Leehom Wang Kneels on Stage at Taipei Concert

Back to hold his concert at the iconic Taipei Arena after four years on September 9, singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) knelt in an emotional outburst to thank ardent fans for their support.

Knelt Onstage

During his rendition of “All the Thing You Never Know” <你不知道的事>, the audience lit up the venue with their handphone lights to create a spectacular scene, prompting Leehom to ask “Do you want to get closer?” Singing “Still In Love With You” <依然愛你>, he went downstage with the guitar slung on his back, causing a ruckus of excitement as fans tried to snap close-up shots.

Taking the chance to voice his gratitude to loved ones before he sang “Forever Love”, the 47-year-old gave a shoutout to his parents for never once missing his shows at Taipei Arena.

Briefly mentioning the lows of his life and touching on his divorce saga, he said, “I know that about (what’s) happened recently, you guys know more about it than me. (As for what) I did, I also got to know after watching the news,”

Announcing a “restart” for his music journey, he said, “It is all of you, who gave me courage, (I will) fight for the music I love, for those who love me, even if this is a solo battle”.

Blackie Chen & Wife Among Concert-goers

Seeing the enthusiasm of fans and concert-goers on site, Leehom added, “If every one of us, can be added up, there will be no singular “one” who will be forgotten”. Belting out a medley of three hits “Revolution” <公轉自轉>, “The One I Love is You” <愛的就是你> and “Loving You Is Loving Me” <愛你等於愛自己>, he pushed the atmosphere to a high, and sang “Kiss Goodbye” on bended knees throughout, finally kneeling fully with head and hands down at the end of the song for a minute long. He ended the concert on “Descendants of the Dragon” (龍的傳人).

Spotted among the audience were Taiwanese host Blackie Chen (陳建州) – himself facing the #MeToo scandal, and wife Christine Fan (范瑋琪), and veteran Taiwanese actress Hsu Feng (徐枫), whom Leehom thanked.

Source: ET Today

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  1. Shouldn’t he do the same kneeling to his kids? I dont know the truth behind the couple’s splitting. It is lots of she/he says , well… he says thru three party mostly. But kids are innocent. They are the biggest victims.
    But Leehom is talented enough to still have lots of fans supporting him. He will recover fine… Taiwan is a very forgiving Country.

  2. @Hohliu
    I agree that he should also kneel before his children. This man is smart and cunning. He kneels and puts on an Oscar winning perpermance because if he loses fans, he loses his bread and butter. He could care less about the fans, only thing he cares about is keeping his career going and growing.
    What a sarcastic thing to say… that the fans know more about what is going on in his life more than he does, and he only knows by hearing about it. This man is full of BS.
    Of course Blackie Chen is going to be there. Cheaters of feather flock and cheat together.
    Taiwan is very forgiing. The fans are acting like nothing happened. In fact, when a married man is sleeping with his married employee, and she is older than his mother, beats the crap out of him and her husband, controls even what he two men eat, wear, and has ALL their passwords, then Taiwan is two chilled. The community knows about this situation.
    No surprise they let Lee Hom off the hook so fast.

      1. Hope you feel better. Now, it’s been a relatively grim week overall.
        Anyway, can’t concur more with your comment. After what happened, can’t even bare to listen to his songs anymore.

  3. Hi all…dunno why I am writing this when some of you whom we have been discussing entertainment related topics, others not so much.
    Maybe I just need an outlet to let it out.
    I’m going through a very tough period right now. It has been for awhile this year and I have been trying to live by the day not daring to think what may happen the next day. Physical exhaustion and emotional damaging but I try to hang on day by day and putting a normal facade to others.
    As I said, don’t know why I am writing this.
    Pls delete this if inappropriate, thanks.

    1. @BearBear

      I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope whatever you are going through right now will get better soon. Be strong and think positive – I know it’s tough to do that sometimes. The sun always comes out after a storm eventually. Best wishes to you wherever you are. Take care! 🙂

    2. Hi BearBear

      I only come here to read entertainment news and never made a comment before, but when I read your post, I felt compelled to write something as I have family members dealing with mental health. I don’t know what is going on in your life but I hope that if you’re struggling with mental health, I urge you to get professional help. Physical exhaustion is easier to overcome than mental exhaustion. If you someone close and trust that person maybe you could talk to him/her about your problems, often times just that one moment of venting and releasing everything to someone else does wonders. I hope you’re able to find a way to relieve the stress and the feelings you’re having. Remember, it is alright to take one day at a time. Future is future because we don’t know what lies ahead. I hope everything will work out for you. Rooting for you dear!

