BY2’s Yumi Admits Sending Intimate Photos to Leehom Wang

Rocking the entertainment industry, Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) cheating and divorce scandal has been the top trending topic for four days. The singer’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) accused Leehom of being a sex addict and having multiple affairs during their eight-year marriage. Without dropping any direct names, Jinglei alluded that Leehom had cheated with Singaporean singer BY2’s Yumi (孫雨), who had sent nude photos to the singer on his birthday.

In response to the negative rumors, Yumi initially said she would file a police report citing that “words can kill.” When Jinglei responded to the post and said she can assist with the investigation, many believe that she may have evidence of Yumi’s nude photo in her possession.

Yumi Admits to Dating Leehom

In an attempt to clear her reputation, Yumi posted a reply on her Weibo on December 19. She stated that she was not a third-party in their marriage, and claimed that she had stopped contacting Leehom since 2015.

Shortly afterwards, Jinglei retaliated with a photo of Yumi reaching out to Leehom on Whatsapp in 2015, implying that Yumi was lying.

In Yumi’s post, she admitted to dating Leehom prior to his marriage to Jinglei. Yumi wrote, “Mr. Wang and I dated in 2012 and even though it’s been years, the memories still remain. I was only 20 years old and cherished those feelings but at the same time, I was unwilling to admit fault.”

Yumi continued, “I was willing to sacrifice anything for love when I was 20 years old. I treasure our time together. There was happiness and there were fights – everything that a normal couple would have, from the sweetest moments to the heartbreaking ones.”

Admitting that they frequently shared mutual intimate photos with each other due to their long-distance dating relationship, Yumi reprimanded Jinglei for falsifying the timelines, and making the public believe that her relationship with Leehom was “indecent” and having an affair during his marriage.

In her post, Yumi also uploaded screenshots of her conversation with Leehom, including where he told her about his relationship with Jinglei. Yumi had sent Leehom his Christmas gift early, and gave him her blessings on his new relationship with Jinglei.

Lee Jinglei Responses to Yumi’s Post

Replying to Yumi’s post once again, Jinglei revealed that Leehom only referred to Yumi as a “friend” whom he slept with. The original term Jinglei used in her post was “friends with benefits,” but was later edited to “friend.”

Jinglei said that she was dating Leehom for the majority of 2013, and already began meeting all of his friends and family members. “To me, this is what a ‘real relationship’ is like,” she wrote sarcastically.

Source: World Journal

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Leehom Wang Cheated on Wife with By2’s Yumi?

Lee Jinglei Hints at Leehom Wang’s Bisexuality

Leehom Wang Accused of Cheating in Marriage Many Times

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  1. Yumi, STFU, you know why? Jinglei wouldn’t say anything if she didn’t have substantial proof. You don’t send men nude photos are a “Congrats” for getting married soon.

    1. I agree with your comment a 150%, especially the fyrst sentence . Yumi needs to STFU, for real.

  2. She knew all of these red flags yet still proceed to marriage and have his kids???? Seriously, i can understand the pressure to have kids, but in the end no one can forced you to have kids if you don’t want to, especially if you know he is constantly cheating on you! In the end, this hatred towards her ex can satisfied her at the moment, but will hurt her children in the future 🙁

    1. I won’t praise LJL either. I know WLH puts on an innocent cover but is a real a**h*le inside. But it’s not as if that’s anything surprising and hard to imagine. Who doesn’t know celebrities change relationships like changing clothes? They will not belong and commit to only a person. WLH is not the only h*le, all the others are just not caught yet. I know lots of gullible people exist, and they trust celebrities are loyal lovers like normal people, but I thought Lee Jinglei is supposed to be in the smart group? Celebrities are not normal people. Obviously, it’s not a normal career at all. Some of the stuff she said are also sus, such as saying they were involved since 2003 then it becomes 2013. It looks like all she wants now is to take revenge on all his girlfriends, they knew he was dating/marrying to her but still cheat with him.

