Leehom Wang Accused of Cheating in Marriage Many Times

Announcing their separation, Leehom Wang (王力宏) and his wife of eight years, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) finished divorce proceedings in November.  Breaking her silence, Jinglei revealed a devastating account of why their marriage broke down. She accused the 45-year-old singer of soliciting sex services and “having different sex partners in every city.”

An Unequal Marriage

Getting married in New York in 2013, Leehom and Jinglei have three children: a 7-year-old daughter, 5-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son. The image of their beautiful family was just an illusion, as Jinglei revealed her heartbreaking account on social media today.

Although she initially accepted “their unfair prenuptial agreement…in which the house was under his name and the car was under his mother’s name,” Jinglei felt that she was only a “pawn” for Leehom “to use” to improve his image as a family man while shielding his promiscuity.

She accused Leehom of cheating with multiple women, including a married woman during their marriage. Jinglei claimed Leehom had admitted his actions to her, but failed to admit any wrongdoing, and only said he “couldn’t control himself.”

Wanting to continue living a “single life,” he was an absentee father and would leave home for many months at a time. He would miss many important holidays and occasions with the family, including his children’s birthdays.

A Devastating Betrayal

Falling for Leehom when she was only 16 years old, Jinglei felt that she was easily persuaded by Leehom’s flattery as he was already a big star. During their dating relationship, Jinglei realized that Leehom had many “friends with benefits” in different cities and was even photographed soliciting sex services.  When Jinglei asked to break up, Leehom “called her for several weeks, promising he would change and she would become his ‘only one.'”

However, Jinglei would later find Leehom betraying her many times during their marriage. She cited that he went drinking with his sex partner all night after his concert in Shanghai, and they took kissing photos. The woman even sent her nude photos to Leehom for his birthday.

Adding to her anguish, Leehom allegedly cheated with a married mother in their social circles. She also claimed Leehom had solicited sex services during their marriage.

Even though Jinglei was willing to tolerate his infidelity because of their children, Leehom insisted that they divorce and started bullying her when she initially refused.

Gave Up Her Career to Become a Mother

“Writing this letter is the most difficult decision I have ever made. Life is really not easy. I think that only when we face it bravely and frankly can everything be negated, and we can each have the opportunity to be reborn,” Jinglei wrote.

When she agreed to marry, Jinglei thought she would prioritize “her family for the rest of her life.”  Although she received an engineering degree from Princeton University and then a MBA from Columbia University, and had worked at as an Assistant Vice President at JP Morgan Chase’s Consulting Services, Jinglei “gave up her career and her own life” because Leehom had wanted children. She was willing to do this because she loved her children, but she was heartbroken by her husband’s constant betrayals.

Feeling that “powerful people have been manipulating the media, and the media manipulating the public” all along, Jinglei hopes that by revealing the truth, “public figures can be seen for who they truly are.” Even if Leehom’s career is impacted by her statement, Jinglei felt it was his own doing “through his own choice” of behavior and lack of ethical conduct.

Tension With In-Laws

The Wang family had always treated Jinglei coldly and with suspicion throughout the marriage. It is said Leehom’s mother has always been very protective and had a say in his issues, including his love life. It is rumored that Leehom’s two previous celebrity girlfriends did not meet his mother’s background requirements, and she strongly rejected them. She set very high expectations for her daughter-in-law’s educational background due to the Wang family’s prestigious credentials.

Leehom’s father graduated from a renowned political university in Taiwan, and his mother graduated from the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. Leehom graduated with a master’s degree from Berklee College of Music; his elder brother received a PhD from The University of Chicago; and his younger brother received a master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Although Leehom and Jinglei’s divorce may still be sending unnerving aftershocks, signs of their marital troubles had already surfaced in 2019, when they stopped mentioning each other on social media and Jinglei had posted, “The journey is the endpoint.”

Sources: World Journal, HK01

This article is written by Kiki and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Saw in one clip that in her posting, she wrote the the Chinese characters of “he” and “she” when she mentioned about his cheating partners.