    3. @BearBear
      Hello, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough go in your life right now. The courage it must have taken to come here and share this with us. From reading your comments, I always thought you to be a strong lady. Again, I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time right now.
      We don’t really know each other, and we have no way of PMing each other, but that does not mean we cannot reach out and support each other. I am here thinking of BearBear and hoping and praying that whatever it is you are going through, you find the courage and strength to get through it. I hope you have people around to support and comfort you. I will support you in whatever way I can
      @Hohliu, our Jaynestars friend @BearBear needs all of us right now. Hang in there @BearBear, this too shall pass, and there is sunshine coming after the rain. BIG HUG to you.

    4. @BearBear I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time. I know words of a stranger, especially someone relatively new to the community, probably won’t mean much to you but I still wanted to send you my thoughts. Your comments have always been very grounded and reasonable. I really appreciate all the perspectives and opinions you’ve left on this website. I hope whatever that’s plaguing you will go away soon. If you need to talk, vent or anything, please do! Don’t keep it bottled inside. Just remember that the one thing you can always count on in life is that things will change. Hopefully that change will bring better days for you. Good luck and keep being strong like you’ve already been!

    5. @BearBear hey hey, I’m sorry to hear things are not going well for you. Life is hard, and I wish there is a way us all can make it better for you. Please keep talking to us, keep going, it’ll get better. We are here for you, be strong. All the best wishes for you!

    6. I know the feeling…and it took me lots of courage and energy to get help…I remember the days, I use to close all windows and curtains in my room so it is dark all the time. I will leave my room for work but nothing else… I cannot imagine going back to those days. But it take time and determination to want to move forward…
      I wish I can help you more. You can click on my name and leave me a timeline message if you need a chat. https://www.jaynestars.com/members/hohliu/activity/

    7. @BearBear I recently spoke about about my abusive life and depression in the Coco Lee article. Sometime is is better to talk to people you dont know face to face. We are strangers yet we are part of a community. I did feel it was a little awkward but my post was not removed by Admin. In fact @jayne send me a sweet comment.
      I dont know if it will help, I remember one of my therapist recommended I eat 2 small bites of good chocolate every day. Good dark chocolates with not much sugar…I found that helpful. It was a start… Of course, after I was given medication that helped me deal with my negative emotions and gives me energy to find the light at the end of my dark tunnel… My journey took 10yrs…. it seem long but it really isn’t…

      1. @Hohliu thank you for sharing your story and great tips! We don’t know when it’ll be our turn to be in the ditch, so it’s good to know that chocolate helps! I have to say… my guilty pleasure is alcoholic chocolate ^_^’

    8. Hi @BearBear, I try to remind myself when times are low, that everything is temporary. Even if we feel down due to circumstances out of our control, we can control ourselves. Don’t let the tree make you lose sight of the forest.

      @hohliu thank you for sharing your story. It was incredibly brave of you to share your journey. It’s folks like you who aren’t afraid of voicing your circumstances that makes those of us who are afraid, less. Similarly, to bearbear too.

      I prob need to go on meds myself and also have a lot going on, but haven’t had desire to go thru multiple rounds of appts to figure out what I may or may not have. Kind of have been running away from it if I’m being honest

      1. @Coralie To be honest, I dont think I can go thru all the weekly appts again if I need to, lol. Maybe, I started after I met a very very good GP…she then started ball rolling for me. The chocolate advise helped me alot for someone with manic depression. It was like tiny sparkler in a dark room…then i moved forward slightly. In no time, I was officially discharged 10yrs later from a mental health hospital. I was there as outpatient once hourly, once a week. In my Country, healthcare is free so I had no worries of being taken advantage of. . There is no 100% cure but at least I learn to manage it. But my medication is to be taken for life… stopping it will affect me. Very low dosage so it is not a happy pill… just enough to balance missing chemistry…

      2. @Hohliu Finding a good doctor/ therapist can make such a big difference. I’m glad to hear that the dark times are behind you and you are coping well despite it being a ten-year journey. A lot also happened in ten years, so you are also more attuned to your mind and body and have more experience managing different stressors.

    9. @BearBear Please stay strong and know that we are all here to support you. It really helps to talk to one or two trusted friends, or just be with social company so you don’t have to feel so alone. Even if it’s a personal situation where it’s hard for others to help you, knowing others care really make a big difference. Try to get a good night’s sleep. Physical exhaustion can make it so much harder to face the next day and compounds your emotional stress.

