Second Victim, Model Yuan Kuo, Accuses Blackie Chen of Harassment

Since former member of Blackie’s Teenage Club <我愛黑澀會> Da Ya (大牙) accused Blackie Chen (陳建州) of sexual harassment, a second victim has stepped forward. On June 28, Taiwanese model Yuan Kuo (郭源元) alleged Blackie of sexually harassing her twice. The first time, he hugged and forced her onto his lap while trying to get her to kiss him in his office. The second time was during Christine Fan’s (范瑋琪) pregnancy in their home.

Under the pretense of wanting to gift her clothing, Blackie had invited Yuan Kuo to his office. When she arrived, it turned out to be his home. He suddenly hugged her from behind and threw her onto the bed. She was filled with fear during their struggle, “I could feel his groin and it was sickening. My vision was very blurry…which reminded me that I was crying at the time.” After seeing this, Blackie allowed her to go home.

Yuan Kuo shared her fears and the torment she put herself through before deciding to speak up, “I tried to comfort myself for a long, long time. Speaking up during a time when my life is stable means that I would have to relive my trauma and also invite in the media and the hurtful, thoughtless judgement and questioning from people who treat this as a fun after-dinner topic.”

Yuan Kuo admitted she does not have concrete evidence anymore after switching cell phones, but chose to speak up because she “did not want Da Ya (大牙) to stand alone.” Yuan Kuo’s statement received nearly 300,000 likes on social media. Noting it is human nature to want the villain will be brought to justice but no one wants to be the instigator, Yuan Kuo empathized with Da Ya but also admired her courage. Other than standing up to support her, Yuan Kuo tried to comfort her as well, “Being the first one isn’t easy and it must have been painful. Thank you Da Ya.”

Blackie replied through his manager stating that they “will no no longer be responding to unwarranted allegations.”

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Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Unite Against Harassment Accusations

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  1. Great, we need more. I bet it is not only 2 victims, there will be more. I bet he is going thru all his victims and paying them off to keep quiet… It will be so fun to watch him fall… whilst his poor wife is trying to save their brand.

  2. @Hohliu
    There is more to come from this, from the Aaron Yan situation, and lots more to come. When I told you all to fit the popcorn out to go with the tea, it was not wishful thinking. There are other kinds of abuse that are just as disturbing as sezual abuse. There are videos of a young actor on instagram of a young looking terrified as his handler is so angry and ready to pull him along. She almost hit her husband , but she remembered There are thousands of people here. . She verbally, and physically abuse that boy, amongst ither things. He is also psychologically and mentally abused too. All types of abuse can be added to the #MeToo movement.

    1. Goodness, so evil… However, at some point, it will dead down..the ones that got away will be so relieved.

    2. This news isn’t as surprising to me. He’s a friend of WLH and Show Luo, what do you expect? Waiting to see more exposures from ones w/ perfectly good images.

      1. Interesting we are not hearing about Show Luo, I guess he may love to play hard and have often swimming pool parties but he sleeps with willing women only?

  3. 3 women, one of which has no relationship with the other two, has spoken out against Blackie. Evidence is mounting. His ex-mgr, by the way, has the gall to say his inappropriate comments from 10 years ago has no bearing on the present day. His callous comments really brings home the kind of person he supports. Birds of a feather flock together, as they say.

    Whether there is much more dirt to uncover is yet to be known. But I’m hoping more will be revealed.

    1. And his wife is trying to speak up for him…If more reveals, his wife will not know how to face the public… I do wonder just how long she will stay by him to deny his deeds?

      1. I know, I cringed so badly when she spoke up for him. I mean, if she really believes he did nothing, then she has a right to voice her support. But I wish she didn’t sound so dumb with her remarks. To paraphrase: I’ve been with Blackie at every moment during my pregnancy, there’s no way he could’ve cheated on me. My house only has one bed, there’s no other bed that’s involved with this situation.

        Sure, but he has to work during her pregnancy, didn’t he? He has to go into the office, didn’t he? Couldn’t he have other houses she wasn’t aware of? It all just sounds so gullible and this is going to crash down on her eventually

      2. Her reply will just get many people rebutting her with photos etc of them being apart. It must be tough, on one hand she wants to be the supporting her husband to show she believes him. But on the other hand, I bet she does not want to know real victims are suffering. As least, I hope not…

      3. Isn’t Christine Fan also the one who confirmed Fish Leong’s divorce before Fish even confirmed it herself? She’s really not the smartest tool in the shed. Her statement doesn’t even make logical sense. Your husband was not tied to your hip your entire pregnancy.

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