    2. Actually some readers said she did, coz some parts of her post, she used ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ – but it could be a typo as the Chinese writing of both are sometimes used interchangeably.

      1. It is not a typo, not at all. She is laying bare the type of man that Leehom really is. He did put out a perfect image to the world for many years, but it is all crashing down now. The fans see what they want to see and believe these celebs can do no wrong. The Asians are always harping on the Hollywood actors and entertainment artists, butthey present themselves to the world, flaws and all. It is you take me, or you don’t. No angelic, royal image to fool the masses.

    3. To the people defending the guy and saying why the wife didn’t leave earlier if the cheating was true. Have ever even been in a marriage, especially with kids involved? For some it might be easy, but for a lot, it’s hard.

      She fell for the guy when she was 16, was naive to believe him and even after she found out he was still cheating on her after marriage. Maybe she thought having kids would settle him down. People often do think kids can solve problems. Bad way to think, I know, but lots do think that.

      She probably just at the end gave up and accepted he’s a cheating bastard, and stuck around for the kids, and the fact she’s now a lot older and has no means to financially support herself and the kids anymore. That’s a pretty rational reason imo, once love in a marriage is gone. It’s now just a financial contract in a way.

      And now that the guy took the step to divorce her, she’s pissed and is willing to air all the dirty laundry.

      At the end, is she blameless? Who knows, I’m just going by her story. Maybe more will come out later on crappy stuff she did too. I guess we as a public will continue to eat all this up, since we love hearing of the drama.

    4. She did imply it in her instagram postings. Likr I said, he groomed her and married her to protect his image. There were constant gay rumors of him thoughtout the years.

  1. Jinglei was willing to tolerate his infidelity because of their children, Leehom insisted that they divorce and started bullying her when she initially refused.

    Harsh truth:
    Jinglei’s tolerance of abuse have exposed children to abuse. Leehom’s abuse has exposed children to abuse.
    Why do people always think a celebrity or someone educated won’t cheat, beat, or abuse?
    And why is it that female celebrities look “pure” while male celebrities are “gods.” Sexism and toxic idealism at it’s finest.

    1. You are so right about the gods and pure description of these celebs. Anyone can look pure and present an image to the public. It does not make them pure. The gods image really is disturbing, and not only does thr public preceive these celebs that way, but the media slso describe the men as gods and the women as goddesses. No wonder the gullible, delusional fanbases do not know better.
      Jinglei was groomed by Leehom to help him keep up the charade of an image that he had presented to the world for over twenty years. Whrn she did not want to toletate his indifference and cheating ways any longer, she was subjected to bullying and abuse. You are right in saying the children were exposed to that negative behaviour and that can be traumatic for them at such a tender age. No one should be victimized in their home, poor Jinglei. Your home should be your haven.
      There is another wife who needs to speak up but I doubt she ever will. Can’t leave thr house without hubby’s permission, can’t talk to snyone whrn she is out, surrounded by his goons, of course. Puts up with his man and woman cheating, yes, he bats both ways. He is envious of other actors snd singer but pretends to be okay with them. Beats up on the wife an is always the first to help others financial wise, or otherwise, and the fans *mean* the world to him, haha but that is only to keep up his stellar image, he talks so much smack about the fans. Then the things he is involved in are dark very, dark. I hope one day the wife will wise up and say something, but she won’t. She is too afraid for herself and her relatives and children. There is more than one child, do not be fooled. She will not say anything though. He might piss off who he sold his soul to though and be exposed. This man is evil. There is a lot more to come.

  2. Such a scumbag… Hope he goes down… Well done for standing up against such a Powerful ex-in-laws…

    1. The wilder the comments & accusation, the faster divorce settlement can be reached.
      Leehom obviously have more money and resources to drag the divorce settlement & custody in his favour.
      Now the post is out, the only way to stop this crazy wild fire is to reach settlement as fast as possible.

