Leehom Wang Got Married in New York

As families across the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, Leehom Wang (王力宏) quietly got married in New York. One day after Leehom announced that he is currently dating 27-year-old Columbia University student, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), his manager revealed that the couple registered their marriage on November 27, which coincided with the wedding anniversary of Leehom’s parents. The quick development also prompted some to wonder if Jinglei is already pregnant.

Leehom’s Surprising Announcements on Weibo

Leehom’s dating announcement yesterday was initially met with suspicion by the public. Last year, Leehom was rumored to be in a homosexual relationship with pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪), and although both men declared that they were straight and liked women, the public did not believe them. On the same day that Leehom revealed his girlfriend, Yundi also shared that his girlfriend was from Columbia University as well. The coincidence made Yundi appear as a jilted lover, but others speculate that Yundi has gotten over Leehom and only wanted to share his personal happiness.

Leehom Wang girlfriendLittle is known about Jinglei other than the fact that Leehom and her parents were friends for years. Declaring Jinglei as his “Forever Love”, Leehom said that his parents loved her as well. Although he kept his relationship low-profile, Leehom started hinting his marriage intentions earlier this week.

On November 25, Leehom posted a photo of his parents and wrote about a couple growing old together. The following day, Leehom hinted that he was ready to share his life with someone special. He wrote on Sina Weibo, “For many years, my world only had music, but the path of music is lonely. One person writing songs and recording, and traveling non-stop. ‘Home’ is a piece of big luggage. I wrote many songs about ‘needing someone to accompany me’ to reflect my feelings and yearning for a family. Going forward, I hope that my passion for work and my desired lifestyle can co-exist beautifully together. Most importantly, I’m willing to change.”

Shocked Friends Send Their Blessings

Leehom’s friends in the entertainment industry were surprised that he got married. Blackie Chan (陳建州) learned that Leehom had a romantic relationship by reading the news. Blackie said, “I’m very happy for him. I have to see what gift he wants; I’ll try my best although he doesn’t lack anything.” Blackie’s wife, Christine Fan (范玮琪), also sent the couple her blessings.

Jason Tang (唐志中) revealed that Leehom admitted that he had a girlfriend in a conversation earlier this year, but was surprised by Leehom’s decision to tie the knot so quickly. Jason said, “Leehom said that he has a girlfriend in New York and will introduce her to us when the opportunity comes up. I’m surprised by the marriage news; maybe the bride is pregnant?”

JJ Lin (林俊杰) and Will Pan (潘玮柏) were also caught by surprise by the marriage news, but sent their well wishes to Leehom.

Currently in upstate New York spending the Thanksgiving holiday with his parents, Leehom promised that he will share a family photo on November 30 on Sina Weibo. Some speculate this will be Leehom’s way to introduce Lee Jinglei as his wife to the world.

Some fans were in denial over Leehom’s marital status, claiming that they were heartbroken. Some saw the humor in the situation, “Yesterday there was a dating announcement. Today there is a wedding announcement. Tomorrow there will be a pregnancy announcement.”

Source: QQ.com; Weibo.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. honey,
      Yes it happened overnight. Leehom is no longer single. 🙂

      Will people call his marriage a sham or cover-up too?

      1. I think leehom has always been a low key person but I think the reason why he openly admit is maybe b/c his gf is probably pregnant! He got no choice but to confirm it!!

  1. I always like him, handsome, talented and educated. However, his rumoured bf also posted new gf also from Columbia U also same day when LeeHom posted his.

  2. “Some fans were in denial over Leehom’s marital status, claiming that they were heartbroken. ”

    Funny fans. So they’d rather he is gay and unmarried? If this is true and I mean true marriage, congrats to them. But I do hate all these secrecy.

    1. I only know fans who are very happy for Leehom and Jinglei. I always wonder what fans they are talking about in those articles.. Probably the 13 year olds who still live in a fantasy world. No real die-hard fan of Leehom’s work would think like that. We can see how happy he is now with her!

  3. wow…getting confusing abt his marital life! Good to hear that he found “Forever Love”, but sad to hear that he is a gay? And tomorrow “Pregnancy news”! Oh gosh…

  4. Lucky beard, she gets to live her life discreetly, while having the pleasure of calling Lee Hom her husband. Hope the same curse that fell on another Taiwanese gay idol does not fall on Lee Hom. This artiste is now suffering from something and he claims he was with his wife since 2001 so I guess she gave him his illness, Yeah right!. He got it from his gay lifestyle. So Lee Hom better be careful he does not end up in the same boat.

    1. Such a troll. You said the exact same things all over the web and claim to be in some high class circle. Everyone can see through you.

      1. Someone else who has finally linked all those cyber names together to one person talking and answering themselves!

        I realized that a long time ago, even within one or two sites. Someone HTS disagrees with on one site, but talks to here unaware because trolling is under a few different names.

      2. What the hell, why bring me into this? I hardly commented on this if I did set all. Also, I do not go to any other site. It must be someone else. Please stop accusing people of being the same person but using different names. It makes you all low class too.

