Huang Xiaoming’s “Amazing” Basketball Film to Open September 30

Three years after filming wrapped up, the Shanghai Film Group Corporation and National Basketball Association will finally be witnessing the release of Amazing <神奇>, their high-tech basketball movie that features high-profile Chinese actors alongside well-known NBA stars. Originally scheduled to open in theaters last summer, Amazing will now premiere on September 30.

Amazing stars mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) as Bingshan, a basketball aficionado and gaming software expert who is recruited to develop a new, high-end basketball game called Amazing. Just before his company is to release the game, however, Bingshan discovers that Amazing still has a few holes that may cause nerve damage to players, and he urges his boss to halt the release. However, his boss is determined to follow the scheduled release, leaving Bingshan no choice but to enter the game in an attempt to salvage the reputation of basketball.

For non-Chinese viewers, Amazing’s main selling point lies in the presence of NBA stars Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, and Scottie Pippen, and perhaps Chinese NBA players Yi Jianlian (易建聯) and Wang Zhizhi (王治郅) as well. Chinese audiences will also be attracted by the impressive supporting cast, with Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Taiwanese actor Blackie Chen (陳建州) as Bingshan’s loyal friends and colleagues, Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo (郭採潔) as the game’s pure but unruly Non-Playable Character, and Korean actress Kim A Joong (金雅中) as Bingshan’s untrustworthy girlfriend.

Directed by Sherwood Hu (胡雪樺), who toiled over polishing the script and 3D special effects, Amazing boasts a daring and new genre that combines elements like basketball, mental control of gaming, and love between humans and machines. In a time when movies more and more resemble carbon copies of the last big hit, Amazing should be a fresh and innovative work.

“Amazing” Trailer

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  1. I don’t get the plot.

    Anyway when I read the title I thought isn’t this like blowing your own trumpet until I read Amazing IS the title. Clever!

    But if he stands next to those basketball players wouldn’t he be errr drowned out?

  2. Interesting…I wonder how much Dwight Howard and the likes got paid for their appearance. No Jeremy Lin? I’m sure he must have been given the offer.

    1. NBA players like those presenting in the film are very, very expensive. I really enjoy watching DW, CA and SP(no more playing)playing basket ball.

  3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more riduculous than ‘kung-fu dunk’

  4. A friend of mine declared HXM is a legend in China. Frankly I have no response to that. I am already lost for words when she said he is like more than 6 foot tall or something.

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