Celebrity Babies Celebrating Halloween!

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Celebrity Babies Celebrating Halloween!

Halloween 2015 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. For adults, Halloween can be a time for drinking and partying, but for families, Halloween is a time for candy and fun costumes!

Many celebrity families attacked their social media accounts on October 31, sharing the costumes they decided to wear for the special holiday. Cathy Chui (徐子淇), who had just given birth to her fourth child in early October, shared a picture of her and her son dressed in The Addams Family costumes on her Instagram.

In the picture, the beautiful mother of four wore a sexy black dress that showed off her long legs, with her newborn son sitting on her lap. She wrote, “Wednesday Addams and Mr. Boney. Happy Halloween!” Cathy also shared a picture of herself hugging a large white pumpkin.

Hong Kong model Kathy Chow (周汶錡) shared various photos of her three-month-old son Jacques wearing a pumpkin costume and a ghost costume. Miriam Yeung’s (楊千嬅) husband, Real Ting (丁子高), uploaded a picture of their son Torres wearing a skeleton costume. Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) shared a picture of herself holding her baby daughter wearing a bat hat. Zoey Sham’s (岑潔儀) son also dressed as a bat. Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐) shot down marital problem rumors when she shared a family photo of her and  husband Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟) posing as pumpkins. She also referred to Ernie with the endearment, “old Sit.” Marie expressed that Halloween is a family day that cannot be missed.

In Taiwan’s side of entertainment, artiste Terri Kwan (關穎) dressed up as Batgirl while her daughter dressed up as a cute pumpkin. Blackie Chen’s (陳建州) twin sons wore Spider-man costumes, and Blackie’s close friend Leehom Wang (王力宏) dressed up as Arabian royalty with his wife and daughter. The extremely private Leehom, however, did not forget to hide his daughter’s face behind a pumpkin stamp.

Cathy Chui and her son

Kathy Chow’s son, Jacques

Real Ting and Miriam Yeung’s son, Torres

Yumiko Cheng’s daughter

Zoey Sham’s son

Ernie Sit, Marie Zhuge, and family

Terri Kwan and daughter

Blackie Chen and twin sons

Leehom Wang and family

Source: On.cc

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Celebrity Babies Celebrating Halloween!

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