Angelababy Still Keep Tabs on Huang Xiaoming in Weibo?

Although it has nearly been a year since Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming officially separated, netizens have discovered that Angelababy still pays attention to her ex-husband on Weibo. However, the action may be one-sided and Huang Xiaoming does not show the same concern.

Recently Weibo released a new function without warning its users. The new function enables any netizen to view another user’s activity in online interest groups known as “Super Topic.” Digging deeper, netizens discovered that Angelababy remains interested in Huang Xiaogming’s Super Topic and is currently ranked 3 in fan level. In contrast, when fans check in on Huang Xiaoming’ Super Topic, there is no trace of Angelababy.

Many fans are concerned that Angelababy may still have lingering feelings for Huang Xiaoming even though Huang Xiaoming may not share the same sentiments. However, some netizens believe that Angelababy’s Super Topic activities do not necessarily signal Angelababy’s feelings for her ex-husband. Instead, netizens believe the actress’ Super Topic was outdated and she did not have time to clean out her social media page.

While Angelababy did not respond to netizen’s discussion, her Super Topic activities currently does not show any topic related to Huang Xiaoming. Angelababy is speculated to have cleaned out her Weibo page after being the target of netizen’s chatter.

Source: ET Today

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  1. Why is it bad to look at your partner’s weibo lol. Couldn’t she be cautious about him in case things pop up unexpectedly? Or so that she knows how to chat to her son in case it might be related to the dad? Also HXM is her ex boyfriend now? Last I checked they were husband and wife!

  2. Ppl act like stalking your ex isn’t normal behavior lol. The only thing embarrassing is that she got caught! It’s not healthy, but totally normal

    1. Lol…Very well said!!! I personally dont stalk my ex but it is just me not interested. But many do..

      1. Ahh, I’m an equal opportunity stalker. I stalk my ex-friends, classmates, coworkers, acquaintances, anyone and everyone if I’m that bored. My exes are just easier targets lol. Sometimes it’s out of curiosity, other times it’s out of gratefulness and then there are times I’m just plain bored.

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