      1. Well… she has stately she is not keen on his money…but she deserved her share of settlement… and he is trying to scam her. I am glad she stood up against this scumbag.

      2. so does she want the money or not?
        I don’t think it’s a taboo thing, money is involves that’s the reality. Just WLH have the resources to drag it out and drain her financially. So the faster they settle the better for her.

    2. @sev2 she is not explicit enough about the financial aspect for sure. She said has been asked to sign an unfair prenup that specified no sharing of assets prior and after marriage because as women, we’ve had to do so many multipurpose roles at home with our kids while the husbands are away doing their job and bringing home the bacon that we deserve the assets brought in postmarriage. She later on said she does not need nor will she need any money from WLH because she can support herself and her kids on her own. But whether there are financial incentives/settlement remains to be seen

    3. I too support Jinglei and the stance she is taking. Standing up against these rich and powerful people takes courage. I know they desttoy a lot of people I have seen thrm in action but I am praying for her. Once she has God and the truth on her side, along with some sensible supporters, she will be fine.

  3. Wow, this women is scary! Wonder how long she sat on this, keeping score along the way. It’s not like she just knew, she knew for 20 years. She had not one but three children with him.
    ‘Bullying’ her for divorce? It sounds like he decided he is a deadbeat afterall and wanted out, but she is holding on to something that isn’t there anymore and feel deep hatred when there’s no choice but to confront it.
    9 pages of details just shows how she is keeping score all these years waiting to publish it all once she no longer have control.
    She tolerated her man for 20 years, having kids with him while knowing he is not loyal. She is an enabler not victim. Now she is pushing the narrative to side her.
    These two deserve each other. Misery loves company.

    1. First, not a WLH stan but she isn’t providing any proof. If she kept 9 pages of details, how does she not have any pictures as evidence? Why don’t she just show them once and for all? I hope she’s not going to show us something lame like her predecessor Zhao Liying, just some text messages anyone can create. This sounds like another case where the “evil MIL” expectations are too high, and she only wants the DIL to be their baby making machine. I’m not sure whether to believe if it’s always the MIL fault anymore, in the other case the wife is uneducated and in this case the wife is already so educated, but it’s still always the MIL’s fault.
      Just give us the proof so we can yell at him. I don’t know how people are already jumping the gun this early. I really hope her proofs will look legit!

    2. You do have merits in your comment but let’s not forget he groomed her, she was only 16 and he was 10years older. It does tkae time and. alot of grudges to break from groomed relationship. And about proof she can provide us screen shots with his careful records of all the prostitutes he slept with. Yep he kept careful records not only randomly sleeping with them, it is his lifestyle. I would say good riddance for her, she should get her children and solid support. I have no doubts she entered this battle smartly with lots of physical proofs.

      1. Ok…so let me get this straight, when your man of 20 years keep sleeping with prostitutes, cheat on you and have the habit of keeping prostitute record throughout your relationship, you a well educated ivy-league graduate, instead of going ballistic or dump him, stayed with him for 20 years bore 3 children, but taking screenshots at the same time. That’s really eff up.

    3. @sev2 honestly i rmb sh1t/things my husband has said/done to me that I file away in my head. Not as a reason for divorce, but as a reason to work on it. I disclosed a story before of how my hubby sucked as a father when I first had my baby. So it wouldn’t surprise me that such a deep found discovery like cheating has been kept in her mind after 20 yrs…

      1. I think there’s a difference between dumb/shit things men do, like not standing up for their wife, with flat out visiting prostitutes.
        I really cannot understand how an intellegent woman can continue to sleep and birth babies with a man that visit prostitutesss AND at the same time taking evidence and screenshots for future nuclear options.
        Both side are problematic and toxic. Not mentioning super scary.

    4. Or maybe she kept trying to make the marriage work. She mentioned how she thought he’d come back to his family.

      Obviously, she was holding onto a doomed marriage and she later realized it. When you spend many years with someone whom you deeply love and have children with, it’s not that easy to just let go. Are you emotionally stunted or what?

