Leehom Wang and Lee Jinglei’s Divorce Heads to Court

The frenzy surrounding Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Lee Jinglei’s (李靚蕾) divorce continues. Although the matter has now been taken to court and neither parties have issued any statements recently, insiders continue to leak information surrounding the divorce proceedings. Last month, an insider claimed that while Leehom submitted 11 documents as evidence, Jinglei had not yet submitted sufficient evidence, leading to criticism about her credibility.

Jinglei was quick to defend herself, stating that she had already submitted seven documents for evidence. She further explained that in order to abide by the court’s rules, she did not expose this information initially. After court hearings began, Jinglei provided an additional set of seven documents.

Leehom also submitted four additional documents. Leehom’s management company responded to media inquiries, “Currently, the matter has already been taken to court. We are not in a position to respond or share any information.”

Allegedly, Leehom will be filing a child visitation lawsuit in a New York court, as he believes it will rule in his favor, since the United States place great importance in children’s rights and believe both parents should have the right to see and care for their children. In contrast, Jinglei filed a lawsuit in Taiwan since their children are living and attending school there.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Leehom Wang Put His Cheating Evidence in Lee Jinglei’s Hands?

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  1. A quiet and unassuming wife taking on a famous and powerful ex-husband, these drama are often scripts for a good story. I remember the case of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes… it came as a shock and I really marvelled how well laid out her exit execution went… Fortunately, we did not get a ugly lawsuit.

    Hom’s and Lei’s are not as smooth. And I do hope Lei have really thought it all thru before she started this fight. She knows it will ultimately end in court… and evidences are very important, speculations means nothing in Court.

    I have to say, after reading the information released, I have to stay, I am rather bias in this case… I do support Lei’s action. I really find her more believable. I may be proven very wrong…but that will still be interesting to learn…

    Kids are the ultimate victims but if their mum does not fight for herself, then she is not going to give the same confidence to their kids to do so in future. No one, No one should feel they can be undermined or forced to submission by power…

    As much we all hope the world is a fair place with rational adults but we know that is not so… Lei’s first tough lesson for her kids is to demonstrate sometimes, we do need to fight to get the equality we all deserved. And not be a sitting duck…

    We are currently looking at a huge war happening in Russia and Ukraine. Some comments I read online from other mums are how they need to not tell their kids such war still exist. Their kids need to stay happy in their bubble.

    My thoughts are: Regardless how hard this message is but WAR Exist. So no matter how upset Hom’s and Lei’s kids are: Their mum have unwillingly decision they need to see her fight this war against the unjust treatment she receive.

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