      I hope she will just reveal everything all at once instead of making this drama drags longer. I hope she gets a good new year by ending this mess asap. She has the rights to reveal anything at this point. Yumi already sets the first example of having a b*tch face to talk big like she did nothing wrong, also threatens to take legal actions but at the end? If LJL wants anyone to come forth now they better just turn themself in, or if she didn’t name someone yet, they should be smart. I won’t find LJL evil to post all evidence out. B*tches like Yumi, even if she begs and LJL still post the evidence on public I wouldn’t feel bad at all. Thanks to Yumi that now all the other cheaters will only be like her, I also don’t care about them if they beg/apologize but the evidence still released out. Birds of same feather flock together. I think LJL can just do anything she wants now, just do it all at once.

  3. This article is a bit misleading. Yumi only made one statement after LJL’s response to her police report. In that statement she said she never was a third party after LJL and WLH got married in 2013, and that LJL is confusing the timeline. Yumi also claimed that by 2015, they already deleted each other’s WeChat. LJL then responded to her hours later and included a screenshot of Yumi messaging WLH on WhatsApp with a topless profile picture in 2015, which is clearly after their marriage. Yumi has not yet responded again.

    Also, I hope people would stop victim blaming and saying things like she’s an educated woman and should know better than to stay with this type of man. People can be book smart but have weak hearts when it comes to love. Many intelligent women make poor decisions when it comes to men for various reasons that us objective outsiders will never understand. Yes she can run away, but why would she need to run away to begin with? It is the fact that WLH is a terrible human being. Lets focus on the real problem here.

    1. Is this the same Yumi that some bozo was arguing with me that she and her sister are pure, innocent goddesses, and untouched as the driven white snow??? Not so pure right now, haha. I hope the turd is reading this.
      Which decent young woman will send nude photos of herself to a married man as a birthday present? Yumi needs to be publicly called out too.
      I am so glad that Jinglei has evidence to back up her claims.
      Too often these fake image liars and deceivers bring their loving, caring, humble, enviro ftiendly, high moral practicing, kind fake images to thr delusional oublic who lap it up like starving dogs.
      My problem is if they want to be tool of a tool, that is their business. The sad and pathetic reality is when they join together to block truthers and have them removed from social media , and hack their accounts, and place threatening phone calls to their homes, cause they are defending their gods. Wang Leehom was or is one of the idols who commands such idolatry from the idle. A lot of the new generation are getting that kind of wayward loyalty as well, especially the BL actors. One is nothing but a bed hopping druggie who is s*xing up his manager and having a bear with her husband. He also inhale things, smoke things and will attack anything with an entrance to park his anoconda. He also makes fun of the fans, especially the not so pretty one, and the fat ones. He is also racist and cares for no one darker than himself. I hope Leehom getting exposed, Kris Wu and a few more is the beginning of these devils being exposed to the world.

    2. Is anyone here a fan of low君熱劇? I watched his recent critic on that very old show, The Outsiders. Oh, it used to be so popular with Ady An in it. It actually reminds me of LJL somewhat. The main girl could have a successful life if she made a smarter choice. She chose a scum and only suffered physical and mental torture at the end.
      Let’s say at the beginning if she picked the successful route by listening to her parents, be a goodie and don’t bother those gangster boys. Obviously, she will get accused of having high standards in men cause the dude chasing after her is already cute and earnest. It will make her wonder till the rest of her life, how exciting and fun life would’ve been had she chosen him. The regret will be very endless. She won’t even give her complete heart to her future husband, and who knows but she might even cheat on him. The type of women with multiple hearts and decisions ends up that way a lot in reality, they always find someone else to fill a missing hole.
      Then there’s the other choice like what the main girl picked inside that show, she chose love and the scum. It’s not that fair to compare this show with LJL since the guy in it did not have as many red flags as WLH. He was kind of a better dude than WLH but was it worth it? Hell nah. I think the moral of that show was to teach us not to pick up scum. If people want to think you have overly high standard, so what? It’s only a show, but I think it’s actually quite realistic tbh.
      I think if you made a decision like the female lead in that show, that was already the choice you believe you won’t regret. Neither choice will satisfy you, both have a loss and a gain. Both are also risks. No one can see the final results, so they risk what they’re willing to end up with at the beginning. I think that decision you make at the beginning is always the most important part, because when you made it you pretty much knew you will accept anything that happens later. You picked what you wanted the most, you also got your own beauty from what you chose too, don’t be too disheartened and bitter when time comes.
      WLH will never be forgiven by the public. I’m sure he’s still going to make his way into the circle like Kris Wu and Gavin Gao.