      3. Hi a@Agnes, nice to meet a fellow troll too. How you doing?. Are you taking your frustration out on me because you were hoping the gay rumors are false and Lee Hom would come to you?. Are you hurt and angry he is married and your fantasy of being with him has been dashed?, LOL LOL?. Have a good day.

        So people in high class circles do not say things over the web?. They cuss, they drink, get drunk. fart. fight and have the same human weaknesses as the poor people. Only difference is we have money. Grow up donkey and then get back to me

    2. Sorry HTS. I didn’t mean you at all. This is someone you definitely don’t like for attacks on a certain idol and have said so many times. Same person(s)you often talk to here and probably unaware. Aliases may change all the time but certain habits, patterns do not.

      1. HETIESHOU

        Do not let this person get to you. How can I be the same person and Jayne not know???. You are an uneducated idiot trying to cause trouble.

        You and OMG are the same person who has been here under many different aliases and you are back now. Do NOT try to reflect your style on me or others. I am here as Trini and Trini only, you, I have lost count of your many aliases.

      2. @OM

        heTieShou is already aware of the fact that I do not like a certain person and I am entitled to that. I also have my personal reasons for not liking that person. I say what I have to say and sometimes HTS and I have heated discussions, or argument. I have never ever read here that HTS said anything about not liking Trini for attacks on a certain person. You are trying to start a cold war between myself and HTS.

        The difference between you and HTS is you are a bully, a troll, an uneducated juvenile gangster who has a miserable life and get your kicks from projecting your life on others, and accusing others here of doing what you do. , which is……creating hundreds of aliases and talking to yourself.

        HTS is feisty and we knock heads, but she is sensible, wise and fair. She knows when and how to be respectful and agreeable to comments that she likes, or that she thinks are relevant or insightful. W respect each other, even if it is just over the web. e fight but we respect each other, because she is a human being with class, common sense, and education. I cannot say the same for you, even if my life depended on it.

      3. You guys calm down. I hope we can all keep peace here and respect each other.

    3. The same can be said that some are angry he married a WOMAN- dashing the hopes of those living in a fantasy world that LH would be their gay lover.

      Is he or isn’t he gay? Whatever he is, so what? We do know LH is a rare combination of looks, talent, intellect and heart.

    4. Not Agnes but a passerby who notices.Just to name some transparent aliases from the past years.

      Trini and 1 or 2 more names here.

      Mr leelee mingdee auramoon maude vivi_toodles chuanxiong & maybe wengchuan in AF.

      [Advice] don’t be so predictable.

      1. @OMG
        You cannot find anymore names to add. I do not go to this AF site, I only come here. Jayne will tell you that that I am only me here. You are so uneducated and stupid that you think that the owners of these sites do not know what cities or countries the comments are coming from.
        Jayne should expose that You and Agnes are the same person, troll. Do you think everyone is you.

  5. First Wu Chun, now LeeHom. I used to think they look very alike.

    I heard/read a number of comments saying LeeHom’s wife looks old. But, I don’t find her so. She looks her age to me and she has a kinda of classy look.

    1. She looks older than her age but Leehom looks much younger than his age.

      1. U can say that was a bad pic of her but u cant deny she looks OLDER just by looking at her. 27, my aunt is 37+ n she still looks youthful. That pic up there does NOT look 27.

  6. Leehom at least announced his plan step by step first relationship then now marriage….congrats to this couple.

  7. omg just like wu chun~~ lol grats! everyone is doing the same. it’s a pretty much a gd thing. fans cant help it when their idol jump to conclusion but learn to accept it. :DD nicee!

    1. Nonsense. Lee Hom is nothing like Wu Chun. Wu Chun lied about his marital status for 4 years, and the fact that he was a father to a 3 year old daughter with a 2nd child on the way. That makes Wu Chun a deceitful and selfish coward like Andy Lau trying to protect his popularity, and whom only came clean many years later, after stating angrily that he was single and threatening to sue the media for reporting otherwise. Of course, after their confessions, all is forgiven by their adoring fans and many even praise them for their new-found “courage”. It appears better to be a liar who cheats their fans and the public with a false image, and then confess and ask for forgiveness….lol, rather than be an honest and open person from the start. Honest people who live their lives with integrity do not need to hear their fans praising them for their ‘courage’ for not project a false image and mislead their fsns on purpose. It is just called living a life according to their values, no need to make a big media spectacle out of it.

      Lee Hom only dated this girl in a low key way (a common practice with very private celebrities) and only revealed his relationship to the public when he was confident that she was his “forever love”. He shared that he had a gf to his close friend Jason Tang earlier in the year. So his marriage announcement came immediately after sharing about his other half, which makes makes many wonder if this is a shortgun marriage. In any case, Lee Hom respects his fans more than Wu Chun did by sharing his marriage announcement and his situation is nothing like Wu Chun’s.

      1. Didn’t Wu Chun’s wife confirmed that she didn’t want him to reveal their date/marital status? In such case, he didn’t hide for his sake only but also for his wife.

