Doubt its illegal. Highly unprofessional though and people will probably hold a grudge against him.

  24. Superstars do have to look perfect in order to stand out, but isn’t this a bad example or influence that they set for their fans?

    Anyway I support natural beauty. Some ppl uses make-up to enhance their beauty, I don’t mind. I personally am too lazy and is hopeless in make up skills, so I’d just apply moisturizer and sunblock before going out.

    1. I agree and wonder the same thing… I am lazy as well and don’t wear make up at all. It takes way too much work to put on and damages your skin in the long run.

      1. @ HTS
        Make-up doesn’t damage your skin. The sun and aging does. Sometimes when you don’t put make-up on and doesn’t wear a dress to a wedding you could totally ruin many photos. Just saying~

      2. @rei: Makeup can damage your skin, especially if you don’t clean the skin after makeup.

      3. @ rei: yes applying make up for long hours is bad, moreover not cleansing it properly will worsen complexion. sun and age def. plays a part in damaging.
        I’ve seen ppl without make up and most of them have “panda eyes”, probably due to too much of eye make-up and removing it introduces wrinkles

      4. @ rei

        “I’ve seen ppl without make up and most of them have “panda eyes”, probably due to too much of eye make-up and removing it introduces wrinkles”

        ‘Panda eyes’ means having dark circles around the eyes, not wrinkles.

      5. @Rei,
        Yes, make up DOES damage your skin and I see it now on my older cousins and my mom’s friends who have used make up for many years. They used high quality make up as well and now their skin is so bad due to the all of those years of using make up. Their lips have turned brown due to using lipstick and lipgloss for many years as well…

      6. ALso, age and sun does of course but that is natural and you can try to protect your skin with sunblock all. I don’t wear make up to weddings and no one says anything…

      7. @Kidd Yeah i know what panda eyes mean but apart from that what i’m sayin is the process of removing make up from your eyes does contribute to wrinkles around your eye area…

      8. @HTS: Your sister dun clean the skin carefully after using makeup products. Tell her to take care of herself more.

      9. @HTS: Unless it’s your wedding, noone will complain when you dun use makeup to this.

      10. @Fox,
        Sorry, I don’t have a sister.. I was talking about my cousins and my mom’s older friends. It is true that you should always clean your face even if you don’t wear make up. It is even more important to cleanse your skin when you wear make up…
        No, some people do complain if you go to a wedding with no make up on….It also depends whose wedding it is.

      11. @HTS: Ok misread.

        Maybe they dun complain in front of you or e the ppl who care for the makeup in wedding dun go to this wedding.

  25. I prefer natural beauty like Gigi Lai and Crystal Lau. This Celebrity Plastic Surgery List is old news to me like many had said it’s an open secret. I personally think plastic surgery are for people who really needed like for accident reasons, not so much for an average person who just have low self esteem. The Korean young girl stories are pathetic. I feel sad for those girls who are being raise in that kind of seciaty where looks are their top proiorty nothing else…when are they going to learn about being thankful for what they got?

      1. Who knows since there are way too many celebs in the circle and many more that are going to debut as well…

      2. Yes, but until now only 1 artist has name is Crystal Lau (Liu)

    1. Those ‘natural beauties’ you mentioned are enhanced by unnatural make-up to make them natural beauties. Take them off, then they are called natural women.

      It’s really sad that these young girls are subject to such brutal competition based on superficial traits. It’s hard to develop character and build confidence when you are told you are not good/beautiful enough at young age.

      Although I’m not one to judge the extreme measures one takes to improve themselves, but you do feel the need to shake your head to their competitiveness. I wonder if women have to compete with looks, what these men compete with? the thickness of their wallet?

      1. Don’t join modeling or entertainment industry. But even amongst the usual ordinary ones like schools, same competition. It is not make up, but the expectation to conform to society’s rules to grooming and beauty.

  26. i think that fan bing bing has the most natural beauty there is. she is lovely even before she has plastic surgery! she is very lovely

  27. I have read that article some time ago now. But the things in the article is still very valid. You are wrong to assume that it happens mainly in Korea.
    I think most of the Asian countries are catching up with their disposable income starting to increase.

    I think ‘natural beauty’ is a gone concept in today’s world with all the high-tech equipments to enhance your looks. You don’t even need to undergo invasive surgeries anymore. There are lasers, modifiers, liquids, potions etc.

    So it’s pretty much a grey area what you consider “natural” or if it’s plastic ‘surgery’. For example, “liposuction” can be done now with lasers blasting the fat cells without any cut in the skin.

