Ye Ke’s Ex-Husband Makes Cheating Accusations

Spotted traveling as a pair during Huang Xiaoming’s (黃曉明) birthday month, influencer Ye Ke’s (葉珂) marital history of a previous marriage with two kids was dug up by netizens, but what raised more eyebrows was the alleged reason for her divorce – her ex-husband’s adultery!

Gains Netizen Support 

Ye Ke’s ex-husband is supposedly a rich second generation.

In recent days, a netizen named Marx Wong who claimed to be Ye Ke’s ex-husband posted an angry post online, which ranted “Please get it clear who was the party who cheated, don’t force me to reveal everything”.

Claiming that he dislikes going online, Marx revealed that he was forced to make things clear, as his family, lover and children have already been affected by the incident. He added that his “kindness and trust” should not be made use of to defame and spread rumors, and warned that he has hired a professional legal team to teach certain rumor-spreading netizens a lesson.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. It will either be the media that pays him to spill the truth or his ex wife will do so…

    1. I agree, very uncomfortable to see for me. The whole white cake face culture is China is quite too odd for me.

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