  4. @Hohliu ,the bozo is a fan who met the twins and he thinks they are pure girls, gathering cobwebs, haha. He even wanted to fight with some men who told him that Yumi is no pure rose. She and her sis did parade their fake images around like little untouched angels. That is what sickens me.
    As for the BL actor, he comes across as so shy, emotional, cries a lot and gives off that honest, innocent cuddly aura. He pretends to care so much about his fans, while he and his married, much older handler are laughing all the way to the bank at how the fans are deceived by them. And these are the kind of people paraded to the world as role models, with their bogus positive images and moral, humane way of life. Yeah right. I will not name names here, as we still have to protect Jayne’s site, but, maybe you will figure it out. If not, they too might join the exposè list in 2022.

      1. If you are referring to the two couples who are living sham marriages,as their marriages are billion dollar businesses, Tavia and Him are not one of them. One will give you all heart attacks, the other couple, not so much. However, it all boils down to carefully calculated images to fool the public.

      2. @conan2209, why Him and Tavia? They seem a very normal married couple to me. Started out scandalous, but after marriage, they are quite low-profile. Tavia just gave birth to her second child and I don’t even know she was pregnant.

      3. @conan2209,
        Oic… I did heard from a KOL who has worked in TVB before that Tavia is not very nice (he didn’t name her, but, his description of her made it really easy to guess), but, he praised Linda Chung very highly. He said she’s really nice and polite to everyone.

    1. @Renren the bozo needs to get a life. If the bozo is an adult and still refuses to acknowledge that no matter how much one idolizes some celebrity, at the end of everything, these celebrities are only portraying an image during those few moments to public, bozo needs to grow up. What they do during most of the time, only people who work with this celebrity, people who are close enough know better.
      Only bozo can help himself to grow up and stop being gullible.

      1. @BearBear , the bozo still believe that Yumi is innocent in all this, Wang Leehom is innocent, is a great and decent dude and Jinglei is out to smear their names and make money. Although Yumi said she had a sexual relationship with WLH, the gullible bozo still think they are just colleagues who happen to hang out in the same circles. He needs pity and help. They say ignorance is bliss. I hope he is living his happiest life. Unfortunately, there are tens of millions of carbon copies of him in this world. They give the celebrities the permission to put on an act with the fakest of images and deceive the gullible delusionals. I’ll keep you posted on this hot mess, or not “hot” mess, but nonetheless, a real mess, hahaha.

      1. An entertainment industry insider is considering big plansfor them. The drugs, lies, fakery, manipulation of fans, bed hopping with men and women, the control, physical, mental and emotional torture and abuse. How she made her young lover’s costar cry so much by embarrassing and belittling the costar. Shoving her involvement with her young lover in the costar’s face. Punishing the faithful fans of the lover’s costar and treating both her husband and young lover like feces. Many kinds of abuse are involved and there were times if viewers were open minded and observant, they could see that there is something happening between him and her. So many videos, photos and articjes. Even her own IG, Twitter, Facebook, accounts tells the world what is going down, especially her IG account. Fans just refuse to see it. A good friend of mine who is involved in the entertainment industry wants to write a screenplay on her him, his costar sometimes lover, thr costar’s lover and he said he will not hold back. We all have so much evidence on these guys. Even hotel dates, them coming out of rooms after waking the dead with their grunts, her going into his place and making noise, copies of receipts, him being the man in her martial bed when hubby was not around. That is the scum these rabid fans worship. There are videos and audios of conversations, dates, kissing and hugging, and even a fight they had in 2019, and another in 2020 over young lover’s male lover, texts, evidence galore. I just might encourage my buddy to go to the medua with all the things about four partivular vermon that will cause a tsunami .

      2. @Renren @Hohliu Since I don’t watch BL dramas, not sure if I know the one mentioned but if they are famous, I should know them…curious.
        I am actually sick and tired seeing celebrities portraying the flawless human or fans worshiping them and see no wrong. Looking forward to seeing more such exposure in 2022, may 2021 be the beginning.

    2. @teddy, I tried to search my mind for a BL actor that meet your description but couldn’t. Is the BL series he’s in a famous one or a small budget low profile one? The BL series a period drama or modern drama? Taiwan, Mainland or Thai drama? I’m just very curious who is he.