        It isn’t matter when an artist hide his/her half because once s/he reveals, the media will come like flies to mock them, dig the couple’s pasts, badmouth, make stories, etc.. Wu Chun or Lee Hom, they have the same right to hide their relationships to the curious eyes of public.

      2. So keep on believing that Wu Chun only hid his marriage because his wife asked him to, and not to protect his image and popularity as a boyband member, lol. It’s such a convenient excuse to say that Andy Lau and Wu Chun are merely hiding their wives to prevent the media from attacking thrm and digging up their past, especially when they both have such docile wives, who don’t mind that their husbands are denying their existance to thrir fans for years, eh? Note to future wannabe chinese pop idols who want to be worshiped by legions by gullible fans: always choose a servile, unassuming, timid wife, and then you can have your cake and eat it too. 🙂

        Hmmm, I don’t believe it’s a convincing reason for celebrities to hide their other halves anymore these days to avoid getting attacked by the media. Hollywood celebrities date, get married and divorced and still maintain their popularity. It’s only some chinese celebrities who still try to mislead their fans by hiding their other halves because they are afraid of losing fan support. Yet there are many chinese, jspanese and korean actors and singers who are attached or married, and their fans still support them for their talents, like Jackie Cheung, Takuya Kimura and Lee Byung Hyun.

      3. Not gonna bother correcting my typos, but this website needs an edit button.

  8. people are so funny and nosy, what if she’s pregnant? Who cares? He can secretly married and no one knows. She could be having that baby right now as we read this, does it matter? Stop the speculations, the brown nosing.

  9. Come on an idol is also a normal human being. They will get married and have kids. Congrats to the most eligible bachelor who is now out of the market. Lucky girl to be married to the Wang Lee Hom! Lol

  10. Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) does not look old, Leehom Wang just looks very young for his age (37). He has a baby face.

  11. After all these speculation over the past years, the truth is finally out: he’s a straight man!

    1. Yes, Leehom is been accused all these years as a gay I feel so pity and sorry for him, he is too perfect that ppl had to destroy his image and time has proven now he is straight and his wife is such a lucky lady to have him.

      1. I feel pity and sorry for anyone who ever discovers anything that is not considered perfect about their idols, and that includes Lee Hom. I got a news flash, Lee Hom or any idol or any of us on this earth is NOT perfect. Lee Hom is a gay man Marrying a beard.

      2. Trini,
        We don’t know Leehom’s real motivations for marriage. Maybe it is love, or he as he admitted in his posts, he’s been feeling lonely touring the world and just wants to get married.

        Nor is anyone 100% sure about his sexuality. He is foremost a singer, now turned film actor, so as long as fans appreciate his works, that’s fine. Leehom has been in the industry for more than a decade and many younger fans have grown old with him. Not many fans are just worshipping him as purely an idol…rather they’re just happy for him that he found happiness in marriage.

      3. @Trini
        Why are you so concern he is gay?; nothing really distracted me , I just enjoyed his music and now he is happily married is that really bother you.

      4. people will always make up fake stuff about him and now we have someone calling him “gay man marrying a beard”

        gossips never end

    2. Honestly, whether he is gay, straight, or bi, only he would know for sure. He can lie to everyone but cannot lie to himself since he needs to be true to himself. If not, then it is his choice. I still do not get why people keep on saying that he is gay??

    1. From his official Facebook:

      王家全家福! 祝你們感恩節快樂,感恩每一天! Happy Thanksgiving from the entire family! Give thanks every day!

  12. I don’t know why all these gay rumors ever started. Just because someone who is nearly perfect isn’t openly dating anyone in his many years in the entertainment industry does not mean he is gay. Maybe…he just doesn’t like his private life on display for everyone to see? So ridiculous.

    I’m very happy for Leehom that he found his forever love. They make a cute couple, especially in the family picture.

  13. When there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Look at tome Hollywood stars that were rumoured to be gay for years before coming out publicly (Zachary Quinto, Jodie Foster, Wentworth Miller etc.). Perhaps being Chinese, he may want to take it one step further by marrying a beard as our culture is more conservative?

    1. I wonder why people think he is gay?? Were there somethings that he did that made people think he was gay??? I do not get it… Otherwise, why would people keep on saying that he is and is only marrying a beard???

  14. What an interesting small community they all live in, despite the guys being global performers.

    BOTH gfs (now wife for one) … apparently know each other too, with even a picture take together. 🙂

    Well, they can go for chummy quartet outings together then.

  15. I really wonder what is the big deal about whether he is gay or not? It does not make him a bad person if he is gay. It is bad to lie, but in his case IF he was gay then I can understand why he did since it is hard to come out of the closet. But if he is not, then I hope that people will let him be and allow him to live his life with his new wife. Anyways, congrats to them!

    I remember Leehom mentioning years ago that he was already in a relationship but just did not say with who. I wonder if he was referring to his current wife?OR…

  16. she looks a lot like “A-Mei”. I wonder Y A-mei and him never married. They would be such a power couple reigning over taiwan music.

    Good for him. I guess he can stomp the gay rumours for now.

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