      1. ok, love is blind..hold on no matter what, must not let the kids have broken family…BUT hey let me just kept all the records and screenshots of my husband sleeping with prostitutes. If he ever dare to divorce me I will publish it. But as long as he is with me, I’m ok with my husband sleeping with prostitute for the sake of the kids.
        Oh what a matyr .

      2. She was in love, but not blind to his problems and how he treats her. Loving him caused her to enable him, like you said. Not loving him or married to him anymore means she doesn’t owe him jack. And he made that very clear by “borrowing” his assets to her and their kids. Marriage is a promise. He did not put up with his side of the bargain, and she doesn’t have to, either.

      3. I’m pretty sure since WLH owned up to cheating on LJL and him not caring that she knows, means there’s substantial evidence everywhere you look without having to look that hard. She has turned a blind eye to his infidelities for the sake of her kids, but the moment he broke his side of the promise, and demanded/bullied for divorce, there was no way for her to keep her family intact anymore. I think this is his just desserts for breaking her dream. Likewise, she breaks his. A fitting end.

    5. If these accusation are true, that makes Leehom the scary one – being able to fool so many fans for 2 decades into believing his perfect good guy image hiding underneath a scumbag.

    6. There are people in this world who would tolerate anything and everything for the sake of their children. Look around you and see how many couples are calling it quits when their kids are all grown up. That is sitting on a relationship for decades and women does it better than men.

      None of us know enough to judge.

      Dad does not seem smart when he said his son was force to marry the woman when she got pregnant. Does he expect the woman to get an abortion? What kind of morals has he been teaching WLH all these years?

    7. yeah toxic relationship she knew exactly what she was getting into. To get pregnant even before family agreement of mariage something is off.

  4. I think ppl are conflating some things. 1) knowing the truth, enabling it and keeping it in for a long time does not mean that this truth has to be kept to oneself. How unbearable would that be even if it’s for the “greater good” (her kids, the public.) it’s not her burden to bear. and if he can protect himself publicly over his image, she, by association, has a right to protect herself, too. 2) I am somewhat of a WLH fan, I like his music but never liked the guy all that much. Anyways, this article is missing the fact that she specified she does not care for any spousal support from WLH and even with custody, I’m sure the judge ain’t gonna give him much seeing that she’s been the sole parent for 8 years. There is no ulterior motive for money or the kids (in fact she might welcome his hopefully increased participance as a father.) So there’s no rationale for her to keep silent anymore (nothing left to preserve) and she feels a need to reveal what she knows. It’s disingenuous to keep this to herself and to her kids knowing the man beside her has never been who he has painted himself to be. All a lie.

    1. I do think he has a right to defend himself though, against these accusations, so we’ll see how it unfolds. But to see these people coming out of the woodwork to say she’s been keeping it in for so long, why reveal it NOW as if…she has no right to do that? Like, does when she reveal it has any bearing on the truth? And if you say the reason is because these sounds like lies, well then, that’s certainly possible. But it sounds like she got proof. So… We’ll see

    2. Anyways this leads me to all the examples of parents who have had to hold in the truth for many years about the real reason for divorce to prevent tarnishing the images of the other parent in their kids’ mind. A very noble sacrifice, like seriously, the selflessness there is level 100. And some never reveal the truth since it was kept for so long. The kids end up resenting the main parent for divorce without reasons. It might devastate the kids in the short run to reveal the truth, but better rip the band-aid off while it’s still fresh than to let it fester. Seeing as he hasn’t been much of a parent in the first place, don’t think her kids will care that much

      1. I agree with you why some people choose not to reveal the truth. Some do that because they think they are doing the right thing to protect the children or hoping things will change for the better. I know a woman who married a gambler for 35 years and she is still staying with him. She said because he is still the father of her children. It sounds really foolish right?