      1. i could not think of any other couple where wife is older than hubby 😉

        Anyhow, i heard Tavia became snobbish after becoming popular so……

      2. @kidd. , it was a very powerful well written, directed and acted BL drama. It is modern and out of Taiwan.
        @BearBear. , I toi am sick and tired of the way these celebs and their handlers cook up ways to present these flawless images to the world, to fool the fans and gain fame and fortune. What is just as disgusting is the fans think they are gods and goddesses and are perfect and angelic.
        This actor is NOT married to his mother type monsterger, but he is doing the bedroom job that her husband should be doing with and to her. He is also associated with her husband. He also makes fun of the fans, and is racist. He smokes and inhales things and can be very passive aggressive. He sleeps with anything under the sun and is very protective of hid old butt monsterger, which should be her husband’s responsibility. She in turn flaunts their relationship around without shame and abuses her husband in every way possible. She made his costar’s life a living hell of a nightmare when he fell for his costar. She also treated costar’s fans like feces and blacklisted thousands of them. The costar is no angel either and is cold, racist, unforgiving, a ruthless uncaring user, a pretentious liar and a sex addict. Does a lot of bad things too. Him and his costar try to make the public believe they are caring, friendly, kind, honest, humble people who are shy but care about the world and it’s inhabitants. The manager right now is using some dirty, scheming tactics to do something, but she will tumble if she pulls any crap. I have not even scratched the surface of these vampires yet. Such carefully crated images. One of them has a dream of winning a golden horse. As far as I am concerned, both these fakers are multi golden horse winners. They just haven’t collected the horses yet.
        Let us not print these proples names here as we want to protect Jaynestars. Me, I can bury them, but I wil not jeprodize Jaynestars, or others.
        Jinglei is not done with Wang Liarhom yet, and there is a lot more, good and bad to come. There is a lot that these fakers get away with and I am sick of it.
        2022, I look forward to you.

      3. @kidd. , this BL drama was powerful, and diffrent than the usual. It is a Taiwanese drama.
        @BearBear , this young lover is not married to his much older monsterger. However, he is fulfilling the role and duties in her life that her husband should be fulfilling. Sad thing is he is close to her husband. That shows lack of conscience.
        He is racist, sexist and is into a lot of things that are not good. He also bats for both teams. The handler, though married, is not afraid to flaunt her handsome young stud to the world. She abuses her hubby in every way, and tortured her young stud’s costar when her lover fell for his costar. She made that costar’s life a living hell. Costar’s fans got blacklisted by this woman after she broke up her lover and costar cause they fell in love. She then flaunted her grip on her prize by doing a lot of manipulative things so the costar could see from videos and photos.
        The costar is no saint himself. He is cold, unforgiving, insulting, sarcastic, racist and him and the young stud make fun of the fans who wholeheartedly support them. He also uses people and then discards them like trash. Bedhopping with Tom, Wu, , Lu, Dick, Harry, Ho , is his specialty. They are both pretending to be kind, caring, sweet, environmentally friendly, humble, honest, sincere and shy. Nothing could be further from the truth. One in particular dreams of winning a golden horse. They both are multiple winners with the way they act their part in displaying their crated, goody two shoes images. They just haven’t collected their golden horses yet, but they are winners. I haven’t even scratched the surface with all of them yet. 2022 will reveal a lot more. Jinglei has a lot more to reveal, especially if the divorce drags on. I sm really fed up with the lies, fahe images and hypocrisy. Pkease do not print these people’s names here if you figure it all out. Think about Jayne and Jaynestars . They can come after me. I will destroy or expose them myself. Let us not hurt this shte by printing their names.

