Lee Jinglei Accuses Leehom Wang of Using Their Children for Promotion

Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) new song “Want to See, Can See” <想見就能相見> has been receiving a lot of attention for its lyrics, where he showcases his love for his children. Engaged in a child custody battle, his ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) has spoken up requesting that he stop using their children for promotion. Continuing their argument through their lawyers, Lee Jinglei’s lawyer released an official letter standing their ground.

“During this year, Mr. Wang has violated our agreement and has not reflected on his wrongdoing as he promised he would during his official statement in November 20, 2021. However, Jinglei wishes Mr. Wang all the best in his return to the entertainment industry and hopes that they can both be well for the sake of the family. Mr. Wang has not cared for his family’s feelings or wellbeing during the trial. He and his lawyer have come up with ways to smear Jinglei’s reputation and manipulate public opinion through distorted press releases. He has also created a song that invades family privacy. All of these things have severely affected Jinglei and her family’s peaceful life which is why she must step up to speak the truth,” the statement read.

Jinglei’s lawyer also shared more details of the New York court’s ruling in their custody battle. “Due to the provisions of the Children’s Law and the position of protecting family members, it is inconvenient to explain further, but the only thing I can say is that Jinglei has been doing her best to promote a stable relationship between Mr. Wang and her family and has never violated the law. As for Mr. Wang, in order to make a comeback, he violated the Children’s Law and released misleading information to the public.”

The lawyer also shared some facts to help support their argument.

1.  The motions filed by Mr. Wang in the U.S. court were all rejected on July 6, 2022. Therefore, he submitted an application for appeal to the U.S. court on August 5, 2022, he is then allowed to officially appeal on February 6, 2023. However, Mr. Wang did not appeal within the time limit. Therefore, the decision of the US court on July 6, 2022 is considered as the final judgment and Mr. Wang should not confuse the public.

2.  Mr. Wang submitted a request to indicate that he did not want to pay family support in accordance with the agreement. This was submitted to the U.S. court on August 31, 2022 and to the Taiwan court on November 7, 2022. If Mr. Wang dared to do it then why does he not dare to admit it? Instead he decides to falsely accuse Jinglei of spreading rumors?

3.  On November 23, 2022, Jinglei filed a petition for enforcement in the U.S. court in response to Mr. Wang’s violation of the agreement, this is pending the judgment of the New York court.

Jinglei’s lawyer emphasized again, “I sincerely hope that Mr. Wang can put the well-being of his family first, give his family a peaceful life, and stop wasting public resources.”

Source: [1]

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. To be honest, he could really miss his children…and it may not just be marketing… That could happen.

  2. He’s allowed visitation rights; just supervised. What leg does he stand on for missing them?

    He’s just made a tidy sum from his concert; what leg does he stand on for not paying family support?

    The guy’s a mess

    1. Lol… I am trying to be more positive minded…. to be honest, I dont think he has guts to really plan visitation rights…I dont think he will fly to Taiwan for the time being.

    2. Lol yea, this is coming from the guy who missed the kids’ birthday. Also many artists do use their controversial life story to make song about to make more money. He could have waited, he could release the song without saying who it’s for. This guy just craves attentions >_>

      Also I did not realise their court battle has ended already? Rather fast! And lol at not paying child support, what a flip flop guy. First he went I’m not paying support, public found out = I’ll pay support. Seal the court info and back to the not paying support >_> wanna bet he will release a press and say he will pay support XD??

  3. I doubt that he misses his children. He divorced his wife as soon as she popped out a boy. Children seem more like a duty than a bond.

    1. I wonder if his ex wife loves the children too. They both seem to using the kids as battle chess pieces. I feel bad for the kids to have parents like this.

  4. Lmao on any other day I would have said things like, “something something physiognomy something something” but yo, this guy fits the “looks can be deceiving” category. Like totally 好眉好貌生沙虱

    The face he shows the public is, “I MISS MUH KIDSSSS” And the other face, “I don’t want to pay family support.”

    Get outta here. All his songs post-2004 have been crap anyway

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