        Someone said why JL waited this long to expose him? Everyone is different with different level of tolerance. Some people for different reasons they choose to put up with it until they exploded. I think If JL doesn’t have concrete evidence to prove her case she wouldn’t have written that post. I’m sure she knows who she is fighting against right now.

    3. Agree. He has the rights to defend himself.

      She wrote a long article with many details but I didn’t read it. Based on some clips summarizing her posting, she wanted him to clarify the accusations about her which attribute to their divorce but he didn’t agree, stating that his agency has already announced not to comment any further. However shortly after rumours of his cheating affair with a fellow singer, action was taken swiftly to clear his name online. In her posting, she called out his double standard where he only cared about himself.

  5. Also lmao that one of WLH’s affair partners apparently filed for slander with the police and LJL reposted saying “pls give me the police info and I’ll supply evidence (of his cheating with you)” (lol savage)

    1. Yes, one of the girls from group By2 was rumored to have an affair with him, which both parties immediately denied. Now the wife has offered to supply police info haha… she didnt mention her name in the long post initially, but now we all know who it is.

    2. Not really savage when she could just post the evidence on social media. If in the future those girls don’t lose the case, that means she never supply the evidence like she claimed. If she really have the evidence I’m sure she would show them already, needless for us to ask.

      1. Correction: not savage enough, she could totally reveal all photos of them cheating and then embarrass her ex and his mistresses in public. but that’s just cruel and unnecessary. A verbal warning is enough.

  6. Lee Jinglei probably already talked to a divorce lawyer extensively and therefore knows what she should and should not do in order for the divorce conditions to go her way. I doubt lying about LWH’s infidelities or airing out dirty laundry without proof in hand would be something that a logical person who was given sound legal advice would do. She might have been in love in the past and that muddled her brain but she’s no longer in love and has not been in love for the past couple of years so she’s heading into this with a clear mind.

  7. It’s funny to see how WLH’s father came out to defend his son with hand-written article while WLH cancelled his work in Mainland to rush back to Taiwan whom many speculated the purpose was to hide from media (some even joked that if he didn’t, he might get caught by police for soliciting sexual services like LYD).
    Anyway, in the midst of his father’s defense and accusation of how LJL threatened WLH into marriage when she was pregnant or to expose him if he didn’t, I really wonder if this really made her look bad or expose the possibility that he was really sleeping around or that she was really his girlfriend back then, he didn’t seem to want to take responsibility when she was found pregnant.

    1. You would think if he’s so scared from the beginning, per his claims, he would be so careful and she would not have evidence of him cheating lol. Also for a guy who is so scared and always living in fear, he’s out partying a lot with his celebrity friends, even has no problem breaking quarantine rules lol.

  8. His father just came out to defend him in hand-written article while he canceled his event in Mainland to fly back to Taiwan, which many thought he was going to avoid the media and some even joked that he was running away to be caught for soliciting services like what LYD had gone through.
    Anyway, in his father’s defense and attempts to make LJL look bad since he accused her for blackmailing WLH to marry her when she was pregnant or to expose him if he didn’t, I wonder if papa Wang realized that he was at the same time, putting the possibility that his son was sleeping around or that if LJL was really the girlfriend at that time or WLH didn’t want to take responsibility when she was pregnant or that even if WLH wasn’t ready to settle down then, he didn’t have the guts to admit it and fear being “exposed”.
    Perhaps LJL is as scheming as what the Wang family has been painting her but is really their precious son as innocent as his image portrays to be.

    1. From the comments on weibo, no one buy his explanation. He should have just keep quiet. This is the problem between his 45 yrs old son and his soon to be ex wife. So why he has to butt into his middle aged son’s family affair and all those things he said painted his whole family in a bad light. Not helping at all. LOL

      So, she forced him to married him by getting pregnant. Ah, didn’t know that he was ‘raped’ by her!! or he had no idea how to use condom? or it only takes a woman to get pregnant? Lol. So he wanted unprotected sex but didn’t want to bear the responsibility that came with it. What’s funny, this Wang papa even mentioned that at first she said it’s ok for her to take care of the child alone and after, forced and threaten him to marry her. Errr.. so they are ok with her raising the kid alone and take no responsibility? Imagine what that kid would feel reading that thing that came from her paternal grandfather.