      4. @BearBear
        Yes, it is a Taiwanese drsma, and it is popular in it’s own way.
        One of them , let’s call him HC, is sleeping with his manager who is old enough to be his mother and he close to her husband. He also is sleeping with his male costar. Costar WJ is sleeping with various men and is cold, ruthless, a user, a racist, and both him and HC make fun of the fans, pretend to be kind, honest, shy, humble, caring, environmentally friendly care about the fans , but are bith fake liars who say horrible things about the fans. They are both racist and sexist. They inhale things and expirement with the dark side. Don’t get me started on the controlling, narcissistic, bully handler. She is the devil’s daughter. I have not even scratched the surface with these fakers yet. All I know that they are both Golden Horse winners, just haven’t collected their awards, sarcasm.
        I too am sick and tiref of the hypocrisy and lies these fakers are feeding to the public and I hope that 2022 will be a big expose year for thrm all. Jinglei is not done yet with that scumbag Wang Liarhom, and I hope she nails him to the wall. Long live these scumbags getting exposed.

      5. @kidd
        It is a popular Taiwanese drama and the actors are very promising.
        No, the young stud is not married to the manager, just boinking her, while having a beer with her husband. Costar and him are racist, use illegal things and are great at making fun at the fans, especially the plump and not pretty fans.

      6. Also the two young men lets call them HC and WJ, are . They are not the shy, kind, honest, enviro friendly, loving, humble, kind, humane humans they want the world to thibk they are.
        I welcome 2022, cause there is so much to come. And Jinglie isn’t done with Wang Liarhom yet. Welcome to men and women being expossed . WELCOME to 2022!

    3. Dang! Looks like you are a pro paparazzi. We sure miss Zhuo Wei cause his melon are always reliable, wonder what happened to him. He either got lots of money to shut up or got murdered in secret.
      I think the only BL dramas that made splashes are only The Untamed and Word of Honor. The only BL actor who acted with another actress that was married and older than him was WYB? Don’t know who you are referring to but we shall see how true your words are.

      1. @freakyu
        Please read carefully before leaving such puzzling replies. I never said the BL young actor having the illicit affair with that woman was married to her.

  5. She was implicated, lied about it, got exposed, lied again, got exposed again. Dishonest and dumb. Winning combination.

      1. @BearBear @Coralie When I saw the unpixeled Topless photo… I really laughed. I believe this twins even said they had to plastic surgery previously…if you saw their original look. You will really laugh at this brainless girls.

    1. @Hohliu tbh, them b00bs were nice and she wasn’t completely exposed from that pic. Was it titillating? Absolutely, but it was also kind of artsy. So I still don’t know if that’s sufficient evidence to say she was doing this to get him to cheat, but it definitely shows she was lying in her post about not having any contact with WLH after WeChat.

      1. @Coralie Yes, it is taken with the intention to seduced. She clearly knows what drives him crazy… This guy clearly has a addiction… I did wonder how his wife got hold of such message/image… He just left his mobile lying around.

      2. @Hohliu @Coralie Maybe he does not even try hard to be indiscreet or he thought that his ex spouse would always take his word that there is nothing immoral between the women and him.
        Reminds me of a certain director in the west whose partner’s adopted daughter sent pics of her private “assets” to him while he was still with her adopted mother. He later broke off with his partner and married the ex partner’s adopted daughter. These women will not be the last to try such ways to seduce men and there will always be such men who will eagerly fall for it.

  6. This weibo post said Yumi attempted to commit suicide. Don’t know how true it is.

    The post by 做个小孩007 said
    Yumi吞药轻生在医院洗胃急救!@王力宏 你最清楚Yumi根本没有介入你一地鸡毛的婚姻!!!如果她真的出什么事情,我绝不原谅!!!!
    (Translation: Yumi swallowed medicine to commit suicide ans now in hospital undergoing gastric lavage! @WLH You knew very well that she was not involved in your messy marriage ! ! ! If anything happens to her, I will not forgive you ! ! ! !)

    1. Am sure She’s trying to get sympathies. She’s not that innocent. Like I said before, she’s pretty infamous back home. She’s just not that popular for anyone to take a second look at her

    2. People don’t buy it. If you look closely at the paper, it was written, she consumed 2 melatonin and 2 vitamins. Heart hate is very normal with very normal body temperature and so on. Basically a healthy condition

    3. 1 – I always consider suicide is a serious thing, and should not be taken lightly. 2 – however, to suicide after like what 3-5 days of public pressure = fake lol. A lot of real depression artist took months to get to that stage. So yea, I’m with other, this is just a stunt. 3 – she’s totally involved, it takes two to tango. It’s not like WLH force her into sending him a nude or engaging in extra marital affair? She should have known better to say no?

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