Leehom Wang Talks About Divorce in New Song, “ONE”

Taking a one-year hiatus from his career after his divorce got ugly and he was exposed for cheating multiple times, Leehom Wang(王力宏) made a music  comeback with his single, “ONE”. In his song, Leehom wrote about his feelings on his divorce and his relationship with his ex-wife, Li Jinglei (李靚蕾).

In the song, Leehom revealed the hardships he faced in his messy divorce through lyrics such as, “Do we always have to decide who wins or who loses in a relationship?” and “Even if I have to fight alone, and have to hold onto myself, there are too many what-ifs; it’s all inevitable. From the ashes, we rise again, and with broken wings, I’ll still fly.”

Although Leehom was blasted by the Chinese media and netizens for his wrongdoings, he still had a fairly strong fanbase overseas. At his January concert in Las Vegas, Leehom performed on stage with his guitar and did not take any breaks to change into different costumes. He apologized to fans and thanked their support.  “The past year had not been easy. If life can be changed, (whether it is) fortune or misfortune, I will humbly accept.”

It is still early to say whether Leehom will officially make a full-fledged comeback in Asia, but the singer received backup from Taiwanese producer and writer, Chiu Li Kwan (邱瓈寬), who said Leehom has found strength through his faith.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hypocrite. He has no leg to stand on. I can understand the wife – kinda. She probably thought she could change him, she probably thought more kids could hold the marriage together. But alas. So I don’t blame her for finally erupting and dragging him to hell after enduring all that sh*t.

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