Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Unite Against Harassment Accusations

Taiwan’s #MeToo movement continues to gain momentum as Taiwanese artiste Da Ya (大牙) accused Blackie Chen (陳建州) of sexual harassment. Da Ya first found fame as a member of Blackie’s Teenage Club <我愛黑澀會> she even acted as his assistant host on the long-running variety show. Yesterday, Da Ya shared her painful memories of being sexually harassed 11 years ago, shattering Blackie’s public image as being a good husband to Christine Fan (范瑋琪)

Without directly naming him in the social media post, Da Ya referred to him as her boss, Mr. Chen. She and the crew had travelled to Hong Kong for filming on July 18, 2012. He had verbally hinted to her that he wanted to have sex, saying that he would “help her relax.” When she was preparing to shower and was only in a bathrobe, he entered her hotel room and hugged her from behind. In their struggles, they fell onto the bed. He allegedly said to Da Ya, “You’ve never tried this before, maybe you’ll like it! I can’t help it! Christine really doesn’t like doing this kind of stuff.” Da Ya was firm in denying his advances and he made one last attempt saying, “Oh well! If you’re tired, then we’ll just leave it. If you kiss me on the mouth, then I’ll leave!”

At the time, Da Ya was afraid of losing work so she did not reveal the incident. “If only I were braver in exposing his wrongdoing, then maybe I didn’t have to be accused of being ungrateful when I left his management company. I didn’t have to be scared every time I hear or see his name. He works hard at building his image as a loving husband and a kind person by participating in charity or sporting events. Who would believe me?” Finally revealing the incident, Da Ya vowed she “will no longer be scared when thinking of him. I’ll only be filled with disgust.”

Many netizens quickly deduced the perpetrator to be Blackie, and were shocked the hotel incident happened shortly after Blackie and Christine were married. In Blackie’s past shows, he had admitted to watching porn in front of Da Ya and the audience. He had referred to it as “relaxing” in Taiwanese, which is similar to Da Ya’s story.

There are more victims, Da Ya revealed. “I’ve wanted to tell this story for a long time, but I never had the courage…afterwards I heard from others that Mr. Chen acted in a similar manner with them.” Da Ya did not name who the other victims were.

However, Da Ya suddenly got into an argument with former Blackie’s Teenage Club member Apple last Thursday. Apple wrote, “Don’t just talk about why I didn’t do anything when things happened to you. You also know what happened to me. What could we do?” Now that Da Ya has shared her story, netizens are seeing her comments in a new light.

Husband and Wife Respond With Legal Notice

Regarded as a loving couple, Blackie and Christine Fan stand united in facing the sexual harassment accusations. Blackie quickly issued a lawyer’s letter  denying all accusations. “I’m in full support of the #MeToo movement and encourage all victims to speak up. I call for men and women to protect themselves, and distance themselves from unequal sexual treatment. This movement is full of value and positivity, but I can’t allow people to take advantage of this movement and maliciously slander me. In July 2012, I travelled with a team to Hong Kong for filming. There was no time spent alone with Miss Da Ya. Her accusations are baseless and false. I’m transparent in my actions–if there was any wrongdoing, I’m  willing to admit to it. Since this is not true, then please do not waste the public’s time and the media’s resources. I have entrusted my lawyer with taking legal action if necessary according to the law.”

To show support for her husband, Christine immediately posted the same legal letter as Blackie. The couple further demanded 10 million Taiwanese dollars in compensation for libel. They asked Da Ya to bear the litigation costs and publish an apology notice on Facebook for three days.

Da Ya immediately responded, “Everything I have said is true. I have a clear conscience and justice will prevail.” Regarding Blackie and Christine’s compensation demands, Da Ya said, “Once again, I feel the same suffocating pressure like years ago. This time, I’ll be brave. See you in court. ”

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  1. If true, GO Da Ya. Hoping other victims will support her.

    I never understood why Blackie was popular – he also waited so long to marry Christine Fan. Now I wonder if it’s because of s*xual incompatibility

  2. I hope if there are other victims, they will stand up to support Da Ya…but if there are none and she clearly have no evidence. She may loss this lawsuit. Many of these abusers will pick to commit crimes without leaving evidence…and she was not raped thus no police report or test done. I wish her the best if she really was a victim. As I am unsure of the truth.
    Taiwan media must be very busy…

  3. I remember Christine once acknowleged to his comment that she didnt like kissing but kissing and sharing more intimate moments can be different.
    The couple’s reputation hasn’t been at the best in tecent years, his fund raising activity for charity years ago was questioned, her education, her action towards ZSH, her inability to keep quiet of close friend’s personnel matter and more.
    Wonder which was the starting point of the MeToo movement in thr country. Was watching clips about females speaking up against politicians of one party (was it the ruling party? Was there any outcome and consequences?) there then now the entertainment industry.

    1. I read somewhere it started from a Taiwanese drama aired in Netflix.. but I am unsure. I does not surprise me if China had a hand in fuelling this Movement in Taiwan….

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