Leehom Wang Put His Cheating Evidence in Lee Jinglei’s Hands?

Taking their divorce to court, Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Lee Jinglei Lee‘s (李靚蕾) split has become one of the nastiest celebrity separations in recent years. Accusing Leehom of cheating numerous times, Jinglei has supplied 14 documents of evidence for trial. Netizens backtracked the social media trail and think that Leehom may have put his cheating evidence into Jinglei’s hands.

When BY2 member Yumi Sun (孫雨) accused of cheating with Leehom, the singer posted a lengthy post refuting the claims. However, Jinglei immediately exposed her for lying by posting a screencap of a WhatsApp conversation between Leehom and Yumi. The screencap also shockingly revealed that Yumi had used a topless photo of herself as the display picture.

Netizens suspect that the screencap evidence was put into Jinglei’s hands directly by Leehom himself!

According to Weibo, Leehom last used an iPhone XS Max to post on September 21, 2019. Afterwards, Jinglei started to use the same iPhone model to post on September 24. They suspect that Leehom had purchased a new phone, and passed the old one to his wife. On October 1, 2021 Leehom started to use an iPhone 12 Pro Max and then switched to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Jinglei then started posting with an iPhone 12 Pro Max on December 18.

Netizens say that Leehom had caused his own demise with his carelessness. Others think that Leehom did not bother hiding his cheating behavior, and may have flaunted his conquests to Jinglei due to his narcissistic personality disorder.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. To get hand me downs from a husband…I dont know the feeling as my husband would never do so to me. I am very lucky my husband would alway get me the best model after each bi-yearly contract ends. He himself loves to stick to phones he is comfortable with…till it is worn down…

    If Wang LeeHom really carelessly gave her those evidences…I would just say, he deserve the humiliation he is suffering.

    But, what evidence does he have against her. This case is about 2 parties… he too need to be given a fair trial even by the public. Lets just wait and see how it lays out…and who ultimately won or loss… I just hope Lee JingLei has a good lawyer….It will be such a shame to lose due to not having a equally suitable lawyer against WLH’s …

    The Courtroom in itself is also a stage… The winner is not always the real victim.

    Keep Fighting Lee Jing Lei…

  2. i wonder if she knew he was having all these affairs b4 the evidence fall into her hands.

    1. @m0m0 I never thought of that…. if she did not know previously, I cannot imagine how she felt when she found out…. poor woman.

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