Is Huang Xiaoming Living With Girlfriend, Ye Ke?

Once a power couple, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), 45, and Angelababy (楊穎), 33, have moved on with their own lives nearly one year later after announcing their divorce last January.

Huang Xiaoming spared no time in dating again, as he was romantically linked only mere months later to social influencer, Chloe Ye Ke (葉珂). The self-made entrepreneur bears strong resemblance to Angelababy, with her doughy eyes, long straight nose, and long tresses.

Although their relationship has not been confirmed, Huang Xiaoming was noted to have attended the same art show with Ye Ke. They are even speculated to be living together.

Ye Ke recently shared photos of her luxurious home space on social media, including photos of herself in a marble bathroom and cleaning up in a modern kitchen. keen-eyed netizens noted that the kitchen looks eerily similar to the Huang Xiaoming’s kitchen in his Shanghai home, which he shared with Angelababy during their marriage.

Although similar , some argued that Ye Ke could be residing in a home in the same building or neighborhood that bears the same home design as Huang Xiaoming, there seem to be too many coincidences given her rumored connection with the actor.

While Huang Xiaoming seems to have moved on, Angelababy may still be pining after her ex, as she has been following Huang Xiaoming’s online activities closely after their divorce. The couple has joint custody over their 5-year-old son.

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    1. I find AB prettier and I like her personality too , seems cheerful and smart. I was sad when they divorced, I really hoped they could make it work

    2. Every picture of this person is so heavily edited, I can’t even tell what her face looks like in real life or if she got any work done.

  1. nah this girl obviously got waaaaay more PS than angelababy, literally nothing about her features look natural. she seems like a basic influencer chick who’s entire facade is made up to look good on instagram.

    1. Obviously you haven’t seen past photos of Angelababy. AB was sofreaking ugly to the point of being fugly. She is the Chinese queen of plastic surgery. No Chinese female entertainer has had more PS than AB. Seeing that she married the Chinese entertainment king of plastic surgery, I thought their marriage would’ve lasted.

  2. I think AB is prettier than this girl although they kinda look alike. Maybe HXM is into this type of look, long flowy hair, big eyes, small jay and sharp chin. It’s sad how AB simply lost all her resources after the divorce. I didn’t realize how influential her ex was until I saw it. One would think that she’d at least be still around given that she was everywhere before. I wonder if it has anything to do w/ the fact that she actually has no talent. Not bashing her but just trying to make sense of it.

  3. OMG

    Just by the name (Chloe Ye Ke (葉珂), i like the new girl better…
    AngelaBaby sound very porn actress…

    The new girl look healthy than the old one…

  4. There was always something about AB that throws me off about her face. Like her lips maybe? Or the proportion of her face that looks awkward.

  5. So, in essence, he only replaced AB with younger less sophisticated model. Too much of a stereotype for me. I always wondered, as he was much older, more accomplished and more experienced in their relationship, technically an adult, is he able of making it work, of building long term relationship. But i guess I got my answer.

  6. alway find that name (Angelababy) sound very aldult P. name…
    The new girl sure is younger, that the winning point

    1. Her name was brought up around some Western celebrities and you can see them trying to stifle their reactions. Perhaps she thought it was cute in the late 90s/early 2000s when Baby Spice or Britney Spears in pigtails was trending, but you’d think she’d grow out of that name. She could’ve easily changed it before switching her career to Mainland China when she was less of a household name.

  7. Her picture in this article looks like the cover of a chinese romance novel. If fact, I just googled for her other pictures, and they all look like their from the cover of a romance novel.

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