    2. @BearBear I read the letter too…Honestly, this letter is not going to help his son… and it does show LeeHom hiding behind people as he has no guts to face his own action. Spineless and Irresponsible man.. As you said regardless LJL is scheming or not… Lee Hom is clearly no innocent lamb…

      1. @Hohliu WLH has finally responded! Haven’t had the chance to learn the details but think he continued to make her look bad by saying he lived in constant fear and felt threatened throughout their marriage. Really, wow. Constant fear and could still have 3 kids and playing the loving couple in public.

      2. How can he has constant fear? Lol, over the course of her marriage with him, we don’t see she made any headlines unless it’s with him? And for him? Like so many of his bad scandals got shut down because of her: his gay rumours die because of their marriage, his infidelity scandals because of her pregnancy and their loving gestures and photos together. Everything that involves her in the media has been to polish his image! If the woman is smart enough to have counter moves to protect herself or has the abilities to be prepared for the worst case scenario, she’s called scheming?!!! It’s sad how she’s doomed in public eyes either way 🙁

      3. @BearBear I love her response…she is such a bright woman… she revealed more than he expected of her… shows how little he knew his ex-wife.

  9. There’s two side to a story….as demonstrated by the Kim Seon Ho’s saga!!!….but this looks a mess and will probably goes on for a while. However I would have thought as a woman, its best to care for the feelings for her children, who will be hurt with all these mud slinging match!

    1. Perhaps gotta tell wang papa not to bring up the ‘she forced and threaten my son to marry her because she is pregnant’

      Think the kid won’t be very hurt for that? Double standard much?

    2. But if she does not clear her name, the children will then don’t know what is the truth, and may later on side with the dad because media speaks the truth, and he has the money. She has nothing, no money and now being seeing as a fail schemer. If the children grows up to be decent person and knowing the truth and understand their mom’s innocence and see how she fight for it, they would go: F you and your money, dad. Rather than being misunderstood and abandoned by the children because they choose money over her. At least with this, she has a fighting chance

  10. Thats why i stick with 90s stars like Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok. They have more loyality and commitment

    1. I would no longer be surprised if news came out that they are. 2021 has successfully proven that artists are only human, they have their own set of flaws and it doesn’t help that some have the financial means to indulge in immoral activities than regular people.

    2. AK has his own share of sex scandals. there was one about him and an Australian fan way back when…. they ended up in court to settle the scandal from spreading. LL also has his own fetish from what i heard.

  11. She was willing to tolerate the infidelities as long as he was willing to stay married and maintain the illusion of a happy marriage. She carefully documented evidence against him over the years in case one day the house of cards would come crashing down, and it has. It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone but the children.

    1. cheating on me, I wouldn’t be so stupid not to have any evidences on him. Let say if he decided to divorce and we are fighting for child custody, then I need to have something to fight. Being kind to others doesn’t mean one need to be stupid dumb who doesn’t know how to protect herself.

      1. She’s not stupid in the traditional sense of the word, but her priorities were clearly eschew. Tolerating such blatant disregard for the sanctity of marriage under the guise of protecting her family is a joke. What kind of example does that set for her children? He was already cheating on her when they were dating, yet she chose to marry him anyway. He continued to cheat over the course of their relationship, yet she was not the one to call it quits and had not one, but three children with this monster. And she only came out with all of this evidence when he wanted a divorce. A leopard does not change its spots. Anyone with even an ounce of self-respect or true regard for their children would have left long ago!

