Leehom Wang Wins Defamation Lawsuit

Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) career went on a slippery slide for two years since his divorce and cheating rumors exploded. In 2021, Leehom’s ex-wife Jinglei Lee’s (李靚蕾) outed the singer for cheating during their marriage with multiple lovers. After the shocking revelation, Leehom made a public apology and stopped work for two years. Last year, he made a comeback and held concerts in the United States and Taiwan. Following up with a nationwide tour in China last month, his popularity has not waned.

After the scandal, many rumors about Leehom’s “messy private life” emerged. One particular social media account in particular was filled with posts that claimed “Leehom Wang’s mistress was….Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄);”  “Leehom Wang and Blackie Chen’s (陳建州) Foursome [Activities];” “Leehom Wang’s Ten Rumored Lovers;” and “Leehom Wang Is Bisexual.”

These posts incited a lot of heated discussion online, leading Leehom’s agency to take legal action. At the court hearing on January 2, the judge ruled the social media account’s false rumors constituted damage to Leehom’s reputation. The judgment required the account to publish an apology statement in newspapers and to compensate for emotional distress and financial losses.

Yesterday, Leehom’s studio issued a statement announcing victory in the lawsuit. Leehom also shared the ruling on social media and commented in Chinese and English, “Lies can travel the world in a minute, but the truth often takes longer. Great thanks to the courts. Huge thanks to all the fans for your patience.” Many netizens and fans left comments in support of Leehom.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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