    I for one don’t judge people wanting to enhance their looks with a little help. It’s only natural part of human nature wanting to improve yourself. You applaud people for taking up a new language to learn, or travel to other places to learn abt other cultures. In a word, improving yourself. But to improve your appearances, it’s the part of yourself that you are NOT allowed to enhance because it’s like tampering with what god gave you.

    Why people are so hypocrite about man-made beauty? We build motorways & buildings, shape landscapes, alter the nature in every possible way to suit our needs but hey, altering our own body?! Nooooo.

    1. I like your last quote.

      I rmb a famous designer said: “Natural is beautiful, ppl need makeup to be natural”.

    2. China has a lunch time rhinoplasty. I find that shocking.

      1. If China can do that I wonder what Korean can do. I heard they have the best surgeons

  28. And by the way, I’m not a tiniest bit surprised by ‘the revelation’ of the plastic surgeries these starlets have received although you do have to wonder the accuracy of all the claims…

  29. but at the fact that ray chen brought the names to light, why is he doing this, for him to reveal it in such a sarcastic manner, made me doubt about his credibility as a professional.

  30. double eyelid surgery is still surgery. You’re still cutting the skin and altering the way you look. It’s also permanent.
    The only negative thing about plastic surgery for me, is that the people who choose to have these procedures done, have deemed themselves as sheeps to society’s idea of beauty/perfection.
    Instead of putting time to showcase their talents (singing/acting), they choose to spend all they have on their looks. But beauty fades and but if you had real talent, you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

    1. Double eyelid, nose job, teeth thing, all are small surgeries and the effect isn’t as bad as checkbone cutting, boobs job, etc.

      The world changed. Now ppl care for look than talent, so the artists also have to run follow the trend.

  31. whatever ray lam did or not did, he still good looking and love his attitude.

    1. Lol, I doubt that you won’t support him for watever he did

    2. used to think that he was good looking quite a long time ago, but he might have been overexposed as in I see him around too much, so now he is just boring to me 😀

    3. Raymond Lam is aging rapidly. Mavis Pan can fix him up 🙂

  32. Does anyone know or heard anything about Charmaine Sheh? Just curious since she has this scar like thing on her chin…probably she did not. I think Jessica Hsuan also probably did not have PS. Gigi Lai also looks the same as when she was a kid.

    1. Jessica Hsuan look eye-candy but not beautiful at all.

      1. Yeah she is just pleasant to look at though and I like her overall. Oh I think there were rumours in the past that Ada Choi had her chin fixed but not sure why, I no longer think Ada is pretty…hmmm

      2. Jessica has nice features, but somehow I just can’t categorize her as beautiful either. Maybe her voice isn’t feminine enough? Or because of all her tough and tomboy roles?

      3. I don’t think Jessica is beautiful too. She only has good fashion sense

    2. Charmaine had an accident while/after filming with TVB, too tired or something and got hurt at home(?) and got that scar cause no time to let it heal, still apply makeup etc

      sometime around 2001/2ish, but I don’t exactly remember when and how, but that scar is probably not from plastic surgury if it this is true

      1. I see, thanks for the info! Yeah, I never really thought she had any either 🙂 Some say Tavia fixed her nose..

      2. The rumour on TY’s nose started this year as her nose seems to be higher and longer significantly. Some called her Yinochio (Yi – her name + Pinochio). Her eyelids are also questioned.

        Before that, she has rumour that she did boobs job in 2004. I don’t blv in the boobs job as hers now are still small, lol. What’s the point of a boobs job to have a same small one?

      3. Fox haha pinocchio comparison is funny though her nose does look more pronounced, maybe it was for Feng Shui purposes too..

        Another actress who I thought had a pinocchio nose was Michelle Reis but that one is probably a natural one..though I don’t think much of her as an actress I think she is really pretty 😀

      4. Tavia Yeung definately did her eyes. Anyone can rewatch Detective Investigation Files 4 (the one with Louis Koo and Sunny Chan), there a scene at the clothing shop and Tavia Yeung play the manager of the store and she walks up and talks. Her eyes back then were definately small and single eyelid, now her eyes seem much bigger.

      5. @ Leilafan, really? oh I always thought it was only her nose..hmm oh well, I still think she’s alright and her PS is not too OTT I think.

        @Fox, yeah I just meant it was funny

      6. Michelle Reis has white blood, so her high nose is explained.

        In case of TY, I think she did something with her cheek-bone as it seems to be higher than 2000s time. She also has rumour with botox (which I think is true).

        Elaine Yiu also did something with her eyes, do you think so?