    2. @ladyzhuge you have no real sympathy, do you? She stays in the relationship for the children. Look at all the children of divorced famous celebrities: they always get painted as broken, lost, the media is on them and scrutinised them for every little wrong things they did, even though their famous parents might be in a scandal but it’s then focus on the children’s life just to have more stories: example: Jackie Chan’s “daughter”.

      So what if she decided to be smart and be prepared for the worst case scenario? Does women only allowed to be dumb, stupid, taken advantage of? And when we fight, and when we were prepared for the worst case scenario, we are deemed to be scheming, evil person with ulterior motives? And the men who took advantages of us, manipulating the media, his family are saint? Are good? Not at all evil or scheming? Oh wait, you think they are not saint, but you must drag the women in, she must not be at all innocent, she must also be at fault… *rolled eyes* the focus should be how much of a Dbag he is, and how he kept hiding behind people rather than having a ball to face her in public. Also, she had given up 8yrs of her life, gave him 3 kids, she has every right to have some money to take care of her, and be decently well off, because dude, single mother ain’t easy, you don’t just go get a job just because you have qualifications and your kids can go to school. The time it takes to take care of 3 children means she most likely won’t have time to find another partner, find another job, get herself retrained, etc. and with him smear her name across the media, I doubt she can apply to any firm easily. And being a woman, the sin of the woman, firms don’t easily employ them because, hah! Of kids! And she had 3. So have some real sympathy, and actually understand the hardship a woman face! And stop with the “she’s not as innocent as she seems” just because she can defend herself in this sh1t storm that her saint husband put her through!

  12. Poor girl. I teared up reading her post. I used to think that Leehom was such a lucky guy to have married her. She is beautiful and smart, and most of all gave up everything to give him a family. If it is true that her inlaws kept going in between them so that they can control and possess their son, then I have to say that it is the saddest family on earth. They don’t love their son enough to let him love others. Leehom should just apologise and give her and her children what is rightfully theirs.

  13. My posts in this thread keep getting deleted because a certain user is not in agreement. I never said LJL was stupid for collecting evidence or protecting herself, just for staying in a sham marriage despite knowing what her husband was doing. I didn’t condone his behavior or blame her for his cheating. The Jackie Chan example doesn’t apply since Etta Chan was the third party and they were never married. There are many children of divorced celebrity parents who are not scrutinized and labeled. The true victims here are the children, but I’m sure they will be well taken care of.

  14. My posts in this thread keep getting flagged as spam because a certain member doesn’t respect differing opinions, so my apologies for any redundancies.

    I never said LJL was stupid for collecting evidence or protecting herself, just for staying in a sham marriage despite knowing what her husband was doing. I don’t condone his behavior or blame her for his cheating, but she was not simply an innocent bystander blindsided by his indiscretions.

    The Jackie Chan example doesn’t apply here since Etta Ng was the third party and they were never married. There are many children of divorced celebrity parents who are not scrutinized and labeled. The true victims here are the children, but I’m sure they will be well taken care of.

    1. I guess you have no kids and have a great life to think that way, hope you learn more sympathies as life goes on for you

      1. Lol, I guess I gave you too much credit. The posting issue has plagued multiple members, but all our posts are still visible via our profiles. In any case, my sympathies are with the children in this sad situation, the true victims. Not sure where your assumptions about me came from or how they are relevant. I guess it must be difficult for you to tolerate differing viewpoints and sticking with the topic at hand.

  15. Whoa. I don’t know anything about these people and won’t pretend that I have any deep understanding. He’s 10 years older, a famous, rich and powerful star and she was a 16 year old kid when he went after her? That’s predatory and no wonder she felt powerless to escape this relationship. Some may say but she’s smart, well-educated, and beautiful, surely she should have known better? Actually, that places more pressure on her to try to keep this marriage because perfection is expected. Divorce is failure, divorce is still taboo, divorce didn’t seem to be an option. This is what happens when there is a power differential – age, status, wealth. She and her children depended on him for every thing. It was always an abusive relationship and I see her as a victim.

