Blackie Chen Files Criminal Complaint Against Da Ya

Accused of sexual harassment, Blackie Chen (陳建州) has turned the tables on Da Ya (周宜霈) by filing a criminal complaint against the Taiwanese actress.

Da Ya, who co-hosted Blackie’s Teenage Club <我愛黑澀會> with Blackie, claimed she was sexually harassed by him 11 years ago. Immediately denying any wrongdoing, Blackie and his wife Christine Fan (范瑋琪) demanded compensation of 10 million Taiwanese dollars and a public apology from Da Ya. However, Blackie has now withdrawn his original civil complaint and filed a criminal complaint instead.

After receiving notice from the court, Da Ya posted on social media admitting this period of time has been very difficult for her. “Because I stood up, I became the first victim to be sued. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep and needed to seek mental health support. Many people have been supporting me and are impressed with my bravery, but I feel embarrassed because I didn’t think I would face such pressure after showing my scars to the world. Even those who don’t know me are worried about me.”

Remaining firm in her stance stating that facts cannot be easily challenged, Da Ya thanked those who believe in her, “I’m not alone. To all the other victims, you are not alone either.”

Regarding being sued by Blackie, Da Ya responded through her manager stating, “For the time being, we will not respond to legal issues. Thank you to all the media–you’ve worked hard.”

Blackie responded through his manager stating, “I don’t want to use too much of the public’s resources. I will leave it in the hands of my lawyer and have already filed a criminal complaint.”

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  1. Well, well, well, I wonder what will become of this… If he has more victims, maybe they will stand up to support Da Ya…Otherwise, with no evidence, she will lose this case. Blackie Chen knows she do not have evidence.. Or, he can really be innocent.

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