      7. It’s true that she cut her chin on glass table at home, it’s about 2 cm long just right under her lips. She was busy filming PITNOL back then and didn’t have time to let it heal. I remember seeing pics of her attending event with bandage on her chin.

      8. If I have a scar on my face, I’ll definitely remove it via plastic surgery or laser. As a lady myself, it will be hard for me to see the scar on my face every morning. I admire her for this courage, and even if she wants to remove it now, I’ll be glad for her too.

      9. “Elaine Yiu also did something with her eyes, do you think so?”

        I’m pretty sure it was on JayneStars where I read an article about Elaine’s plastic surgery. Elaine is one of the rare ones who doesn’t look stunningly different/gorgeous after surgery. I’m currently watching Safe Guards, and her features are just like her performance: very average.

        I’m pretty sure she had surgery on her eyes. Why not make them bigger?

        It also seems like her two front teeth are sticking out.

        She has a nice nose though.

      10. Safe Guards? I think if she has a PS, it’s after Safe Guards.

      11. The latest plastic surgery rumour for TVB actresses included Myolie and Tavia. Many pointed about their growing nose.

    3. Anyone else here think Charmaine Sheh nose is different compared to when she first start out in 2000. Her series in Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre (2000), Detective Investigation IV (1999), Flying Fox Snowy Mountain (1999), if you rewatch then her nose is flat and big at the bottom. But now her nose seem more taller and thinner at the bottom. Maybe she got her nose fix? Anyone knows?

      1. Really? I still find Charmaine’s nose very big these days. In fact, even though back then her nose was already big, but she had youth to hold onto her beauty. Nowadays, as she’s aging, it feels like her features are wearing off. Her nose definitely looks better back then due to age. I still think she’s all natural as she didn’t even bother to fix her scar.

      2. The scar isn’t a big deal to her face. It even makes her face more eye-candy. I think it’s why she kept it.

      3. I like Charmaine’s look when she is debut more than now. She had a baby face. Now she is too thin.

      4. Charm’s nose is definitely not the result of plastic surgery. she had a baby fat when she debuted. now that she’s on the verge of all bones and due to aging, it got thinner (not that much)…but definitely still big and not taller!

  33. whats the point of ray chen saying a list of names that been discussed for the past 5 years, i think ray chen did plastic surgery himself also.

    1. Lol, so your point is Ray Chen just revealed the things that ppl already knew?

  34. I don’t understand why some people on here consider eyelid surgery and nose jobs are small things compared to boob jobs. I think having any kind of thing done to the face is far more risky (in terms of how it will look) than a boob job. Face ops are harder to rectify

    1. Eyelids and nose job only need 10-15 mins to finish. They are sure to be smaller surgery compare to boobs job, and the risk is less because dun have to touch/cut the bone.

      Boobs job can lead to death, even a successful one, if the body doesn’t accept the packs put in (elimination). But eyelids and nose job – rarely have chance to die. Nose job now doesn’t use silicon. A piece of cartilage taken from your own arm or leg will be used so the chance of elimination is lower.

      1. oops, *doesn’t seem so minor cos it needs to be constructed kinda.

        Reading what you wrote plastic surgery sounds really scary and gross not to mention dangerous. I also read there are now procedures to stretch your leg bone to make you taller (I so need that hahha) but its over a period of time and super painful. .. The lengths people go to for beauty. Also, now there is a procedure where they remove a rib so your waist looks skinnier… Sonia Sui is rumoured to have that , as well as Ayumi Hamasaki. Sounds so extreme to me if its true!

    2. I actually think that eyelid surgery is definitely safer than the other two…at least you don’t have to be put under GA (General Anesthesia) but you have to do that for a boob job, so there’s higher chance of complications e.g. loss of blood resulting in death, or may create infections etc as it involves putting in a foreign object into the body as Fox mentioned.

      As for nose job, I’m not up to date with the latest developments but it also involves adding something to the nose so eyelid surgery is definitely simpler.

  35. I heard Chow Yun Fat had eyelid surgery and even admitted it

  36. I’m watching the movie ‘Chase Our Love’ now.

    The girls in the movie all look nearly the same. The only standout one is Stephy Tang. I actually mistaken one girl for another. (It could be I’m more familiar with Stephy, so, she stand out more).

    I don’t know if it’s the effect plastic surgery or China entertainment industry like to look for girls with certain type of look. So, only actresses with those type of look can make it/get in.

  37. i think angelababy had her mouth done…ugly bloody mouth

  38. cecilia, michelle reis both had botox, no knife..

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