    Good for her and her children to get out. He’s a terrible role model for their children and I hope this didn’t screw them up too much.

  16. Latest development: WLH has announced to temporarily stop work and will let his ex wife have the residence the kids are staying as well as to be involved in his kids growth and be financially responsible for his kids.
    My two cents: if he wasn’t cornered, if netizens and Mainland media not siding him, would he back that do fast?

  17. Edit: temporarily stop work, not even temporarily leave the industry.

    Also, his father and his previous comments were still pushing the blame away. If he wasn’t cornered, if netizens in general and Mainland media didn’t speak out against him, would he have backed down so fast

    1. My earlier comment has disappeared.

      Latest update: WLH announced that he would temporarily stop work and would let his ex spouse have the property where the kids have been residing. He would also be more involved in the kids’ lives and financially responsible for them.

      1. Glad that Mainland netizens didn’t fall into his trap when he addressed his ex spouse by her initial Japanese name (in his second last posting, the one where he was still trying to gain sympathy and make her look bad). That nation may have an issue with their artists wearing military flag lookalike dress or visiting Yasukuni Shrine but they are not dumb enough to start to hate her because she is half Japanese. His actions speak so much of the kind of person he is.

      2. Wow I didn’t even think of the Japanese association! That’s a low and dirty blow if he went that far. So freaking calculated. His “apology” is weak AF and shows he has no remorse whatsoever for his actions. He just didn’t want to pursue his responsibilities anymore and admit his wrongs. What a scumbag. And shame to his entire family too! They’re complicit.

        Also to those who say LJL is a calculating woman who knew what she was getting herself into… please tell that to those women who are met with violence from their spouses and still stays with them for many years. It’s called Battered Woman Syndrome. It’s real and these women have been brainwashed to stay w/ their husbands out of love, duty and fear. I would not be surprised that LJL also went through that, but just emotionally.

      3. @BearBear the use of her Japanese name is such a low blow… He is really stupid to think the C-Netizens are dumb enough to buy his racist tactics.

      4. Yea, I’m shocked to learn that she’s half Japanese, and he used that to ignite hates on her. Wow, what a DB move! Also in his apology letter, he still shoved money into her face, while ignore any of his wrong doing, nor giving her a proper apology. He apologised to his fans and the press but not her!

    2. Whatever shred of pity I felt for WLH is completely erased with his lack of remorse, lack of self-awareness, lack of compassion and lack of respect for his spouse and their kids. These people think their wealth can erase all traces of humanity (his family included!) is just so disgusting – anyone reminded of Squid Games? Just despicable

      1. @Coralie I fully agree with you… He is a complete self absorbed coward… Such a man who is forever 12yrs old hiding behind his parents, not ready for responsibilities, over raging hormones and lack self discipline thus a sex addict.., sweep all his problems under a rag and get others to clean up the mess after he walks away. And using wealth to patronise others.. He is really not a man!!! Just a spoilt brat.

      2. @Coralie I fully agree with you…This is just a 12yr old spoilt brat who had a grown man face… He hides behind others to handle his problems… he cannot even discipline his s*x drive… sweep problems under rugs and get a cleaners to clean up the mess…

  18. He is a terrible husband, and not good role model at all. He deserved all the things his ex wife had exposed him to. I have never heard any songs of him till I heard about the divorce scandal. His wife got $40 millions USD settlement. That’s crazy. Wow he is so rich. Don’t get me wrong but like a nobody like me if I had $2 million, I would feel like I could settle for life. She is going to receive $40 million USD so she should be happy with it going forward don’t you think? I mean there are probably a ton of wives who suffered out there and how many of them received $40 million USD. It’s just my humble opinion. I am no fan of LHW before and now and future. What do you guys think? Abs the news said she signed a prenup and $40mill is 1/3 of his assets. I don’t believe it’s 1/3. Probably 1/5 or less. What’s the point of prenup then? Please share your thoughts. I am curious. I wish his kids the best in the future.

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