      As @Hohliu @littlefish and @lilseemonster said, every day brings new change. Don’t lose hope and faith. Know that many people care about you. Although it’s really tough right now, I hope your situation improves soon.

      The pandemic has been especially tough on many people’s mental health, and only exacerbated existing problems that we’re all dealing with. I personally also struggled with the stress of my parents’ declining health and had insomnia for three years. I started overeating to take off everyday stress but that led to more guilt than pleasure after gaining 20 pounds. Whenever I couldn’t sleep more than six hours at night, a vicious cycle would start again the next day. I realize the importance of self care, but didn’t take real action until six months ago, when I started exercising 4+ times per week. Whether I’m swimming or riding the stationary bike, I was just focusing on catching my next breath so my mind didn’t have to dwell on the same problems. Exercise definitely gave me a happy boost. I also found friends to be gym buddies so we could chat and motivate each other to keep going. I also selectively confided in sympathetic friends who were going through the same situation in taking care of older parents so we could encourage each other. Even though I’m not Christian, I found going to church helpful due to the warm atmosphere. Finding small moments of happiness also helps, such as being in the company of a pet, children, or more cheerful friends.

      For me, the physical and emotional self-care have to go hand-in-hand. There was no magic bullet, and no particular person or single source made me feel better. But all the combined little actions/ sources of comfort helped overall.

      It’s been a tough two weeks for my family too, thus the lack of website updates recently. I’m still going through many mixed emotions, but I really wanted to leave you an encouraging note and hope you’re having a better day today.

      1. @jayne it’s sad to know you had such a bad time, and it’s good to hear you have it all sorted out, even though it’s still hard and quite messy. We are still here, and we are here for you as well 🙂
        I’m not Christian either, however, I went to church for the baby/kid events and over time, befriends the church people, and they are indeed very warm and lovely.

      2. @jayne yeah, i feel you on that, especially being part of the sandwich cohort. the elderly relies on you, the younger ones rely on you, but who do you have to rely on? this is where a therapist would help, but who has time to do all the bookings, appts, when everything else also needs your attention. sometimes, the only thing you can control is finding some time to decompress, self-care, etc. i’m finding that even doing that lately has been difficult. sigh.

      3. @jayne Thank you for sharing your insights and experience with us. It is very helpful as you are right to add, it is the little things that can give light to a dark room…

  4. @BearBear
    You see how many caring Jaynestars friends you have? I’m sure you will get more comments offering care and support. There are still caring individuals on social media. Just read the comments sent to you to see that. Like @littlefish said, we are here for you.

  5. Dear All, i want to thank all of you for your encouragement, from familiar names to Taylor whose first post was for this. I didn’t reach out to physical friends after initial little attempts several weeks that stopped me. It has been exceptionally hard this week, i didn’t and couldn’t rest and eat well, occasionally rely on gastric pills for pain I only have had once but this week has been a daily companion.
    The beginning of my greatest fear has been confirmed, what the process will be and when will it lead to the final outcome, i have no answer. The only certainty is this is the beginning and the final outcome is inevitable.
    I’m not coping well for sure and I’m going to seek mental health because now it’s not the time to break apart.
    I’m sorry to put out posting like this. We all have our own fair share of problems to face and really don’t need to read about someone’s.
    Just wanna thank all your encouragements. For moments I feel that I am not exactly alone.

    1. @BearBear

      It’s so nice that we all hear from you again. None of us here know your name, where you live, what you do for a living, but you see we care about you. There are plenty nice people in this world even though there are ugliness in this world. The beautiful things in this world are still winning like love ❤️, kindness, understanding, caring, compassion and on and on… so please remember that always. Please talk to us here any time or if you can please talk to someone you trust (physically) and ask for help. Just always know that we are rooting for you always. Hope to see you here soon. Be strong because i know you can do it. Take care.

    2. @BearBear very glad to hear from you. The future is scary, but we are here! Know we are here for you! If you need some space for just hang out, moonies are on TTEOTM MDL page will be there as well lol. Those are a bunch of very lovely and nice people. Whenever I’m lonely, I just feel the wind, it has always been there for me (it’s silly I know but that’s how I cope with having no parents nor siblings nor anyone to talk to as a 7yo child). If you want to be silly with me, know that I’ve sent my best friend, the wind to you. I hope she can do what she does for me on those lonely nights.

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