Leehom Wang and Jinglei Lee Face Off in Court

Since their split in 2021, Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) have been locked in a bitter divorce and custody battle. Court trials have been taking place across in both Taiwan and the United States.

Due to the lengthy court proceedings and Leehom’s concert in Las Vegas, he and Jinglei provided testimonies to their legal representatives and only appeared in person together at a court in Taipei for the first time yesterday.

The hearing was held in regards to the court’s previous judgement on visitation rights. Leehom wore a suit, tie, and glasses to the hearing and stayed for two hours. He argued that Jinglei was not abiding by the judge’s order and was blocking him from visiting his children, and thus wants the court to enforce the agreement.

The media asked Leehom’s lawyer, Tina Lai (賴芳玉), whether an agreement had been reached and she only responded, “I hope that all parents are able to freely interact with their family.” Leehom left accompanied by his lawyer and did not answer any questions from the media, but politely thanked them.

Afterwards, Jinglei stepped outside and did not answer any questions as well.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Regardless how scum he is as a husband and even a good father…but he should be allow visitation rights. Just not bring a group of men to bang her door…

    I dont understand why she would not allow him to meet the kids with her by the side?

    1. Yea it sounds weird. I thought they allowed Leehom visitation rights before, but maybe after the whole fiasco with the last visit, she kept them isolated?

      1. Might be a lack of trust on both sides – he possibly thinking she will throw (true/fake) dirt on him by exposing to the media or use against him later if he steps into her residence alone through CCTV at home while she may think strange men popping up like the previous time if she allows the meeting to be elsewhere or thinks he may arrange paparazzi to take photos of his outings with the kids to reinforce the image of him being a good father.
        Just my speculations. For the sake of the kids, hopefully both can work out their differences to remain amicable or at least tolerable.

      2. That was really a uncomfortable situation. All those guys banging on her door. But I do agree for the greater interest of the kids…I hope this two find a solution. The kids do have rights to see their dad too.

  2. @Hohliu that’s on the assumption that he is a good father.
    There are situations when a parent is better off being absent (not suggesting it applies to this).

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